Monday, January 26, 2015

Beloved People,

Ok holy freak where do i begin ok so good news is that i am staying in La Cuesta another transfer which i am pretty excited about. My new companion is Elder Almaraz, he is super cool. He has pretty much been in Casas Grandes his whole mission so he doesn't know like hardly anything about Juarez but a really cool guy. He is from D. F. or Mexico City and has been out on his mish 13 months. We get along super well but we need to work on getting up on time cuz 2 times this week we accidentally slept in.............. woops haha.

However this week was also kind of sad because Elder Birchett y elder Beltran my trainer went home because well yeah they finished their missions. Its so crazy because it feels like just last week that Elder Beltran and i arrived in La cuesta and now he is already headed home.

Our investigators are doing pretty good.  Demetria is still recovering so hopefullly all can be well with her.  Mary is still continuing to come to church and is excited for her baptism on Feb. 19. So yeah things are looking pretty good.

That is crazy that Andrew Flake is home like literally when you told me that i kind of freaked out haha not really. Nothing to crazy has happened to me except for some reason this week i saw an extremely large amount of dead dogs like everywhere so yeah idk what to think about that but yeah i dont know nothing to crazy has happened. I just want you all to know that i am doing great and yeah there have been a lot of hard times but i know that it is the hard times in our live that help us learn and that is when we grow the most. I love all of you and am still a little ticked that you waited until i left to jazz up the basement but ill get over it hahaha jk. Anyways keep it real.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

So sorry that i sent this early this week but crazy stuff is happening with the new missionaries coming in and transfers happening this tuesday. So i wont be able to email on monday because our email was moved to today but next week i will try to send pics and all that fun stuff. More than likely i will be staying in La Cuesta another cycle because my comp Elder Aguilar is headed to the offices and i will probably be getting somebody new but who knows cuz president changes things like everyday so we will just have to wait and see.

So we actually didn't get to talk to demetria this week because she is still recovering from her heart attack but we were able to talk with the Hna. Rubio and she said we could probably visit her this week so we are really hoping that we get the chance so that we can reschedule her baptism date for the 7 of February. Also we are going to visit Mary again today and she is still progressing really well for her baptism Feb. 19.

Something really cool that happened this week so that guy i told you about last week that asked us if we could come to his house is like a total golden investigator. So we visited him like 3 days ago and we taught him about the restoration and he was super interested and wanted his wife to be there to so we are going back tonight and going to watch the Joseph Smith video with them and yeah im super pumped.

Yeah things are looking great here. So hows life back home? I hope that you are all doing well and just know that i love all of you. To all of you i just want you to know that i know that this church is true and im not gonna lie to you at times my testimony is tested and there are times when i doubt but God always provides something for me in my day that helps to strengthen it. I know that as we will be faithful to him and seek to do his will he will show us miracles in our lives and will recognize his blessings in our lives more. But for now i have got to go so i hope you all have a great week!

Love Y'all.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey guys!

This week was a pretty solid week. So one of our investigators who literally is golden came to church for the first time this week. Her name is Mary and her parents passed away like a year ago,  She was super interested in the Plan of Salvation and we now have set a baptismal date for the 19 of February. I am so happy for her and just hope that she can keep coming to church and feel the spirit in her life. We also visited Demetria and she is recovering very well so we are planning on visiting her this week an rescheduling her Baptism but things are looking really good here.

Actually something really cool happened yesterday. So my comp and i were just walking down the street kind of depressed because all of the people that we had visited weren't home and we just like weren't able to do anything. But then this car stopped and the guy asked us if we could come by his house and teach him. And we were like "Heck yes" well actually we didnt say that but aparently his brother is a member and he is interested in learning more about the church and the gospel so we set an appointment for tuesday and im super excited.

As far as transfers go i actually think im gonna stay here because my companion will be changing to the offices so more than likely i will be staying here and receiving another comp haha. As far as the b day goes it was pretty cool. We ate lunch with a member and they actually gave me a cake for my b day it was pretty cool. As far as things that i need, really the only thing is the brushes to clean my shoes oh and if you could send a bunch of Snickers that would be amazing haha  jk.

I am doing really great and hope that you guys are to. Have a great week.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Family, Friends and yeah i don't think anybody else reads this haha!

So im not gonna lie this week was another really tough one in the mission. So many of you know that my grandpa passed away this week and when i got the call from the mission president it was really really tough but i am so so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and know that i will see him again one day and that gives me peace. Also one of our investigators Miguel told us that he doesn't want to join the church because he really likes his that he is attending right now, he said that he liked it when we came and talked with him but that he doesn't want to right now but in the future he said he might. It is super sad because his bro is a recent convert and will be leaving on a mission soon and dang we really thought things were going well with him. But ya know its not his time and i know gods will is perfect and that everything happens for a reason. However on a happy note the Hna. Demetria returned from the hospital and is now in her house recovering we are going to visit her during the week and hopefully all can be well with her. To be honest this week was kind of a slow week and not a ton happened but we do have a couple investigators that are progressing and i think we are gonna have some success soon we just gotta keep working. Sorry for you people that read this for the crazy things that happen to me but sadly nothing crazy happened to me this week haha jk. Anyways i love you all and have a great week.

Love your Elder

We asked Cameron to write down a few thoughts and feelings he had about his Grandpa so that we could share those at the funeral.  Here is what he wrote.......

Dear Family,

So when i recieved the call from president on friday and he told me that grandpa passed away i couldn't believe it. And at first i was really sad and was just thinking about everything that has happened in the last month in my mission with my uncle rob passing away and now my grandpa gubler as well and i started to get a little angry because i couldnt understand why all of this was happening and why god would allow this to happen. But really what has helped me cope with all of this is the gospel and knowing that this life isn't the end and like it says in Alma 34 this life is a time for men to prepare to meet their god and to perform their works. I know that grandpa gubler was and is a great man. I will never forget the times when we would go to the farm and haul hay and pick up branches and also the times when we would go to beaver and we would get to work with him there. Even though in those times me chase and koby always complained that we had to do a bunch of work while everybody else got to chill. Now i am so grateful for those times, it truly taught me how to work hard and has been a huge blessing for me out here on the mission. Ican honestly say that I know that this life is not the end and that gods will and plan is perfect and even though it is sad, this was grandpas time and i know that he is doing great things on the other side of the vale and that one day we will see him again and be an eternal family. I love all of you and know that gospel is true and can help us with any trial we have in our lives.
Con Amor
Elder Imlay o Cam