Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello Fam and Friends!!

So lets just say this was the craziest week of my mission!! First of all it was amazing to talk to you guys on Thursday. You all look so good!! The prank that you played was not that funny haha jk it was actually pretty solid haha!! Like literally from Monday until Thursday i was freaking out cuz i wanted to know but props you got me haha!!

So the big surprise of the week is that it snowed here on the 26th and it wasnt just snow. It came down hard haha!! I will send you pics but like for reals it was so hard core that we werent allowed to leave our house on sunday and the services even got cancelled so yesterday we pretty much just chilled in our house all day.  We did make some snowmen and did some races in the snow and i even tried doing a cannonball into the snow off of one of the fences we have which didnt turn out to well haha!! Some sad news is that the Hno. Carvallo went to be with his fam in Veracruz but the good news is that he will be returning like the 6th of January so we will still have his baptism soon!!

But oh my gosh thats freaking awesome that Fez is going to SUU i thought he was going to the U but yes thats gonna be so sick!! Ok on a different note i am totally digging the pajamas you guys bought and really hope that you bought me a pair for when i get home because they look freaking sick!! haha!! Anyways the snow was so bad here that when we woke up this morning our pipes were frozen and we couldnt even take a shower because the water didnt come out!! So finally after like 3 hours the ice thawed and we were able to take a shower but it has been quite the crazy weekend haha!!

I hope that you guys had a wonderful christmas and have an even better new year! Im loving life here and love you all a ton!! Keep It Real!!

Love Cam (Elder Imlay)

The pictures are of me eating the giant Snickers you sent me and of the ice age we had here in Juarez!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hello Family!!

So we had quite the crazy week!! So actually the week started off pretty normal!! We had lessons with investigators and all went well!! On thursday we had the Ward Christmas Party which was actually super awesome because a bunch of non members went so we got to do a lot of contacting there at the party!! We also got to eat and there are some really good singers in our ward like i was rather impressed haha!!

But probably the craziest thing happened on Saturday!! So as many of you know or well those who read my email that the Carvallo Family was gonna leave to Veracruz this Friday and they did!! We went with them Friday night to say our goodbyes and just wishing the best for them!! Well on Saturday when we were in the Mission Dinner with all of the missionaries i got a call from the Hna. Carvallo saying that their car had broken down on the trip and that they were back in their house and werent going to head to Veracruz!! It was sad because they had really wanted to go to Veracruz and were disappointed cuz they werent going to see there family but they said they really enjoyed church yesterday when they went!! Its a hard time for them right now but they understand perfectly that everything happens for a reason and have a big desire to be baptized!! We have plans to go with them again tonight and set a date for the 2nd of January so that will be cool!! We are excited for them and just hope and pray that God will continue to bless them as they start there journey in the church!!

I am really excited to get to talk to you guys this thursday and will be calling you at 2 pm on Christmas Eve!! Im pumped to get to see all of your smiling faces!! Oh i also got all of your packages on Saturday and lets just say it was quite an experience taking them from the church in Nogales to our house in Parajes almost 2 hours away but after a few prayers and some battling, we were able to get them safely home! I also got grams package!!

Thank you guys so much for all you do!! I love you tons and I hope You have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Deuces!!

Love Elder Imlay

The first pic is us with the Fam Carvallo and the second is the MTC bros reunited once more at the Christmas Dinner!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello Fam and Friends!!

So this week has been pretty solid but nothing too crazy!! We are getting way close to christmas time and thats so weird because yeah the time is flying!! We had the Temple Dedication of Tijuana this week which was really cool!! I loved hearing Dallin H Oaks and Dieter F Uchtdorf and theie amazing spanish haha!! It was super inspiring,

So this week we havent been up to a whole lot.  The Carvallo Family will more than likely be moving this Friday so thats a bummer.  But the good thing is that they said that they were for sure going to look for a church in Veracruz cuz they wanna get baptized so that still made me happy!!

Umm as far as Skype goes we will be talking with you guys on the 24th but yeah next week i will be able to tell you!! Oh and i forgot my username and password to skype so if you guys could maybe help me with that i would be very grateful. I still havent gotten your packages but probs will this week when we have our Christmas Dinner as a Mission so that will be cool!!

Oh we also had transfers this week and nothing changed so it looks like i am going to kill of my second victim here in the mission!! (If you dont understand what i just said ask a returned missionary) hahahaha!!! Anyways as far as Chrismas day im not sure what is gonna happen but everything is good here and we just keep pushing along!! Happy Honukah and Ill cya next week!!

Love Elder Imlay

The pic is with some recent Converts who are super cool!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey Fam and Friends

Ok so this week was really busy. We have been traveling a lot cuz we had MLC with the pres this week which was really awesome!! We are going to be doing a ton of stuff this year during Christmas time to get the work going here in Ciudad Juarez!! Including Facebook!! I invite all who are reading this to follow me on Facebook and to watch the two new videos that the church has made...Why We Need A Savior and A Savior is Born!! They are awesome videos and its a really easy way to teach the gospel to the world haha!!

This week was really awesome and we are planning for baptismal dates with the Carvallo Family the 20th of Diciembre so we are really pumped for the future!! We ran out of gas again this week, which was a doozy but its all good and even though i get out of the shower with icicles on my eyes, i still live haha JK!! But yeah we are really excited for Christmas and Cambios are next week so things might get crazy up in here!! It wasnt too crazy of a week but it was really cool because the Legend himself, Elder Jackson, returned and came to our ward on sunday and we went to lunch today.  Oh and i also almost flooded the bathroom of one of our investigators which was super funny! But yeah other than that i am just loving the mission and pushing along!! I love all of you and Happy Holidays!!

Love Elder Imlay

Me and Elder Jackson who came back to visit the mission!

Cleaning up the bathroom that I flooded

Monday, November 30, 2015

Dear Fam and Friends

So we had yet another amazing week here in Parajes and I am really liking it! I mean it is a lot different than Laguna but i love it because there is a lot more work and we have just been able to find some really good people!

So to start, we had the baptism of Manuel Lazo this week which was super awesome!! This guy is just super prepared and has been from the first time we talked to him!! I know that he is gonna be an amazing member of the church!! We were also able to find a family last week!! Im not sure if i told you about them but they are the Carvallo Family and are super awesome!! They have gone to church both weeks that we have invited them and have a huge desire to get baptized!! However they might have to return to Veracruz this next week so we are just hoping and praying that they can stay cuz well yeah they're awesome!!

However holy shasta it sounds like Kob had quite the weekend and got beat up a little haha!! Hope that you are doing good big guy and that all works out well!! To answer some of your questions about traveling...yes we travel a lot on a bus and its really weird but super awesome cuz there are just a bunch of people all jammed into this tiny bus and the bus drivers are freaking crazy so it is quite the experience haha!! Oh and sorry i almost forgot HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Sorry its just they really don't celebrate it here in this part of Juarez so sadly i have officially gone 2 years without celebrating Thanksgiving:(

Anyways im glad to hear that you all had a good Thanksgiving and holy crap its almost Christmas so thats awesome!! But hey there is a new initiative that the church is starting this Christmas called A Savior Is Born.  Its super awesome so look it up and share it with the world!! You are all amazing and thanks for all of the support!! I love you tons and Happy Holidays!!

