Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello Family and Friends and Neighbors and others!!

This week was easily one of the best weeks if not the best week in my entire mission!! So first off i had the opportunity to go to the temple with Demetria and it was amazing to go in and feel the peace that was there!! I havent gone to the temple in over a year and a half so it was kind of nice to have a refresher course right before i go home! haha!! Also it was amazing because we were able to put a baptismal date with one of our investigators for next week and she asked me to baptize her and she went to church yesterday and yeah im super pumped!! And then finally on Sunday Miguel came to our ward to see me and told me that his papers are in and that the stake president told him his calling is gonna arrive this week.  He is then going to fly to Mexico City to take out his endowments with his older brother and the date he put for his availability was the 4th of July so he will probably be headed out here really soon!!

The mission has truly been amazing.  It has had its ups and downs but it has truly changed my life and im so grateful i made the decision to come!! Im really excited for my last week and cant wait to see all of you guys!! Thanks for all of the support these last 2 years and Happy birthday to Koby and Carter last week!! You guys are freaking old!! Peace and Love!!
Elder Imlay

Pictures with Demetria at the temple and all the ladies from La Cuesta who came to support her. Also me and Miguel.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello Family!!!

So this week was a much better week than last week like a tons better!! To start we had 4 people in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and 2 of them we plan to put bap dates with this week or next so that will be cool!! We were able to work a lot more efficiently this week because idk we had less meetings and it just seemed like we had a lot more time!! Also pres derbez left this week and it kinda sucked because we didnt even get to say goodbye!! He didnt go to the meeting we had on Wed. and then left on Friday!! Its ok though!! We had the welcoming meeting with President Owen on Friday and it was cool he seems really chill and i have an interview with him on tuesday to renew my temple recomend so that will be cool!!

I talked to Demetria this week and the bishop of La Cuesta and it looks like Demetria will more than likely enter the temple on Thursday or Friday of this week so my fingers are crossed haha!!

Im doing really good here in Amp!! I feel normal and am so grateful for all that i have learned. I wouldnt trade this experience for the world!! The mission has changed my whole outlook on everything and im so glad that i came!! It was definitely worth it!! Keep it real everyone and ill see
y´all soon!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello People!!
So to be honest it was a really trying week!! We didnt have a lot of time to be in the area for Interviews, Divisions, and Baptismal Interviews and that cost us a lot!! We were able to visit quite a few people and a few committed to go to church but sadly on Sunday not one went to church!! It was really rough and im not gonna lie i was raging on the inside but i mean oh well we cant force people to go and i guess we will just have to work harder this week!!

This is Pres. Derbez's last week and he ends on Friday and its really weird!! Our last interview on Tuesday was good and i can honestly say that i am so grateful for that man!! He has helped me in so many ways and i will miss him a ton!! This week i am guessing that we are gonna have meetings with the new pres and yeah like im guessing a lot of things are gonna change.  But im excited to see how the new guy is even though i will only be with him for like 2 will still be cool to have a guero as the head honcho!!

On sunday we showed up to church and there was a broom placed perfectly in the middle of a parking space and we thought that one of the witches from the Sierra of Chihuahua had come to visit the church but yeah we were sadly disappointed haha!!

Anyways thats all that i have for today!! I love you all and hope that you have a good week!!
Elder Imlay

Me and President Derbez

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fam and Friends!!
So it has been a really solid week and we are pretty excited because we found a lady or well yeah i guess she is a lady cuz she is 28 years old.  Anyways she is super awesome and went to church on sunday and she said that she liked it so we are pretty excited for her!! Other than that it was a pretty slow week....well besides the fact that i ate a super nasty swedish fish the other day (It smelled absolutely horrible)) and literally almost threw up.  I was gagging but dont worry it wasnt food that the members gave us for lunch it was just a dare and well yeah i took the dare and paid the price hahaha!!

Sounds like things in St. geezy are super good and thats crazy that everybody is getting home now haha like literally thats super insane!! Its cool that you guys got my flight plans haha and yeah im pretty excited to see you guys too!!

