Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello Family and friends and everybody that reads this letter thing!!

So this week was like well actually i dont know it was a goodish bad week hahah!! So the bad news is that Eunice wasn't able to be baptized this week because she had some problems with her family but we are planning on meeting with her this week and hopefully all goes well!!! Also Alejandra one of our investigators is totally progressing a ton and is super pumped for her baptism this week!! Like seriously it is so amazing to see how prepared she was and just to see how the gospel has affected her in her life!!! so yeah super pumped for that!! Also another investigator we have named Miguel actually he is an antiguo investigador talked to us the other day and told us that he wants to get baptized so yeah we are pretty pumped for him too!!

Now some other bad news is that i got sick for the first time this week!! I think i told you guys in the last letter i wrote but last P-day i woke up and was just starving so i went to the fridge and literally just ate the first thin i saw which turned out to be a yogurt that expired like 3 weeks ago so yeah like not good!! It was so weird cuz like i just got like super light headed and had like a fever and it was super funny cuz during the district meeting i was just like lying on one of the benches in the sacrament room dying while my comp gave the district mtg!! haha! But after like tuesday i was all good and yeah now im back to normal!! But anyways another crazy thing that happened to me was last monday we were just chilling here writing to our families and friends in the cyber when something blew up like literally "blew up" like 3 feet from me!! It turned out that like a lamp had overheated and well yeah one thing led to another and yeah it exploded!! But literally thought i was gonna die haha!!

Anyways im really loving my time out here and am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the people here in Juarez!! I hope you are all doing great and i love you guys!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey guys so we had another great week with another investigator getting baptized which was super cool! His name is Leyver and we have been teaching him for about a month and a half or like casi 2 months!! I got the chance to confirm him and yeah it was super tight!! But holy cow he was just a golden investigator! When we found him he told us that he was just looking to change his life and desired to follow god!! He wasnt a bad person before but just had a huge desire to follow god and yeah after 2 months he was baptized and yeah it was just a super cool experience!!! Also our other investigators that we have are doing amazing and are progressing a ton towards their baptisms!!

This week was also pretty cool cuz we had interviews with Pres!! He gave us a capacitacion which was super cool and inspiring and the interviews were good too!! But some sad news is that i am getting a new comp this week!! My old one got transferred to Villa Aheumada and i will be receiving Elder Zamora!! I think he was companions with Preston like 3 months ago so that will be kind of cool i guess!! I dont know a ton about him but he seems cool so it should be good!!

Anyways thats so sick about the churchball team!!! So what exactly happens?? Like where do they go to play in regionals or like what happens?? Also what happened with Kanon and Tanner's hair???

Ok now to answer some of your questions!! Yes they did call me Elder Indian in the MTC but who knows why because literally i am like the whitest person i know hahah!!!! Jk!! But it is true like literally nobody here can pronounce IMLAY para nada hahaha!!! Anyways stuff that i want in my package would be some more Reese's puffs and like yeah nada mas!! As far as the Electric Razor goes i pretty much use it when i am feeling lazy and just want to shave really fast but yeah its pretty cool and i use it quite often!!! Also thats so sick about Utah making it to the 16!!1 I actually already knew that.................... hahah because we went to an investigator's house on Saturday and they are huge Bball fans so when we walked in i saw that they had won but yeah it was freaking sick!!!

Anyways nothing to crazy happened to me this week besides the fact that i ate a yogurt that was like 2 or three week expired so yeah im paying the price right now a little but ehh its not to bad!! Anyways love you all and hope ya have a good week!!!

Love Cam

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello People!!

So probably one of the coolest weeks in my mission up to this point!!! First of all the Hna Demetria was baptized this week and i had the opportunity to baptize her!! We have been teaching her for the last 6 1/2 months and it has been quite the ride!! She has been wanting to get baptized since December but also wanted that her nieces could be here!! In December they came and everything was ready for her to be baptized but like 2 days after her nieces showed up she suffered a heart attack which put her in the hospital for 2 months to recover and yeah it was just crazy but finally after the recuperation and all the craziness the happened she was able to be baptized this last week!! And what a powerful experience to see how happy not only her but also her family was after she was baptized!! It truly is amazing to see how happy the Gospel makes people and i am so so grateful for this opportunity that i have to be a missionary to help others receive this happiness in their lives!! To be honest we really didnt do a whole lot more this week because well yeah we were just focused on helping the Hna demetria but we also were able to meet with our other investigators and they are all doing really great and are progressing tremendously!!!