Con Amor Elder Imlay

Monday, November 23, 2015

#Solidweek People

Ok so this week was really amazing!! Well it was really long too but yeah in the end it turned out really good!! Since last monday i have pretty much been in divisions all week or meetings so yeah this is how it went! On monday we had to do divisions with Granjero, which is an area in our zone but it was solid cuz i was with Elder Cox who is one of my best friends here in the mish and it was really cool to see how hes been!! Anyways the next day i had to head to another area and did other divisions with other elders.  On thursday we had a meeting with the assistants and then friday we had to plan a meeting that we did with the District Leaders on Saturday and then finally Stake Conference on sunday to top it all of haha!! It was really busy but really awesome cuz on Wednesday my comp and i were able to contact this dude who was fixing his car and then he presented us to his fam.  We just started talking to them and on sunday all six of them went to church and it was just awesome to see how God blesses us when we work hard!!

Our other investigator Manuel will be getting baptized this saturday that is coming up so we are excited because this guy is awesome!! He just has a huge desire to serve God and just wants to help all of those around him!! Its been pretty crazy getting used to the new area and all these new things but i am absolutely loving it and wouldnt want to be anywhere else!!

Thats freaking awesome that kob got to go on visits with Pres Anderson and the 70s and the 2nd counselor in the General YM Presidency!! Whats his name again??.......... I should probs know that but yeah!! Sounds like Preston did a really good job on sunday and i hope all is going well with him and his family!! As far as my comp goes, it is true he doesnt eat a lot but its chill.  Im trying to help him out cuz yeah we are both in need of a couple kilos haha!! Anyways not much to report today!! It was an awesome week and we are looking forward to the future!! Thanks for all of the support!!
Love Elder Imlay

Here is a pic of my comp Elder Mellado and me and then another one of me after my comp knocked my teeth out hahaha jk but i thought you'd like it!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey guys,

So it has been a pretty crazy and a little bit of a tough week adjusting to the new area but i am really liking it and Elder Mellado is super dope!! He's from Puebla Mexico and ends the Mission in February but is a totally super chido bro!! I live in the same apartment as Preston did and yes pretty much everyone this week was like "Imlay, en serio, como el otro? and i was like yes he is my cousin and yeah it was just a super cool experience and im really liking this ward!!

That sucks that Utah lost but like for reals in double over time? Thats crazy!! Well as far as news goes in the Area we have one investigator who is really awesome and is getting baptized on the 28th but other than that we have got well not much and have quite a bit of work to do! Saying goodbye to Laguna and the people there was actually a lot harder than i thought it was gonna be but i guess its ok and the good thing is i can stay in contact with them hahah!! Juarez is pretty cool i guess but it feels weird to be back with all of the freaking dead dogs and crazy drunk people (well actually there is that in CG as well) but stilll its super different hahah!!

I have recieved grandmas package and yes it was very good because me along with all the other missionaries from CG devoured it hahaha!! So thanks grandma jajaj!! As far as packages go i am doing really good and cant really think of anything right now besides maybe a couple more blades to my razor because i only have like 2 left but not very many cuz they last a while!! But yeah thats all i got for this week. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Keep it Real!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey guys!

So this was one of the most crazy and shortest weeks of my life!! Let me explain,,,so Tuesday night we get in to our house and are planning to have a great week when the Assistants call me and tell me and my comp that we have to be in Juarez the next day and we will be leaving at 9 o clock in the morning the next day!! So obviously we were a Little curious and asked them why!! They told us that my comp Elder Isbell was gonna train this next cycle and that i had to go because there was this meeting i had to go to!! My comp was there with me in Juarez until Thursday and then i didnt return until Friday night!! So we pretty much spent the whole week in Juarez and our área was left solo and we hardly got anything done!! However the good news is that Maria de Los Angeles was able to get baptized and it was amazing!! She was crying because she was so happy and it was just a great experience!!

So thats pretty much all i have to report about the week but now lets talk changes!! So we had transfers yesterday and lets just say we had a lot of em!! First of all my comp is staying here in Laguna and will be training this new guy from Ecuador.  I will be heading to Juarez to a ward called Parajes as a Zone Leader there with Elder Mellado!! Its super crazy not sure if you guys know but this is the area and companion that Preston had right before he left like 6 weeks ago so pretty cool if i do say so myself!! Im kind of sad to be leaving Laguna and all the friends ive made here but im excited for the new experience and cant wait to start working in my new área!!

To answer some of your questions!! Jesús is pretty cool he just works a ton but we are gonna start up with him again!! Everything is great with my comp and yes if you were wondering my finger is infected and i will have to chop it off hahaha jk!  Its totally good now and i can barely see the cut! Glad to see that my boy kob is finally finishing up his Eagle Project after more than 2 years, what a legend hahah!! Anyways thats all i got for this week!! Love you all and thanks for the Support!!

Love Cam

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello people!!

So this was quite the week!! We had the ward activity, interviews, i almost fainted and also it was Halloween!! Which in CG they do celebrate..... well kind of but it was still cooler than last year!!

Anyways lets start with the ward activity which was pretty much our activity cuz we planned everything but it was still super awesome!! We had most all of our recent converts there and also quite a few of the members!! We had like a spiritual fireside type thing and then played minute to win it games and last but not least, we ate corn and yes it was amazing!! Also interviews went really well!! Pres was in a good mood and was really nice to us but also really helped us to understand that we shouldnt feel comfortable just cuz we are doing good right now but that we need to even push it harder and be even better!! It was awesome!! Then Halloween came and we were totally just thinking that nothing was gonna happen cuz like yeah,, nothing happened last year. But sure enough around like 7 oclock we see like a bunch of kids just going around to the stores here trick or treating!! Not gonna lie i was totally tempted to do it too and my comp was all in to do it with me but we had some appts so sadly we were unable to steal some free mexican candy!! Pero bueno.

Last but not least my almost fainting moment!! (Mom fear not i am perfectly fine now) Ok so what happened was that we were at the house of a recent convert and we were helping her peel wires to get copper out of them because apparently its worth money here!! So to peel the wire you have to use a blade to cut it and while i was cutting the wire it slipped and i cut my finger pretty good!! So in the Halloween spirit i decided to drink my blood (cuz there was nothing to wipe it off with).  Anyways like 2 mins later i started feeling like really woozy and my vision went hazy for a second so i had to kneel down and then my comp proceeded to tell me that i was as white as a ghost and so i went and sat on the bed of the convert.  They started giving me cookies cuz they thought it was like my blood sugar or something but i wasnt looking any better so she took us to our house and i just cleaned the cut and took like a 5 min nap and i was chill.  It was a super crazy moment and i learned to probs not cut wires for copper anymore!!

Anyways as far as the work goes everything is really good and Maria seems to be really good for her bap this sat. Keep praying for her!  Thats all for me today!! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Thanks for all the support!! Keep it real!!

Love Elder Imlay and Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!

Our ward activity, my attempt at a Halloween costume, and me and another Elder from my zone

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey People,
#dopeweek-Ok sorry for the "drug" reference but this was a totally awesome but super crazy week!! So we have actually been able to find a ton of new investigators that have a desire to come closer to christ and go to church and the whole 9 yards, but for one reason or another they cant go to church and its been super frusturating!! But on tuesday night this week, one of the coolest things happened to me!! We had just finished up a kind of difficult lesson and i was kind of down in the dumps when we got a call from our Mission Leader saying that he had just gone with an investigator of ours that has cancer and has been gone for the last 2 months for therapy.  Anyways thats a different story but the crazy thing is said she wanted to get baptized!! So we went with her and she confirmed that yes it was true....she totally wants to get baptized!! She had been drinking coffee but since the day we had gone with her she has dropped it and said that she will never drink it again!! She loves the church and has a baptismal date for the 7 of November. So yes if you could pray for her that would be amazing.  Her name is Maria de los Angeles and yeah shes just super awesome!!

