Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello my people

Feliz Navidad. So yeah im not gonna lie it was super great to see you guys and you all look great. Im a little bit ticked that you waited until i left to remodel the basement and put a new tv and todo but ill get over it. Haha jk thats super awesome and i cant wait to see the pic. So this week was super awesome besides the fact that we had like no time to teach anybody because yeah we were in the offices but thats ok. No but the big news of the week is that yeah i had my first baptism. It was so awesome and i actually got the opportunity to baptize her. Her name is Fabiola and wow so we had been teaching her husband napoleon a while back and he was like a chosen golden investigator but then suddenly something with his health happened and he passed away. But now that she has been baptized in like a year she wants to have her husband baptized in the temple and yeah it was just really a cool expierience. Sadly the hna. Demetria is still in the hospital but hopefully all can work out there and we can visit her again. Also with Miguel we are going to set a baptismal date tomorrow so yeah things are looking good and we are pretty excited.

So on christmas we didn't do like anything but it was still a pretty chill but super weird day. So story time, actually christmas was super bizarre first thing is my companion and i were just walking down this street and all of the sudden this cat just comes darting towards one of the cars that was driving down the road and yeah we saw it get run over which was super gross and then the worst thing is that we were riding on this bus and on the floor of the bus was a coke bottle filled with this yellow stuff which i thought at first was just soda but no my comp notified me that it in fact was pee so yeah kind of a super weird week but all in all super great.

I love you all and hope that you all had a merry christmas and a happy new year.

So here are two fotos from the baptism. the two little kids or one of them is going to be baptized here pretty soon and the other will be when he turns 8 years old. It was awesome

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello people! 

So like literally dont have anytime today we will be working in the offices casi all day today and then tomorrow from 5-9 so yeah its been a super long week! But also has literally been like the best week of my mission so far so to begin with we will be having a baptism this week on sunday the 28th for Fabiola one of our investigators which i am super excited for. Also the nieces of the hna demetria got here so her baptism will be the next saturday like the day in january im not sure cual. Also we did another mini choir at one of the malls here and one of our investigators miguel came and watched and afterwards one of our leaders who is a really good friend with the family told us that he had asked his mom for permission to be baptized and she said yes so we are going to set a date today so yeah like literally a super sick week. Anyways i really dont have like any time this week but just know that i love you all and hope that you all have a wonderful christmas.

Love your elder

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello All!!

So this was one of the longest weeks ever in the mission. So to start off, we had transfers on tuesday and i recieved elder Aguilar. He is a super cool guy from Puebla Mexico and has like 4 1/2 months here in the mission. he has like 2 more weeks than me in total and like 1 more transfer here in Juarez if you can understand that. haha. We dont have a ton in common but he is super chill and a really hard worker so im thinking all will work out just fine.

So something kind of scary happened this week. Hermana demetria had a heart attack and is doing better right now i think but we are gong to visit her today to double check but her baptism will be or should be happening here in 1 or 2 weeks. Im pretty excited and yeah. As far as other investigators go we have Miguel who is the brother of a member but the rest of the family are catholics anyways he has the desire to serve a mission but first he needs to be baptized and become a member haha. So we are teaching him right now and i will let you know how that all works out. We have a quite a few others as well but i just dont really want to exlain all of there stories haha sorry but yeah life is good here as far as the teaching goes but still 0 baptisms.

The choir thing happened on friday and it was super cool.  i got to see preston and also all of my buddies from the MTC which was really cool. The place we performed at was super like nice and totally reminded me ot the good ol USA haha. But sadly i totally forgot to bring my camera so i dont have any pics sorry. So like christmas here should be pretty cool. We get to skype you guys on the 24th so that will be awesome and then on the 25th or Christmas day im not totally sure whats going down haha.