To be honest i dont have a lot to say but just know that everything is going great here in good ole cd. Juarez!! I found a paper sign in the street that said Spiritual Cleanings Gratis!! or Free so yeah i picked it up and will definitely be taking that one home as a souvenir hahaha!! Wow sounds like all yall are really busy.....thats good!! Anyways just know that i love you all a ton and thanks for all of the support!!

Cya Later!!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey People!!

So this week was a lot better as far as results go!! We had two investigators go to church and also some of their family members so that was really awesome and yeah it was just much better than last week!! We were able to find this guy who just showed up to church last week with his wife and we started teaching him this week and he seems really good!! He told us yesterday after church that he was gonna go every week and says that he likes it and so yeah that was really good!! The guy who we were gonna set the bap date with wasnt able to come back from El Paso but im pretty sure he went there so when he gets back this week we are gonna try to set one!!

It was kind of a slow week cuz my comp got sick and so for like 4 days we were in the house doing nothing which nearly drove me insane but all is well now and we are excited for this next week!!

Pops it looks like the hike was super dope and mom dont worry i like the long letters haha!! Also we found this guy in the street who invited us into his house and gave us water and then all of the sudden he turned wacko on us!! Like he started saying that he was buried in Area 51 and that he was Megatron and then he proceeded to show us his pipe that he uses to smoke weed!! After which we kindly said that we had to leave and then got the heck out of there!! All in all it was a decent week and im loving life!!

Keep it real!!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey guys!!

So it was another tough week!! A lot of people didnt go to church and im not gonna lie i got pretty ticked off!! But the good news is that we had one person go to church on sunday!! It is the husband of a Member here in the ward and we are planning to put a bap date with him on Saturday so hopefully everything turns out good!!

So anyways things are getting real now cuz elder cox leaves on Wednesday!! I will be finishing my mission here and also Elder Medeiros got changed too so i wont get to see him until El Paso!! Like i said changes didnt affect me so i will finish here in Ampliacion with my half son haha!! I went on divisions this last week to Parajes and it was super awesome to see the converts and all of the members from the old ward!! I miss them a lot but it was really cool to catch up!! It was another week of mixed feelings and yeah its just surreal to think about so i just try not to because well yeah you know why!!

Thats cool that more people got mission calls but im sad to hear that nobody is getting called to Juarez!! Like its super dope here hahaha!! Anyways pops good luck on your camp out this week and to all Keep it Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hello People!!

So not gonna lie this was a really humbling week!! We had 0 people go to the Sac. Meeting yesterday and yeah it was really sad!! But it was probably because yesterday was Stake Conference and it was clear in Parajes which is on the other side of the world so it wasnt so bad i guess!!

The reality is starting to hit in and also the freaking vatos from my district remind me daily that im about to go home but yeah like holy freak its so crazy how soon it is!! But im not gonna focus on that!! The area is doing decent but we had to drop a few investigators this week which was kind of rough!!!

Here in mexico they might celebrate memorial day but i dont think so!! Im doing good and dont worry im not dying physically or mission-wise haha!! I got to see a couple converts at Stake Conference and also Demetria and Miguel finish the temple classes in 1 or 2 weeks and yeah all is well!! I love you guys and hope that you have a great week!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello Fam!!

So it was kind of a humbling week!! We only had 1 person go to church yesterday and a lot of appts fell thru!! However we are not getting down because we were actually able to find a lot of new people this week and the future looks promising!!

It seems so crazy to me that kob is graduating this week and im not gonna lie im kinda sad that i wont be able to see it but its all good!! Congrats to all who are graduating!! Its crazy to think that you guys are now in summer and that the school year is over!! I was talking to elder cox the other day and we just think its so crazy how fast it has all gone but we are excited to enjoy this last little bit that we have!! Well actually elder cox goes home in 2 weeks but yeah its just insane!! Miguel and Demetria are doing good and are still in classes for the temp and are planning to enter in June when the temple opens again cuz its closed until then!!