Anyways the rest of the week wasnt too interesting.  We just contacted and visited and did normal missionary stuff!! We have interviews this week with pres so i guess that will be pretty cool!! Sounds like things are going really good there.  That is super weird to think that me and kason are gonna be the next ones coming home in the Ward but hey i still got a lot of time so its whatevs!!

I love all of you guys and thanks for all of the support you give me!! Ill Until next week!!
Love Cam

Monday, October 19, 2015

Friends and Fam!!

Ok people this was a pretty awesome week, mainly because Pili was finally able to get confirmed!! She should have been confirmed last week but didnt go!! So we were a little worried and went to her house to figure out what the heck happened!! Turns out that somebody (i will not name who cuz i dont think that would be a good thing to do) told her that the confirmation was super scary and that she was gonna faint and like have convulsions and the whole nine yards.  The only thing we could do was just laugh and then tell her that well that doesnt happen and yeah all was swell!! I realize that i use the word yeah a lot and yeah i dont care haha!!

Anyways another funny story that happened the other night!! So as many of yall know, i talk in my sleep!! And lets just say the other night i totally freaked the crap out of my comp! So i had gone to bed early and apparently at around 10:45 my comp was just laying in bed when all of the sudden i just start talking half yelling in my sleep that THE DOOR IS OPEN!! LOCK IT! LOCK IT!! I did this like 3 times in a row and apparently after that i started yelling HACE FRIO!! HACE FRIO!! which means its cold and then i just fell back to sleep like nothing had happened.  When i woke up in the morning i had no idea what had happened until my comp kindly told me that i had "freaked the crap out of him" haha!! Totally awesome moment!!

But anyways on a spiritual note, we had a few people come to church and a sister missionary returned home this week to the ward which is totally awesome.  She wants to help us in everything so just a sweet week!! We also found this one lady yesterday named Anita who has had quite the rough life but is totally awesome and loved talking to us and learning more about the gospel!!

It is starting to get a little colder here but only in spurts!! One day it is cold and then the next day it is scolding hot so we too are praying for the cold to come cuz well yeah the heat #sucks haha!! Anyways Brianhead looked super cool and im glad to know that everyone is doing great!!

Hope yall have a wonderful week!!

These are a few pictures I took that bring back memories from home!! Haha

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dang so yeah looks like things back home were pretty good this week!! First things first!! Happy anniversary mom and dad.  Thats crazy that you have been able to last so long together but dont worry you only have like an eternitity left to deal with each other hhahahah jk!! I love you guys a ton and congrats on the big day!! Also a huge shout out to my bro Elder Taysom!! Its crazy to think that he is home!! I still remember the day we dropped him off at the mtc, feels like it was a couple weeks ago but yeah just super awesome that he is home!! (Ladys get at him) haha!!

Anyways we had a pretty decent week. We had only one person go to church on sunday which kind of sucked but we have a few refs from the members that we are gonna contact this week and things look like there gonna be pretty solid so wish us luck!!  Sounds like you guys are gonna have a pretty awesome week,  Seriously im super jealous.   Thats freaking awesome and I am kind of mad that you guys are doing a bunch of sick stuff without me hahah jk!!

Now to answer some of your Q's.  Elder Isbell is from Utah just like pretty much every american elder here. The weather is getting a little colder but not too much!! Oh and no there are 4 other elders in my district! We are all Americans but one so it is quite the party haha!! This week i learned that it is important to work as one. In a companionship, ward, stake, team or anything that you do!! Because if you try to do everything by yourself and are not humble enough to ask for help, you will never accomplish all that you want to!!

Anyways thats all i got for today!! I love you guys tons and I am just living the life here in NCG!! Keep it real!
Love Elder Imlay

Me and Elder Isbell (because my mom likes pictures of me haha!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello People!!

So this was a rough but awesome week!! First of all General Conf. was totally legit! I was super surprised on who they called but yes if you were wondering i did take dads advice and did win the bet!! Hahah

So i got to drink some mexican coke which if you were wondering is 170000 better than american coke hahah just saying!! It was a rough week for the investigators and sadly no one was able to go to church but something awesome that lifted my spirits happened today, like literally a bunch of my converts wrote me an email today saying how good they are doing and how much they love the gospel and yeah it was just awesome to know and see that they doing well!

As far as conference goes i watched it all in spanish besides the last half of the priesthood session and let me just tell you President Uchtdorf is a legend.  For reals that was probably the best talk i have ever heard!! There is nothing cool in rebelling against the church...its way cooler to believe and to follow!! There will always be doubts but as the man himself said Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!! Really it was just a super inspiring talk and i truly have a testimony that the church is being led by chosen men of god!!

Im glad to hear that Preston got home safe and sound!! Oh and sorry i forgot to tell you that i saw him but now you know so thats cool right hahah!! As far as Elder Isbell goes we are doing great.  We actually have been together in the area for 3 months, he was just in the other area before they made it into 1 so its super nice and we get along super well..

Anyways as far as PMG goes, i would just start it from the first but dont think of it as a missionary guide!! Because in reality there shouldnt be missionaries in the church. It is the job of each member to find and teach and help people come closer to christ!! Sorry to preach so much but yeah just read it from the beginning but insert your names where it says missionaries!! Anyways thats all ive got for today!! I love you all and am loving the time out here!! Keep it Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

Me & Elder Shepherd who came out with me on the mission.  The other is of me and Elder Orton with some investigators before he left the mission.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello People

Sso this was quite an awesome week!! Well and also super eventful. The awesome news is that Pili and her Son were baptized yesterday and it was awesome!! Everything went super well!! A ton of people showed up for the bap and it was just a really nice Spiritual experience and also super cool cuz Elder Orton is headed out today and gets to leave on a bang hahah!!

But yes that leads to the next matter of business i guess!! So as for transfers i will be staying here in Laguna and yes with another American well actually Elder Isbell is just coming from Laguna 1 over here to Laguna 2 because they are shutting down the Area for this cycle cuz we just lost a bunch of Elders and Sisters  and will be reopening the area next cycle.  Its gonna be freaking rough though because our area just went from huge to grandísimo! Like literally our area is probs the biggest area in the whole mission and we are two of the skinniest people in the whole mission so yeah pray that our legs dont fall off or that we dont die from losing to much weight haha! Jk Its totally good and im really excited for the future!! However i did realize that pres never likes to change me like seriously after this transfer i will be 15 months in 2 areas but ehhh its awesome.  I kind of like it cuz i really get to know the people and truly find how to help them in there life!!

But anyways on a worldly note can someone please tell me if Utah won this week or not!! I might be on a mish but i can still be a fan hahah!! Anyways to wrap up i learned this week that perserverance is key to everything in life!! Nothing comes cheap in this life but when you give it all you got, holding nothing back the rewards are amazing!! I love you all and thank you for your much support!! Shout out to Elder Taysom for his last week in the Mish!! Dont Die Bro!!

Love you all again!!  Stay Fly!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, September 21, 2015

Buenas Tardes!!

Ok so it was a really rough week and pretty much everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong!! Sadly Jesus did not get baptized because he was not able to get a hold of his dad and get consent to be baptized!! It really sucked to be blunt and got me pretty pissed off but after the week ended and then reflecting back on everything that happened i realize that it probs happened for a reason. So we are gonna just keep working and see what happens!!

