Saturday, August 30, 2014

 Hey Everybody! Holy cow, I cant believe that this Wednesday will be the one month mark. Time is flying, it feels like yesterday i was getting dropped off and now in 2 weeks i will be headed on a plane to Juarez and then the real stuff begins. Thank you for the packages, seriously tho receiving mail here is like Christmas every time you get something. So keep sending letters. I love hearing from you. Also thank you for the mexico shirt that was sick as well as the Rice Krispies and Brownies they were amazing. Tell Fez good luck from and and that he will be an amazing missionary.

Thats crazy that our house got infested with scorpions. Why the freak does all the cool and crazy stuff happen after i leave. Also how the heck can Koby dunk it. Ive only been gone for a month and he's already got bigger hops than me. Anyways to answer some of your questions, Im not really sure if im gaining weight because there are no scales here, also like i've said before the food here does weird stuff to your body so its kind of hard to gain weight. if you know what im saying. I havent been sick yet which is really nice, my whole room pretty much got sick so tho so im feeling super blessed that i didn't. haha. I haven't seen austin yet but I have seen Jake Anderson, Taylor Houston, Gabe Suttner, Bridger Thurston, J-Allen, and Braxen Adams. I dont know if you know him but he's a friend from high school. So thats pretty cool. I really dont need anything right now but i would like getting more treats and food from you in packages. The food here is weird so outside food tastes amazing. Tell kaler that im super jealous that he gets to go to powell and also good luck this year with school Koby and Kaler.

I'm learning a ton here, my spanish is getting pretty good, I am actually able to teach lessons mostly in spanish and its truly amazing what you can accomplish with the power of the spirit on your side. Nothing to crazy happened this week except for BYU had a party the other night on our field that we play sport on and we could here the music from our room and im not gonna lie Justin Bieber never sounded so good. hahaha. Oh so our district is now the oldest in the zone and me and elder beck got called to be the zone Online Coordinators. Which is cool i guess. Anyways just know that i love all of you and think of you daily.
Mucho Amor
Elder Imlay

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hey Everybody!

Holy cow I cant believe i have been out here for almost 3 weeks, time flies.I love getting letters so keep writing me and tell others to as well! haha! I am doing great, my spanish is coming along and I really do love it here. I have been teaching tons of lessons and just preparing for the field the best I can. I didn't get your package today which i was sad about but i am wondering if you got my letter that i sent?

To answer some of your questions, Yes i am keeping warm at night and am actually able to fall asleep at 10:30 which is amazing. My companion is good, like i said we don't have really anything in common but he's a pretty good guy. I love my district, its amazing how close we have come in only 3 weeks. Its going to be really hard to say goodbye but i am grateful for the time i get to spend with them, we have pretty much become a family. My spanish is getting better, i still have a lot to learn but i can somewhat carry a conversation about the gospel! haha. We have a bookstore on campus that sells everything, so i have bought a few treats from there and some other stuff. Last week on P-day we went to Brighams Landing and ate at the burger place there as well as got a Jamba Juice which was amazing because the food here is good but it messes with your insides if you know what i'm saying! hahah. I hope shanda gets feeling better and fez and ian good luck on your farewells this sunday, you will be amazing.

This week has been pretty cool me and Elder Mclehaney (another elder in my district) had a few hand stand contests which was sick. But last night we were having one outside and it was raining really hard and i slipped and scraped up my arm and got blood stains on my sleeve. But don't worry i was able to get the stain out. So yeah you could pretty much say im a beast at laundry and stain removal. haha. Oh speaking of laundry we woke up at 4 am this morning to do laundry which was crazy but we got it done and now we have a ton of free time today. The days in the MTC are all very similar we wake up, eat breakfast, then class, then gym, then lunch, then class again, then dinner, then class again, then mail, then bed, repeat. But i love it im learning tons and actually having fun. We have been able to go to the temple 3 times which is awesome. Its really cool to see what different temples look like. oh and if you could get me that email list asap that would be great. So get this we got a new district last week and half of the elders in the district are heading to bahia blanca argentina haha. I told them to look out for elder taysom when they get out there. Its crazy because that district is in the same zone as us and we see them everyday.