But HOLY COW!! That is the craziest thing i have ever heard about Sadie's call, like literally i wouldn't have believed it if i didn't see the foto but yeah like im speechless!!! But she will be great!!!

So nothing too chedo happened to me this week as far as like crazy stuff goes well besides the fact that this one homeless guy wanted us to help him kill some people that stole gold from him but yeah other than that nothing too crazy haha!! Love you people with all my heart and hope the best for all!! Sea feliz! Sea Mormón!!.........oh and Keep it Real!!


Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey chicos!!!

So a super cool week!!! First and foremost the Hermana Demetria has her baptism set for this Saturday and her nieces are here and she went to church yesterday and yeah im super pumped!!! Cuz well yeah you guys know why!!! Santa bacca i cant believe that kob and k got to play in a varsity game together that's so cool!! Also the pic of K making brownies is pretty legendary if i do say so myself!! Things are looking super great here in La Cuesta and we should be having a couple baptisms this cycle!!

So something kind of cool well i think it was super sick but anyways so we were walking down this street and i said hi to this cholo which is like a gang member here, at first he didn't say anything but after we passed him he like ran after us and i was freaking out cuz i thought well yeah we were dead but no!! He just said hi and then asked if we preached la palabra de Dios and we told him yes!! And then he was like Bueno and proceeded to tell us that if we ever had any problems with anybody on the street to tell him and he would "take care" (kill) of them!! hahahaha but yeah i made friends with my first cartel member this week so yeah super solid!!

To answer some of your questions so first of all yes dad we do our own laundry and sadly do not have a maid but im gonna look into that!! haha so thanks for the idea!! I feel super comfortable with the Spanish and understand almost everything but speaking is still a little difficult but i am getting better everyday!! Also im super pumped because now that Demetria is getting baptized i can finally leave this area!! hahaha like literally at first it was just a joke but literally i think that i am still here for her!! Dont get me wrong i love love this area but yeah like i said last week kind of ready for a change!!

Pretty sweet to hear about the mission calls and i know that Court will be Great!! Anyways im not gonna lie i am a little sad that we aren't chilling on the cruise boat right now like we were last year but i am super grateful to be here and hope that you are all doing great!! I love you all and have a great week!!

Love Cam

So only one pic this week but when i saw this sign and well yeah just had to take the pic!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey guys!!!

So a sad but good week all at the same time!!! First thing first, Cambios or transfers, well I didnt have transfers and neither did my comp so we will both be staying here in La Cuesta another 6 weeks!! And guess what that means??? After this transfer i will literally have been in this area like 7 1/2 months haha!! Crazy!! So the sad news from this week is that Mary was not baptized:( .... she had to clear up some stuff and wasn't quite ready for saturday!! But we met with her on Saturday and Sunday when we saw her at church she said that she had cleared everything up and so we are meeting with her today to see when she wants to be baptized!! But this transfer is gonna be freaking legendary as we are expecting quite a few baptisms so we are just praying that our investigators can keep their commitments but yeah its gonna be sick!! The spanish is coming along really well and i am truly starting to love it here!!

Thats super sick that Kob and K both made the team.... im a little sad that i wont be able to be their to see them play but that super super chido (means cool)! Anyways to answer some of your questions the district and zone meetings are pretty boring. The only thing they ever tell us is about new rules but sometimes we have meetings like as a whole mission and they are super cool!! Like 2 weeks ago we had a mtg as the whole mission and got to watch Meet the Mormons (in spanish of course) but still super solid!!

Also i did get the package for Valentines day and thank you so much.  Ive already eaten all of the chocolate and yeah!!! ..........hahah jk but yeah almost all of it!! Also the surprise with the Reese's was a super nice addition cuz actually when we got the package we had run out of cereal so i am glad to know that the spirit is inspiring you guys what to send me hahaha jk!! but yeah kind of cool!! And pops fear not i am still doing my pushups and i think i am getting bigger but who knows!! Ohh and lastly something super funny/weird happened yesterday!! So yesterday a member told me that from a distance he couldn't recognize who i was cuz apparently i have fattened up since getting here! Yeah so literally for the first time in my life somebody told me that i was fat!! And let me tell you it was the greatest feeling in the world hahah like made my day!!! Anyways yeah so thats pretty much what happened this week.

I heard a talk by Brad Wilcox this week about the Grace of Christ and his Atonement!!! I would challenge you guys to listen to it because Santa Baca it is amazing but you have to listen to it because it is so much more powerful!! Anyways i love you all and have a great week!!

Love Cam