We also had a somewhat rough week with Pili cuz she didn´t go to church but she actually had a really good reason for not going!! On Saturday her nephew got hit by a car and was in the hospital in critical condition so she went on saturday night to be with him and his parents and just help them out. But yeah so we went with her and talked to her about how she felt and she said she still wants to get baptized and so we decided that she will be getting baptized this upcoming sunday after church because it is Elder Orton´s last one and she wanted to do it when we could both be here!! So kind of rough but in the end all is going to work out ok!! We have been struggling to find new people but are hoping that this week we can just find more and help more, It has been a __________ of a time here in Laguna with a lot of ups and downs but we had a meeting this week with pres that was super inspiring and i think that it is really going to help us progress here!!

Anyways im not gonna lie...Corbins tattoo is pretty awesome and yeah actually thats all i have to say! Im really hoping that pres will let me go to Juarez to see Preston one last time before he bounces out but its all good whatever happens!! Thanks for all you guys do and all the support!! Its a huge help out here and i just want you to know that i love you tons and think about you always!! Keep it Real!!


So this week was Mexico Independence day and we'll just say we tried celebrating it the best we could for being four white crackers! hahah!!  

Monday, September 14, 2015


Pues esta semana was kind of crazy, stressful and awesome all at the same time! So we had a pretty normal week as far as lessons go and people we are teaching and stuff like that! We were able to eat with Jesus´s mom yesterday and she seems pretty chill.  We weren´t able to talk to her about the baptism but tomorrow me and Elder Orton are gonna go talk to her so wish us luck hahah!!

We also had a pretty cool experience this morning! We were washing our clothes in the house of a member and she told us that she had been talking with our investigator Pili at the gym this morning and she was telling us about how Pili was talking about her baptism on the 26 of September and everything and it was just a nice reassurance to know that it is truly something she desires to do and not just because we are telling her to do it!!

On a different note i do have one question!! WHY in the heck was Kaler dressed up as a girl??? Anyways so i will probs be getting your package today which i am pumped for!! I was also pleased to hear that Utah is ranked , sick but yeah!! Oh sunday was actually super cool too because we had the Mexico City Temple rededication! It was awesome because Elder Holland was like throwing in some gringo spanish hahah!! He started his talk speaking a little spanish and then taught his message in english and then ended in spanish!! It really was a super amazing talk and an all around cool experience!!

Oh also one more thing and i know you are gonna hate me for this mom but i forgot my camera at the house today so super sorry but you gonna have to wait til next week for some pics!! Anyways thats all ive got for today!! I think this is the longest letter ive written so far so yeah but not important!! I love you guys and hope yáll have a great week!!
Elder Imlay

Since Cameron doesn't send pictures, I am posting some I found on Facebook from another missionary in Juarez.  

Monday, September 7, 2015


Ok so it was a really rough week because no one went to church which was a total downer so we will have to see what happens with a couple of our investigators.  Also we are a little nervous because our super chido investigator Jesus might not be able to get baptized because his mom may not let him!! We went with him yesterday and had quite an emotional lesson but in the end we all decided that next sunday we are going to talk to his mom and we are all just praying that her heart will be softened!! We are nervous but excited all at the same time!! It has been freaking hard here in Laguna and we are just hoping that by the end of this cycle we can have just a little success!!

Other than that it was actually a pretty solid week! I didnt step in any holes (Thank goodness)) Also like i said last week, we got to go to Colonia Juarez and it was freaking sweet!! The Deep Sea fishing looks super sick like seriously thats totally something i wana do when i get back!! Ok but seriously i am not that underweight.  I have stayed the exact same size since i got here, the mission is just freaking out and wants to make sure we are all good!! But yeah so i dont have a bunch to say today i am trying to send pictures but we will see if the computer lets me!! I Love all of you guys and am so grateful for all of the support and prayers my way!! Have an amazing week!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey guys!

So this was another amazing week for us here in Laguna!! We had 5 investigators come to the Stake Conference on Sunday and things are going amazing!! All of our investigators are doing really good and we are looking to have a really good September!! So as you all know we had meetings with pres this week and its official they told me as well as this other kid in my district that  we are underweight and that even though our metabolic ages are super good we need to get fatter to become normal!! So they have put us on a diet and are making sure that we eat more than a certain amount of calories each day and just a bunch of stuff so yeah twas a pretty crazy week!!

Oh also super awesome kind of funny story time.... so this week one of the new ZLs Elder Chapman came with us during the week and it was chill but anyways while we were walking down one of the sidewalks i all of the sudden fell in this hole that was just in the middle of the sidewalk! hahahah! Well actually it was kind of a smaller hole that was like surrounded by grass and really hard to see but yeah i was just walking and all of the sudden im like halfway underground hahah!!!

Anyways i actually did not get your packages family sorry!! But maybe next week when we have the zone meeting!! Sounds like things are going really well back home and dang koby is getting freaking tall hahahah!! Oh yeah im also freaking pumped for today because we are going to go to the Colonia Juarez and see the temple and the Academia and a bunch of stuff that is super cool so yeah #pumped hahah!!

I have heard of Parsons and am guessing that he probs lives in Col. Juarez so i will look today when we go!! But yeah everything is going well here and the work is looking good!! We need to find new investigators but all is well!! I love you all a ton and thank you for all the support!!
Love Cam

PS im super sorry i left my camera at the house and know that i have sucked with that but next week i will send You all tons of pics!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Buenas Tardes Familia y todos!!

Ok people so we had another super solid week with 3 peeps in church and we also set 2 other baptismal dates for the 16th of September so looks like the Mexican Independence day is gonna be super sick here in Laguna for us and the ward!! The 2 others that will be getting baptized are a mom and her son!! They are super awesome and really have the desire to learn more!! I could tell you the whole story of her but i just dont want to cuz it would take years hahah!! But i will tell you the necesssary stuff...their names are Pili and Edelberto quiroz.  We found them just walking in the park one day and they are just super solid chido people!!

Anyways it was sad to hear that DHills got wrecked in Football but also pretty sick that kob and his friends are like the leaders of the Student Section!! Pretty tight! Anyways i have sad news I actually dont get to go to juarez anymore cuz now the pres and the other peeps are gonna come here and we will get the capacitacion here so yeah im kinda sad!! But its whatevs i guess!!

Anyways again it is super cool to hear of all the Missionaries heading out.  It truly is the best thing you can do!! Its freaking hard and kinda sucks sometimes but in the end its totally worth it!  Ok to answer some questions: as far as the youth go, here in casas grandes there are quite a lot but in my first area in La cuesta there were hardly any!! And as far as the help goes they do help us every now and then and its pretty cool, we got some pretty solid chavos here in the ward! But yeah i am really liking it here we are starting to have some success and baptism dates so life is good and we just having the time of our life in Elder Ortons last cycle hahah!!

Anyways love you all and as always Keep it Real!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, August 17, 2015

Buenas Tardes!!

Hey guys so this was a pretty decent week!! We only had 1 person in the Sacrament meeting but it turned out to be awesome cuz we went with him after church and started talking about baptism and the importance of following christ in this life!! He said that he has the desire to be baptized and that the church has truly changed his life!! So we set a baptismal date with him for the 16 of September and he seems pretty excited so we are pumped! Also we had a pretty boring transfers and by that i mean its awesome cuz no one changed . We are all staying well besides Jackson but now the District is just gonna be us 4 from Laguna which means we are a District of pure Americans haha!! Its gonna get real!!

Sucks for the bros that school started last week good luck dudes!! Thats crazy that spencer and taylor got home this week!! Tell them i say hi and all that!! Things are looking really good here in the area and Elder Orton and i are excited for this upcoming transfer,  It seems like we could be having a couple baptisms in the next month or so but more than anything we are just weirded out that all 4 americans are still here in Laguna hahah!!

