Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello Fam and Friends!!

So lets just say this was the craziest week of my mission!! First of all it was amazing to talk to you guys on Thursday. You all look so good!! The prank that you played was not that funny haha jk it was actually pretty solid haha!! Like literally from Monday until Thursday i was freaking out cuz i wanted to know but props you got me haha!!

So the big surprise of the week is that it snowed here on the 26th and it wasnt just snow. It came down hard haha!! I will send you pics but like for reals it was so hard core that we werent allowed to leave our house on sunday and the services even got cancelled so yesterday we pretty much just chilled in our house all day.  We did make some snowmen and did some races in the snow and i even tried doing a cannonball into the snow off of one of the fences we have which didnt turn out to well haha!! Some sad news is that the Hno. Carvallo went to be with his fam in Veracruz but the good news is that he will be returning like the 6th of January so we will still have his baptism soon!!

But oh my gosh thats freaking awesome that Fez is going to SUU i thought he was going to the U but yes thats gonna be so sick!! Ok on a different note i am totally digging the pajamas you guys bought and really hope that you bought me a pair for when i get home because they look freaking sick!! haha!! Anyways the snow was so bad here that when we woke up this morning our pipes were frozen and we couldnt even take a shower because the water didnt come out!! So finally after like 3 hours the ice thawed and we were able to take a shower but it has been quite the crazy weekend haha!!

I hope that you guys had a wonderful christmas and have an even better new year! Im loving life here and love you all a ton!! Keep It Real!!

Love Cam (Elder Imlay)

The pictures are of me eating the giant Snickers you sent me and of the ice age we had here in Juarez!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hello Family!!

So we had quite the crazy week!! So actually the week started off pretty normal!! We had lessons with investigators and all went well!! On thursday we had the Ward Christmas Party which was actually super awesome because a bunch of non members went so we got to do a lot of contacting there at the party!! We also got to eat and there are some really good singers in our ward like i was rather impressed haha!!

But probably the craziest thing happened on Saturday!! So as many of you know or well those who read my email that the Carvallo Family was gonna leave to Veracruz this Friday and they did!! We went with them Friday night to say our goodbyes and just wishing the best for them!! Well on Saturday when we were in the Mission Dinner with all of the missionaries i got a call from the Hna. Carvallo saying that their car had broken down on the trip and that they were back in their house and werent going to head to Veracruz!! It was sad because they had really wanted to go to Veracruz and were disappointed cuz they werent going to see there family but they said they really enjoyed church yesterday when they went!! Its a hard time for them right now but they understand perfectly that everything happens for a reason and have a big desire to be baptized!! We have plans to go with them again tonight and set a date for the 2nd of January so that will be cool!! We are excited for them and just hope and pray that God will continue to bless them as they start there journey in the church!!

I am really excited to get to talk to you guys this thursday and will be calling you at 2 pm on Christmas Eve!! Im pumped to get to see all of your smiling faces!! Oh i also got all of your packages on Saturday and lets just say it was quite an experience taking them from the church in Nogales to our house in Parajes almost 2 hours away but after a few prayers and some battling, we were able to get them safely home! I also got grams package!!

Thank you guys so much for all you do!! I love you tons and I hope You have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Deuces!!

Love Elder Imlay

The first pic is us with the Fam Carvallo and the second is the MTC bros reunited once more at the Christmas Dinner!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello Fam and Friends!!

So this week has been pretty solid but nothing too crazy!! We are getting way close to christmas time and thats so weird because yeah the time is flying!! We had the Temple Dedication of Tijuana this week which was really cool!! I loved hearing Dallin H Oaks and Dieter F Uchtdorf and theie amazing spanish haha!! It was super inspiring,

So this week we havent been up to a whole lot.  The Carvallo Family will more than likely be moving this Friday so thats a bummer.  But the good thing is that they said that they were for sure going to look for a church in Veracruz cuz they wanna get baptized so that still made me happy!!

Umm as far as Skype goes we will be talking with you guys on the 24th but yeah next week i will be able to tell you!! Oh and i forgot my username and password to skype so if you guys could maybe help me with that i would be very grateful. I still havent gotten your packages but probs will this week when we have our Christmas Dinner as a Mission so that will be cool!!

Oh we also had transfers this week and nothing changed so it looks like i am going to kill of my second victim here in the mission!! (If you dont understand what i just said ask a returned missionary) hahahaha!!! Anyways as far as Chrismas day im not sure what is gonna happen but everything is good here and we just keep pushing along!! Happy Honukah and Ill cya next week!!

Love Elder Imlay

The pic is with some recent Converts who are super cool!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey Fam and Friends

Ok so this week was really busy. We have been traveling a lot cuz we had MLC with the pres this week which was really awesome!! We are going to be doing a ton of stuff this year during Christmas time to get the work going here in Ciudad Juarez!! Including Facebook!! I invite all who are reading this to follow me on Facebook and to watch the two new videos that the church has made...Why We Need A Savior and A Savior is Born!! They are awesome videos and its a really easy way to teach the gospel to the world haha!!

This week was really awesome and we are planning for baptismal dates with the Carvallo Family the 20th of Diciembre so we are really pumped for the future!! We ran out of gas again this week, which was a doozy but its all good and even though i get out of the shower with icicles on my eyes, i still live haha JK!! But yeah we are really excited for Christmas and Cambios are next week so things might get crazy up in here!! It wasnt too crazy of a week but it was really cool because the Legend himself, Elder Jackson, returned and came to our ward on sunday and we went to lunch today.  Oh and i also almost flooded the bathroom of one of our investigators which was super funny! But yeah other than that i am just loving the mission and pushing along!! I love all of you and Happy Holidays!!

Love Elder Imlay

Me and Elder Jackson who came back to visit the mission!

Cleaning up the bathroom that I flooded