Ive seen Taylor Houston, Gabe Suttner, and Jake Anderson while ive been here, those are the only ones from DHHS but it was great to see them and they are doing really well. We get to have gym everyday for an hour which is nice because if not i think i would go insane. Tell koby and kaler good luck with soccer and tell kob thanks for the tool pic. It was legendary. haha. Thanks for all that you have done for me and for helping me prepare. I know this gospel is true and that when we have the spirit to be with us anything is possible. I love you all so much! Keep writing me!

Love, Elder Imlay

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey Everybody!

I cant believe ive been here 11 days!! Everyday is super long and it feels like a blur but i am learning tons. I am actually getting pretty good at Spanish, it's crazy what is possible when you have the Spirit with you. On Sunday we had church which was different than home but still amazing as ever. Mon-Wed were just normal days, we have class 10 hrs a day which is tedious but my teachers are amazing so its OK! Thursday was a little different, me and elder cox (another elder in my district) had to go to Salt Lake to get our visas or something official like that at the Mexican Consulate. I'm not gonna lie it was kind of weird seeing normal people and being out in the real world and not being with all of the missionaries at the CCM. Haha. But i had no idea that Kevin Love got traded or that Robin Williams died, thats crazy. Its weird how sheltered we are from all the worldly things here but i am grateful for it because it truly helps me be the best missionary I can be.

To answer some of your questions,my companions name is Elder Corwin Beck. He is from Centerville Utah. He is serving in the same mission as me along with 6 others in our district.I would love for you to send me a package with some treats in it especially a 54 pack of Rice Krispies. I love hearing from all of you so keep writing me letters. I wold like to thank you for all of your support and love. I know this church is true and that if we have faith and live worthily to have the Spirit with us anything is possible. Me and elder beck got our first baptism this week with one of the investigators here. Its not a real baptism but its still cool because we were able to have 4-5 lessons with an "investigator" here and she accepted our invitation when she asked. It was amazing. I truly am learning so much here and love it so much. Please if you can try to send me everyone's email addresses so that i can email them. But just know that i love you guys and think of you everyday. Cya Later!

Love Elder Imlay



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hello everyone!!

Well actually i only know your account so will you email me all of the other accts of people who want to hear from me. Well where do i start?? When i first got here everything moved so fast. When i got in we immediately went and got my badge its in spanish which is awesome.We then just like everyone else said had class for 4 hours which actually turned out to be really good. Mi companeros nombre es Elder Beck. He seems like a pretty good guy, we don't really have anything in common but we get along really well and i think it will be a great companionship. On thursday we had class again and i am really learning a lot of spanish. It is amazing what you can accomplish when the spirit is with you.

Mi maestros nombre es hermano ashby he is great but only speaks in spanish which is really crazy. Yesterday we had 11 hours of class and me and Elder Beck gave our first lesson in espanol. It actually went really well i was able to remember a lot of words and did much better than i thought i would. We actually gave out our first book of mormon in the discussion but it turned out to be someone elses in out district so we had to go get it back but it was just role playing so it was fine! haha! Thank You for the letters they were amazing keep sending me them and ask others to as well i love hearing from you! My first days really haven't been that bad i didn't even cry haha sorry mom! It has been tough waking up in the mornings but i am always tired during the day and falling asleep at 10 30 es no problemo.

To koby and kaler i would like to say that going on a mission will be the best thing you do in your life and i cant wait until you get the opportunity to serve. You will learn so much and it will bless your life more than you could ever imagine. Mom and Dad i would like to thank you for your faithfulness and raising me in this gospel. You are truly my heroes and i definitely wouldn't be here without you. I got kneed in the calf playing b ball yesterday and it hurt so bad for the rest of the day but i am doing fine now. My district is amazing there are twelve of us 8 elders y 4 hermanas and that super pretty girl that Elder Imlay #1 was talking about is in our district haha. Most of the day is spent in class but we get fed 3 meals a day and the food really isnt that bad. I really like the CCM but cant wait to get out in the field. I know this church is true and that this gospel can and will bless the lives of everyone who want to know of it. Sorry i dont have much to say but ive only been here 3 1/2 days haha. Just know that i love each of you and am so grateful for all of your examples. I love you so much and am thinking of you always!!

Elder Imlay #2