But anyways now i must tell yall a story.  So we went with one of our investigators this week and she is super awesome but anyways her job is or what she does is sells tamales de puerco in her puesto.  Anyways i never realized that the meat she used was the head of the pig so when we got to her house a couple of nights ago there was just a huge pig head sitting on her table and it was kind of weird cuz it still had like hair on it and looked a lot like one of the pigs i had a couple years back in the Livestock show hahah!! But yeah just a really weird but awesome moment!!

Anyways as far as the bad news goes, it is official that me and Preston will never get to be comps in the mission so thats a little bit of a bummer but we know that god has a plan for us and we need to obey his will and not ours so it will be ok!! I am doing great but sadly left my camera at home today so i will send pics next week!! I love you all and hope ya have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, August 10, 2015


So whats good everybody?? We had a super solid week this week!! We had 6 people in church yesterday and were able to find 6 new investigators!! It has been a slow process here in Laguna to find people that are truly interested in the gospel but it is amazing to see that as we have continued to work hard here, God has blessed us and we have been able to find more and more people!!

I will say that i am sorry for not writing a lot every week but to be honest i just get bored hahah jk!!! Anyways to answer some of your questions life is good here we aren´t having any probs!! The members are pretty solid and the work continues!! So this last week I completed officially one year in the mission (on Thursday to be exact) and as you will be able to see in the pictures there was fire and american flag tee shirts and burnt offerings, the whole 9 yards hahah jk!! However it is gonna be a kind of weird week this week cuz after this one big Elder Jackson heads home and then 6 weeks later Preston and Elder Orton and pretty much like half of the Americans in the mission are headed home hahah!! Its gonna be sad because theyre awesome so its whatevs!!

Haha that totally sucks that school is starting back up again and even more crazy that kob is done after this year!! Sounds like all is going super well back home and life is super well here!! The coke bottle story was legendary and also just a reminder make sure no one crashes my new Car!! Ok love you all and hope everyone has a swell week!!

Love Cam

Monday, August 3, 2015

Buenas Tardes people!! Que hay????

So this week was another pretty decent week!! We only had one person in the church which was kind of sad but it was Jesus so that is nice!! He is doing really well! He always goes to church and is a really good kid!! He still doesnt feel ready but we know that with time god will help him to feel ready and that he will be able to find the happiness he is looking for!

So this week well in 3 days i will officially hit my year mark out here in the field and yes there will be fire!! We had interviews this week with president which were super cool we learned a lot.  They are like going super hard core and like weighing us and doing tests like about the percentage of muscle and fat we have and our metabolic age which shows like how healthy we are on the inside!! However fear not everything turned out good i am actually at a decent weight. I also had a metabolic age of 18 years old which is super good so i am super pumped because they pretty much told me i can eat whatever i want and just do all that i can to gain weight hahah jk!! But it was super good!! I also got my packages from both grandma and mom and they were amazing!! We were all digging the "Camel Hump Day" box totally legendary!!

As far as Elder Jackson goes he is a total stud.  He is my zone leader and we get along super well and hes in my district so yeah you could say we are pretty close hahah!! All is going well with Elder Orton!! Here in 2 weeks he will be starting his last cycle and yes he goes home with preston!! To finish i would just like to say that the new car you bought is an absolute beauty!! Y te juro si Koby o Kaler lo chocan, los voy a matar!! Hahahah jk but for reals it better still be in one piece when i get home hahah!! Anyways i love you all and am loving the mission its hard but worth it!! Keep it real!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hola Fam and Friends!!

So this week was a pretty normal week!! Not to much happened! We struggled with getting people to go to church but we did at least get 1! His name is Jesus! He is a really good kid and has gone to church many times! He likes it a lot but just doesnt feel ready yet! Hopefully with time and prayers we will get to see him baptized but as i say mucho everything happens for a reason and we just have to accept gods will and keep on trying!!

It has officially rained for 2 weeks straight now and it is freaking awesome!! Oh and not only that but there was like a huge lighting and thunder storm here a couple days ago and it was the craziest awesomest thing ever! The power went out, the thunder was super loud and terrifying but in the end we survived and it was just amazing!!

The cali trip sounds like it was super fun but dad it looks like you have balded up a little bit more since i left hahah jk!! But yeah when you guys buy the new car you better send me pics and then not let koby drive it hahah!!

Anyways to answer some of your questions... as far as service goes they had prohibited it for like 10 minutes in a Zone meeting but later they realized it was tonto and now we can do service again haha!! We actually pretty much eat the same stuff here that we did in Juarez! Tortillas,tortillas and more tortillas hahah oh and beans, dont forget the beans hahah!! Anyways its super crazy for me to think that you guys are about to go back to school and that next week i will have 1 year in the mish!! Which yes if you were wondering i will be burning a shirt and yes i will take a video and yes it will be epic haha!! Anyways thats all ive got for this week!! Im doing good and love you all!! Stay Classy and Keep it Real!!

Love Cam

Monday, July 20, 2015


So this week was another solid week here in Casas!! We had 2 kind of 3 investigators in church yesterday and the work seems to be looking pretty good!! Jesus one of our investigators went again this week and he has now gone 3 out of the last 4 weeks!! He knows a lot about the church and says he likes it but still just doesnt feel ready! Its a little tough but we are continuing to work with him and i know that with time and effort he will be able to receive his answer and start his journey!! Also with our investigator that we found last week things are looking really good!! She went to church this week and continues to love it!! She truly is amazing and i know that she is going to do great things! We are going to work with her so she can get married and later baptized and just continue to progress in the gospel!!

It really has been awesome here in C.G.  For reals it has rained the last 13 days straight and one day last week we even got trapped in one of the house of the elders cuz it rained so hard and we couldn´t leave there house cuz a river formed in front of it!!

Also i am not gonna lie that i am super jealous that you guys are headed to cali right now and that you are buying a new car next week!! Thats so dope!! But life is great and lovin the work!! Oh and also yes i did realize that i am headed home in exactly 1 year from today!! Its freaking crazy how fast the time has gone but im excited for this next year and looking forward to all the new experiences!!

Love Cam

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey guys so this week was a super cool week!! We had a couple investigators in the sacrament meeting on sunday and even better we received a golden reference from one of the is this one lady that has the desire to be baptized we really just have to teach her and make sure that her and her husband get married but yeah it was super dope!! Anyways we had a zone meeting today and that is why i am writing so late but it was really good and literally it was just a great week.

We didnt have to many changes in the district but it was sad to see Fonseca go!! He was a great elder and we will miss him a ton but also not gonna lie it is freaking sick with pure americans in the ward!! Its totally crazy because before i was the only american elder in my whole zone and now we are a full blown american zone haha!!! But yeah pretty much just trying to say that its sick!! We also went to a wedding this week and it was super weird and cool!! Because well it was just different than what we normally do in the mission and it was just weird to see how weddings are because im pretty sure that i have never been to one before!! I have been to a million receptions but to a real full on wedding im pretty sure this was my first and yeah just thought id let y'all know!!

Now about the Hawaii vacation i am totally down for that!! And i am freaking pumped hahah!! But yeah so thats pretty much all i got for this week!! Im not sure when i will head back to juarez but when they tell me i will for sure tell you guys!! Anyways i love you all and hope that your lives are amazing!! Keep trying in all that you do and never give up!! Keep it Real!!

Love Cam

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey guys whats going on??

So we had a pretty rough week this week as far as the work goes but the good thing is we went with an investigator and he told us that he really likes the church and we plan to set a baptismal date this week!! So we are pretty pumped!! We had transfers this week and surprisingly nothing happened!! Well one of the elders from my district left and so now we are gonna be 4 americans in our ward and yeah its gonna get crazy hahah!!