Anyways so story time i think i told koby this last week but i forgot to say it in the general email. So like 10 days ago i was washing dishes and for some reason i thought that our sink could like move like the one we have at home so i tried to like move it and it wouldn't move and i thought it was stuck so i yanked on it and yeah it broke off haha. I am sending pics but yeah it was pretty funny. Anyways yes i have tried out the blanket and it works and is cool and also the people here do celebrate christmas just like the states but there aren't as many people with lights but yeah they aren't totally primitive. haha idk if that even makes sense. Anyways im doing good and hope you all have a great week. Stay Classy!
So here are a couple pics one of them is of me and the comp and how we are gonna celebrate navidad y el otro es de mi and the broken sink haha.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Beloved followers of the missionary life of Elder Cameron Imlay......... haha jk

Whats up guys?? Life here in the Big J is really quite swell. So to start off this letter lets talk cambios or transfers i guess. SO  transfers were totally crazy. So the good news is that i will be staying in La cuesta and will get to see D be baptized in 2 or 3 weeks which i am so so excited for. Pero Elder Vilchis got transfered to a different area and hes pretty bummed because now he doesnt get to sing in the choir and i feel terrible for him because he really was super looking forward to it. My new comp will be Elder Aguilar or something likie that and i have absolutely no idea who he is but idk im still super pumped to meet him.

Also this week M that kid i took the picture with a while back or its the one that is the Mexican brad wade anyways yeah not important but we have started to teach him because he told his bro that he wanted to serve a mission and holy cow its just super cool because like before he didnt want anything to do with the church but i really think that he is going to get baptized and is going to join the church which is amazing. There is a lot of good stuff happening here in La cuesta and im super pumped for the future but yeah i don't have the time to write everything that is happening sorry not sorry haha.

Anyways story time so like yesterday we were riding a bus back from choir practice and the bus driver almost got in a crash with a car and so the driver of the car was like super ticked off so he like drove in front of the bus and would not let him pass and the bus driver was like super pissed and had major road rage and was swerving all over the road to try and pass him and yeah my companion and i were standing up because there were not that many seats but yeah luckily we are still alive but now i am terrified of all buses hahah jk.

ANyways to answer your question about the choir its that we are all singing in a choir or at least all the missionaries here in juarez so 142 missionaries not the missionaries in the other to areas here in the mission. But its super cool and is happening on friday the 12th and is gonna happen at this like super nice theater here so im super pumped. I also received all of your packages like all 5 of them thank you family, grandma, and Aunt lynne they are awesome. But dont worry mom i havent opened the 12 days yet even though my comp like begged me to haha. Anyways it looks like your all doing amazing and i hope your lives are wonderful. Keep it classy.
The first is of me with the new sweater yeah its pretty cool. The other is of the heater and it works like seriously y'all don't understand that thing saved our lives haha jk but yeah


Monday, December 1, 2014

Wazzup Family, Friends and yeah everybody else haha jk!

So this week was pretty solid. Demetria is super stoked for her baptism and will be baptized in december which is super exciting. We also have others that are making some really good progress and i really hope that i can stay here for the next transfer because i know that we will have at least 2 baptisms in the next one and i would really like to see them. But transfers are next week so we will just have to see what goes down haha its all good i know that whatever happens is what is supposed to happen.

As far as Thanksgiving goes yeah we didn't celebrate it at all but we did eat hot dogs for lunch that day which was pretty cool i guess haha. Actually something super cool and kind of weird happened this week. So we were walking down this one street and this guy calls to us to come over to his house so we do and he hands me a Book of Mormon...... yeah a Book of mormon like not a Libro de Mormon like English and begins to tell us that the letters are to small for him to read oh and this whole time he is talking in english which is super weird and never happens here anyways he tells us that he has a bigger one now and for that reason he returned this one to us. Anyways after i talked to him for a little bit he invited us back to his house and we will begin teaching him on Wednesday in English haha. So looks like the comp has got some studying to do haha. No but seriously it is going to be so weird to teach in english but i am super excited.

Also i was able to see the Big Man (Preston) if you dont know who the Big man is. Anyways it was great to talk to him and his strength and the way he is handling all of this is amazing. He is such an amazing example to me and i am so grateful for the opportunity to get to serve in the same mish as him. Also i think i will get to see him again because we are practicing for this choir thing that we will be doing on the 12th which should be pretty sick. Oh also thank you Aunt Sam for the tie i love it and just know that i am thinking about you and am so grateful for you. Anyways yes i did receive G-ma Pats package and yes also the meat thingy haha it was really nice so thanks grandma. As far as the sweaters go they are great and i love them de hecho i am wearing one right now haha. Also the contacts are holding up good and do not have an eye infection so yeah thats great haha. Anyways just know that all is well and im doing good and love you all.