That is so sick that you guys met elder ortons parents and holy cow i cant believe that the cabin is actually sold!! Also i am super jealous that y`all played golf without me!! Our 4th of july here was pretty sweet!! I was in divisions and me and elder Herd went and visited a lady that speaks english and is american and we pretty much just chilled and sang the national anthem!! Sick stuff like that!! hahah!!

So like literally i dont have anything to say this week. i am trying to remember what happened to us this week but yeah just absolutely nothing!! Seriously its super calm here and way different than juarez!! Preston and i are still banking on us being comps next cycle...well more like we are just praying and hoping that pres will let us cuz he leaves next cycle and yeah its just crazy!! Oh actually something did happen sort there are going to be 8 of us in my district instead of 4!! Now the ZL`s and other Hnas. are going to be in with us which is cool but also means i will literally have no time at night hahah but its whatevs i guess!!

Anyways sorry that the letter is super short this week but the words just arent coming hahah!! I am really liking it out here even though it is freaking hard but i know this is where i should be and i know the gospel is true!! Thank you all for your support and also remember to wish the big ELDER TAYSOM a happy 20th!! Hes a total viejo now but i still love him hhah!! Also another big shout out to my Little Bro that isnt so little Koby...hes turning the BIG 17 tomorrow!! I love you bro and you better not crash the new car if you get one hahah!!

Anyways thats all for this week!! Love yall tons and stay classy!!
Love Elder Imlay

PS  The picture is a selfie I took this morning so my mom can see a picture of me haha!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Que honda???

Hey guys so it was yet another scorching week here in the C.G. And it actually felt really long!! Its been a little bit of a rough week with lots of investigators cancelling appointments and jazz like that but the cool thing was is that on Sunday one of our investigators came to church and he seems to be doing really good so we are hoping to see some progress there!! But another thing that was super cool that happened today was that when i got on to my email i saw that Miguel one of my converts had written me!! He told me that he was doing really good and also that his brother Gualberto had received his Mission Call to Mexico Cityand leaves on August 4. So yeah i am super pumped and just love seeing how the gospel influences peoples lives!!

Its so crazy to me that gavin and brock are home but super cool!! Oh i also want to know what is the new car that kennedy bought and also if you are going to be buying a new car you better not give it to koby!! You at least should save it until i get home cuz well yeah like you said i totally suffered 3 years and kob can do the same hahahah Jk!! But if you do buy a car you better send me some pics!!!

So pretty much nothing crazy happened this week, its way different here in Casas Grandes like way more tranquilo (calm) for you chido americans hahaha jk!! But like for reals absolutely nothing crazy happens here besides all of the crazy drunk people but i got used to that like 2 weeks into the mish hahah!!!

What the heck are you serious did they seriously sell the cabin?? I had no idea so like who bought it or what is going down?? And when did they sell it?? Anyways as far as my favorite scripture goes it is D&C 10: 5 it talks about prayer and i don`t know if you need another one but if you do just tell me and i will send another one!! Anyways thats pretty much all i have got for this week!! Its pretty crazy how fast the transfer has gone!! Next week are transfers so things are getting pretty crazy up here in Laguna hahah!!! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, June 22, 2015

Que Honda fam and friends???

I hope you are all doing great.  This has been a super fast week because well i havent really been here that much!! On wednesday we had the DL meeting in Juarez but because im in Casas Grandes we headed out on tuesday afternoon in the Omnibus and let me just tell you the Omnibus is the greatest bus of all time for three reasons 1. because theres air conditioning 2. because theres air conditioning and 3. because theres air conditioning hahahah like yeah if you couldn't tell its freaking hot here!! But the coolest part about the trip to Juarez was that we got to stay in the Real Inn which is like the nicest hotel here in Juarez and the beds oh gosh the beds were to die for like literally the comfiest thing i have slept on in the last 10 months hahah!! And so yeah we didnt end up getting home until like 5 on wednesday and then had another mtg with pres on saturday here in Casas so it was quite the week as far as mtgs go!!

Oh and also i got both mom and grandmas packages and i would just like to thank you guys for giving me diabetes hahaha jk but yeah thanks a ton for the sugar it was definitely needed!! As far as the work goes we continue to find new people but its just hard cuz everyone here says yes when we start asking them if we can pass by there house but then we show up and yeah quien sabe que paso hahah!!  But its all good we had a couple people in Sac mtg this week and im pretty excited about the work here it has taken some time but we are getting there!!

Oh and just one thing do not get a dog hahah!!! Its so crazy to me how fast the time is going out here i just realized yesterday but like im going home in like 13 months and even though its still a lot of time it really has gone by so fast and then like just talking to my comp him and Preston leave in like 3 1/2 months so yeah things are just insane here!! Anyways life is good here in juarez...o casas grandes and just lovin it!! Hope you are all doing well and i love ya tons!!

Love Cam

Monday, June 15, 2015

Buenas Tardes Hermanos y gente!!!

So we had a good and bad week all at the same time!! It was kind of rough cuz no one came to church today but the good news is that we were able to find like 14 new investigators this week and like 5 or 6 seem really solid so Elder Orton and I are pretty pumped!! I am doing fine with hydration and drinking water and things are getting better here every week!!

It amazes me that Brandon is already back but thats awesome oh and also i am sorry to hear about Dameon the hamster!! Big shout out to Kaler for winning the gold and for Koby being able to find his wallet in the Police Station hahah!! I have no idea what a cooling towel is but sounds pretty cool i guess!! As far as the retainer goes i pretty much wear it every other night but i was nervous about what you guys said about teeth moving so i have started to wear it more frequently hahah!!

I dont really have a whole bunch to say this week because we are still just trying to find new people because its a new area but im liking it even though i have never stressed out so much in the mission befor hahah!! Anyways i love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Love CAM

So elder orton and i got bored with the sunblock and we are officially on campout every night because our room is as hot as satan himself hahah!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola Familia y todos!!!

So we had yet another rough week here in Laguna!! Well not super rough but just another week of pretty much pure finding people to teach!! It has been really hard opening up a new area also because for those who know me im not to good navigating my way around places but alli vamos and things are starting to look up!! Its so much different being with an american companion and at times i just feel weird speaking english but it is kind of cool hahah!!

So the heat has finally hit here in Casas Grandes and it hit hard!! Like literally i thought i was gonna be good cuz i used to golf in like 120 degree weather but for some reason i just became a wimp here hahaha jk its not too bad but well yeah we are adjusting!! We still do not have a sink in the house and who knows when we are going to get one but we are surviving oh and also Elder Orton and i made the executive decision to sleep on the floor and it was easily the best decision we have made since we got here!! So like our room where we would sleep was like the furnace of H E double hockey sticks and so after a week we decided to pull our matresses out into our living room and sleep there and wow it is so amazing like we have a fan that we turn on and then like open up all of our windows and yeah our sleeping situation has mejorado un buen!! Also well yeah thats pretty much it!!

But there was a scripture i wanted to share with yáll.  Its from D&C section 6 i think it says "no dudeis, y no temeis" or Dont doubt and dont fear!! It talks about how the lord is always on our side and no matter what we go through and the problems we have it is going to all be ok if we just put our trust in him and follow him and keep his commandments!! I know that this promise is true and that it is a blessing for each one of us!! I love you all and am loving my time here in the mish!! It is freaking hard but i know that it is the best thing anyone can do!! Espero que tengan una semana super chida!! Love yàll tons!!

Love Cam

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello Humans!!!

So this was the absolute hardest week of my mission but i kind of liked it hahah!! As you all know i got transferred last week to Casas Grandes and my new comp is elder orton!! He's a total legend by the way!! But anyways we show up and they proceed to tell us that we will be reopening an area so like we are brand new here and there have not been elders here since like the beginning of the year so we have been pretty much just contacting and trying to find new investigators all week hahah!! It has been freaking hard plus our house was like empty when we got here so we have been trying to fix it and we are doing well but still do not have a sink in the kitchen so thats a big doozy hahah!! But other than that it is really cool here!!

But the sad thing is is that summer has finally hit and its come on dang strong like for reals im pretty sure i saw smoke coming off of elder orton yesterday cuz it was so hot hahah!!

Thats so cool about the trek and everything like im kind of jealous of where you guys got to go but not that jealous cuz i still was able to shower the past 3 days yhahaha!! But holy cow Casas Grandes is way different than Juarez.   All of the streets are dirt and there's hardly any places to shop besides in the centro but we are learning poco a poco and things are real swell!!

Tell Grace and Spencer good luck from me and that they will be great!! I dont have any crazy stories this week but im doing great and hope that you guys are too!! I love ya tons!!

Love Cam

The streets of Casas Grandes, Me and Preston right before I left Salvacar as well as other missionaries, an owl we walked by one day

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello peeps!!!

So a weekend of craziness!! Well lets begin with the good news!! So this week we had 4 investigators in sacrament meeting and were able to post another Baptismal Date in June so the future is looking really great here in Salvarcar and Im so excited for the investigators that we have!!

However now for the big news of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had cambios (transfers) and i am headed to Casas Grandes in a ward called Laguna!! I am going to be the DL there and my new companion is Elder Orton and Im freaking pumped because hes american!! Also he is from Beaver, Utah so i am almost 100% sure that the Jessups know him!! I talked to him once before and he says he knows Haydn or something so that will be cool!! Its really weird to think that i have only been here 2 weeks and now i am getting changed to the other side of the mission like seriously tomorrow i will be in a bus 4 hours just to get to my area.  Also we are both gonna be new to the area so yeah wish us luck hahah!!! So nothing to crazy happened this week well besides what i just told you oh and also so we were walking in like this desert area and i just wasn't like paying attention to anything and then i seriously
almost stepped on this dead dog but like it was freaky cuz i was walking and then all of the sudden i just see the face of this dead dog and literally i jumped into my comp cuz i was so scared and well yeah just a crazy experience!!

I love you all and know that this church is true and can change lives, i hope you all have a fly week and as always stay classy!!

Love Cam

So this is a foto of me and one of the misioneras en my zona and she is from st. geezzy so that was freaking cool!! Her name is Sister Miranda and she went to Dixie so yeah super tight!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Buenas Tardes People!!!

A huge shout out to the greatest old man on the planet my dad!! Today he turns like 64........i mean 46 hahahah!! JK dad!!! But seriously i hope you have an amazing B day! You really are my hero and the greatest pops in the world and am so grateful to be your son!!

We had a really solid week here in Salvarcar!!! With 5 people coming to church and we also posted the baptisms for Genesis and Arturo in June!! So yeah a really great week!! It has been a little hard to get adjusted to the new area because i was so accustomed to being in La Cuesta but i am starting to get used to it and absolutely love being here in the Este because there is so much work!! Also something really cool happened on Friday!! We were walking down one of the streets here and then all of the sudden Somebody yells ELDER and so i turn around and guess who it was?................Demetria and Maggie!!! I was so psyched like seriously it was so great to see them!! They say that all is going well back in la cuesta and that they miss me a ton hahahah!!! JK!!! But yeah it was really neat to get to talk to them!! Also other crazy thing happened this week well actually this morning!! So we now have a washing machine in our house HALELUJAH!!! When i was washing my clothes this morning i literally almost flooded the house hahah!! So the washing machine has a tube connected to it where the water exits and the hose leads to our sink so that it will drain!! But today i didnt realize that like a fork was blocking the drain so when the water started to exit all heck broke loose and our house nearly flooded hahah!! But after a mini panic attack i was able to fix it all and the house is now somewhat back to normal hahahah!!! So yeah i had a super legendary morning hahah!!

But anyways thats super crazy that school is out and i hope and pray that you all survive the trek hahah!! I will try and send pictures next week cuz we werent allowed to take any this week!! Sorry mom!! But so cool about all the mission calls tell chase and stacy to be careful!! hahah!! They will be great!! The mission is amazing and i know that it changes lives! Not only the lives of the people you serve but also the life of the missionary!! I am so grateful to be out here in the mission and just want you all to know that i am doing great and love you all!! Take care and Keep it real!!

Love Cam

Monday, May 11, 2015

Buenos Dias People!!

So to start off lets just throw out a big happy Mothers day to all of you moms who read this!! You are all amazing and i hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!!

But anyways crazy stuff went down this week here in Juarez!! And the biggest news of the week is that i have officially been transferred from La Cuesta!! After 8 months i have finally left and am now in an area called Salvarcar!! My companions name is Elder Zacarias and we are the Zone Leaders here in Salvarcar!! Well actually he is and im just kind of here like helping him hahaha!! It was weird tho that we had transfers cuz we are in like the middle of the cycle or a little more but yeah who knows why it happened but well yeah i am here now!!!! This new area is pretty chill i dont know like any of it and am just trying to find my way around but its ok!!! The new apartment is solid! A little bit smaller than my last one but still pretty good!!  To answer some of your questions Well i thought we had hot water because the last couple of days i have showered with it but today who knows what happened cuz well yeah there wasnt any hahahaha!!! We do have a stove and also a washer which is amazing because now we wont have to spend that much money to clean clothes!! Hecks yeah!!! hahahah!! My new comp is super solid and is helping me a ton!!! Im not gonna lie it was really hard to just get up and leave La Cuesta like when they called us on Wednesday my heart kind of sank for a minute and i got kind of sad cuz like well Duhh La Cuesta was my home!! hahah but i am excited for this new area and this new experience!! Who knows how long i will be here but imma try to make the most of it!!

Thats crazy about the soccer coaches and good luck with the trek hahah!!! And well yeah Nothing to crazy happened to me this week well besides all of the stuff i just told you guys but i am doing great here in Juarez!! Its tough but i am still liking it!!! Thanks for all the support and mom again Happy Mothers Day!! You are the best ever!! Have a wonderful week all and as always stay classy hahah!!

Love Cam

Some missionaries in my district in La Cuesta before I was transferred

Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey guys!!!

So it was another rough week here in La Cuesta!! I mean we have been able to find new investigators and they all say that they love the church and want to go but then sunday rolls around and well yeah apparently they change their minds!! hahah jk!! Its ok we just gotta work harder!! So we actually had a zone conference this week and the Mission Pres came and talked to us and it was super cool and inspiring like seriously one of the coolest capacitations i have ever recieved! (idk if capacitation is a word in english but im pretty sure it is so yeah but you get the point haha!!)

Now for the big news we are actually not going to be able to talk on Mothers Day............................ hhahahah jk i just wanted to freak mom out hahah!! So i will call you guys via Skype on Sunday afternoon around 5 or 5 30!!! Probably like 5 30 so yeah just plan for that!! But that totally blows for K but just keep studying buddy and yeah you'll get it!!

So nothing to crazy this week besides the fact that we saw a canibalistic dog this week!! And like it wasnt a stray dog from the street, it totally has an owner cuz we have met him before but yeah we were walking down a street and just off the side of the road you see this dog just eating the body of this other dog!! My companion and i were like no freaking way but its the straight up truth and well yeah there are just no words to describe it hhaha!!

So not a huge letter this week cuz like yeah it was just another pretty normal week!! But i do want to end with my testimony about prayer because like something kind of really cool happened!! This week i was having trouble staying focused on the missionary work and my thoughts were in other things and so i like decided to pray and then it was really cool cuz i just randomly opened up a Liahona and there was an article on how to control our thoughts and become better focused!! So yeah it was just a really cool experience i had and i just want you all to know that i know god lives and that he will help us with any challenge we have if we will just ask him and exercise our faith!! Anyways thats all for me this week!! Love you all and Keep it real!!

Love Cam

This is the only picture Cameron sent this week.......and this is what he said about it.....

"I do actually want one thing!! SO like i have a skin tag on one of my arms so if you could send me like something to freeze it off i would so apreciate it haha!!"

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey Guys!!

So this week was kind of a really slow week!! We did a lot of walking and not a lot of finding!! Like lots of people said they were interested but when we came back to teach them well yeah they weren't so interested then!! hahaha!! But its ok we have just got to work harder and i know that we will see success!! We also had Divisions this week so i got to go to a different area for a day which was super weird cuz like yeah ive never been anywhere else but my area and i totally felt like a fish out of water if you know what im saying!! But it was cool cuz i went with an American and it was nice to practice my english cuz yeah i realized this week that it needs a little bit of work!! Haha!! But really other than that not a whole ton happened this week!! Miguel got confirmed on Sunday and yeah hes just gonna be a straight up legend!! So that was super cool!!

But good ghandi how many people have gotten there mission calls it feels like every week theres 3 or 4 new people with a mission call!!! Thats so sick and i know they are gonna be amazing and seriously there is nothing else that the lord wants the youth doing than serving missions!! There is a scripture in Mark 10:29-30 that i would challenge all the future missionaries to read cuz yeah its just really cool and i love it so much!!

Well i still dont know like anything about mothers day but when i do you will be the first to know MOM hahah!!! Also a big Shout out to Cammy for her Birthday!! Thanks for being my second mom!!! You da best!!! Anyways thats all for this week!! The work is going well here and hopefully we can se some progress soon!! Love you all!!

Elder Cam

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey Chicos!!!!!!!!

So first things first happy Marijuana Day hahahahah jk i was just sitting here typing and they said it over the radio so yeah hahah!!! No but in all seriousness a Big Shout Out to MOM turning the big .................. actually i probs shouldnt say how old she is turning so Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day you deserve it!! I am so grateful for you and all the support you give me and for caring so much!! Seriously it makes the mission so much easier!!

Now this week was hands down the coolest week in my mission and easily the strongest testimony builder as well!! So last monday after we had finished up teaching for the day and were just chilling when we got a text that told us that Miguel one of our investigators had decided to be baptized and wanted to do it this Saturday!! So we actually had another baptism this week but this one was super special!!! So Miguel was somebody that i met when i first got here all of his family are catholics besides his brother who is a Recent Convert!! It has been quite the rollercoaster with him but wow what an amazing experience it was to talk to him after we had figured out that he wanted to be baptized!! He told us about a dream that he had in the which he saw his brother baptizing him and he proceeded to tell us that even though he doesnt know everything, he know that god lives and that the BOM is true and yeah lots of things but it was just amazing to see how happy he was yesterday in church and im just so excited for him because on sunday before his baptism he asked me when he could serve a mission and yeah he has a huge desire to serve a mission and im just so happy for him!!! And can't wait for what the future has in store for him!! It was just so cool because seriously we have been praying so much for him and just to see those prayers answered is such a huge testimony builder!!

Thank you all for all of the prayers you send my way i can truly feel them and love you all!! I know this church is true and that the gospel blesses lives!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and just always be happy!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, April 13, 2015

Familia y Amigos what is up???????

So another super solid week with another investigator getting baptized!!! Her name is Arely and she is a friend of the girl that got baptized last week!! They both are just straight up legendary cuz like their families dont support them with their decision to get baptized but they know that what they are doing is right and yeah they got baptized!! So yeah as far as the work goes im just loving life here and hope we can continue to have success!!

Anyways lets talk transfers!! So as you all know i have literally been here in La Cuesta my entire mission and so this week i was totally banking on a transfer happening!! Like seriously i took pictures with all the members and our investigators and yeah con todos because like the logic says that i should probs have a transfer but yeahhhhh no!! So yesterday they call us and are like yeahhh nobody has transfers in your district and im like you gotta be kidding me!! hahahahah!!! But yeah im staying in La Cuesta yet another transfer but ehh its chill cuz now i will get to hopefully help a few more super prepared people enter the baptismal waters!!

But holy cow i had no idea that P-Dawgs bday was today!! The big 20 thats crazy but yeah i will for sure email him!! Anyways so story time: So like Juarez is a somewhat dangerous place but the people here are like super chill for the most part and never do anything to us or swear at us or nada its actually super nice!! But this week my comp and i were leaving our house and just walking down the street when all of the sudden this car passed us and this one guy just straight up flips me the bird for no reason and then proceeds to try to say something to me in English but i literally understood nothing and then i look at my comp like what the heck just happened and hes like uhhhhh no se!!! But yeah i was actually kinda ticked off cuz like literally i didnt do anything to this vato and he just flips me off!! But later i just started laughing cuz well yeah its just funny!! But yeah so that was pretty much all that happened in my week!!

Another talk that i would recommend for you guys to watch would be the talk by Neil L Anderson!! Cuz like yeah i loved it!! But anyways just know that i love you guys a ton and am doing great!!

Love Cam

The Baptism and also the ridiculous amount of food that i ate the other day!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey Chicos!!

So first of all Happy Easter!! And also to Big K a happy Birthday!! The big 15! Thats freaking crazy hahah!! Just do me a favor and dont kill anybody when you start driving!! So another super solid week with another baptism!! This week Alejandra got baptized and oh my gosh it was so cool!! So we met her like almost 2 months ago and holy cow she was just totally prepared!! She lives in a different area but she would always come here because her Boyfriend lives here and also her family doesn't want anything to do with the church and wouldn't allow the missionaries to come to their house but she didn't care she started to read the BOM and when we invited her to be baptized she accepted sin hesitation!! And yeah it was just really cool to see how much faith she has and how strong her testimony really is!! Also it was super cool cuz her Boyfriend (Alonso) A member of the ward was able to baptize her!! Plus because she is from a different ward we got to go to a different area for her baptism and yeah that was sick cuz now i know more of Juarez than just here in La Cuesta!! Cuz well yeah still in my first area hahah!!

As for Easter we didn;t have plans to eat with anybody but when we arrived at a house for an appointment they just gave us food and not just any food, a giant cooked fish and for those who know me i really dont like fish,  Thankfully after a couple prayers i was able to put it down hahah!!! Anyways as for conference i watched it all in spanish and yeah it was super good but i think my favorite part had to be in the Priesthood session when M Russell Ballard or Russell M Nelson i cant remember which said "Returned Missionary doesn't mean Ex- Mormon" hahaha!! I thought it was so funny because it is so true! Just because we serve a mission doesnt mean we are good to go and that life is gonna be easy!! We need to work hard everyday and try everyday to become better followers of Christ and members of the church!!

As for writing letters its still not to bad but there are many times when i want to just write some words in spanish cuz i forgot the word in English but still not to terrible like big Car hahah!! Still havent received the package but life is great here and im loving the work!! I love you all and hope that your Pascua was amazing!!! hahah!!

Love Elder Imlay