I liked the pics of mine and kobs graduation haha!! Its crazy to think that that happened 2 years ago!! You guys are getting old hahaha jk!! Anyways i love you guys and im doing really good here in Juaritos!! Here is a pic of me and Elder St.John going hard at the Zone Meeting a couple days ago!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello Peeps!!

So the week was really solid!  We had the bap of Gloria and lets just say she is super awesome. Her Husband got baptized like a month ago and at that time, she wasnt really to big on the idea of getting baptized.   But then after talking to her and a lot of support from her husband she decided she wanted to get baptized and they are both really excited to be able to go to the temple together in a year!! We also had a solid week with investigators in church!! Both ladies that i was telling you guys about last sunday went to church and they really liked it so we are gonna probably put a fech with them this week.  So yeah to be honest the work is going really good but im not gonna lie my body is starting to feel it after these last 22 months and yeah to make a long story short my body is just super tired all of the time but todo bien!!

I am laughing really hard as i hear that Kob got honors in a sewing class haha...shout out to him!! Also thats freaking awesome that Tan is headed to Washington and that you saw Old Red!! This week we didnt have any crazy experiences but like 3 weeks ago we found a cat that only has one eye so i will send you guys a pic of that!!!

Im loving the mish and cant believe its almost done!! Good luck with graduation Kob and Happy B-day Pops in 3 days!! Turning like...... chin i forgot haha jk!! Love you guys!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hey guys

So it was really awesome seeing you guys all yesterday and Happy Mothers day again!! We had a really good week to be honest with you!! We were able to find two people that are really awesome and were also able to put a baptismal date with Gloria for this weekend so we are pretty excited!!! And dont worry about the elder Jackson comment, I just didnt want the bishops family hearing and then asking questions and yeah but you are totally good!!Fear not mom i only have like 3 or 4 girls here in the ward that i really like and will probably only bring one home or maybe two but you have nothing to worry about haha jk!!

As far as the new comp thing goes it was really weird cuz me and Elder Syphus were doing really good and then one night when we got home we got a call and just like that he was changed!! They said it was for some problem that happened in another zone but its all good!! My new comp Elder Cristalinas is really chido!! He is from Mexico City and as i said yesterday he has like 2 months in the mish so we are finishing his training this cycle and im pretty sure that he will be the one to kill me off in the next cycle!!

Its also official that Elder Cox is going home for his surgery at the end of this cycle so that will be pretty sad just cuz it would have been awesome to get to go home with him!! But after talking to Big P and the Doctor and his parents it would be better that he go in June so its ok!! Yesterday the call was really cool and its amazing to see how much you have all changed in these last 5 months and im really excited to get to be with yáll again! I love you!! I didnt really have any pics this week so here is one of mine and Elder Medeiros's last day in Parajes!!

Keep it Real!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Fam!!
So yeah i guess i should have been more specific about the message i sent during the mid week!! Sorry about that!! No need to fear all is well haha!!

Anyways Ampliacion is pretty solid! Its a lot harder than Parajes cuz there arent that many people on the streets but its still solid!! Its a richer area so the people are more stuck up and hard hearted but we were able to find a family of 3 that went to church with us on Sunday so that was awesome. Plus we put a tentative Bap date with a lady for the 14th of May and we will verify it tomorrow so that will be good.

Elder Syphus is super cool too!! He is from Ogden Utah and has 6 months in the mish and we get along super well so that is good!! He is a hard worker and plus its always fun to speak english jaja!! Another cool thing about the area is that we live on Anis street, which i thought was pretty funny haha!! We also were eating with a Family this week and we saw the most legendary thing ever, which is the new Dora the Explorer Cereal!! She was like you guys can have it if you want it so we obviously said yes and oh my gosh it is my new favorite cereal haha!! Some other awesome news that i got this week is that the Hermana Demetria and Miguel are both taking the classes to enter the temple in La Cuesta so it looks like me and elder Syphus are gonna get to go to the temp here in a few weeds so that was some amazing news!!

Its crazy to think that the pig show is already over!! Im excited to be able to get to go next year haha!! That is super awesome about everybody that got mission calls and the pic of the cedar temple was super sick!! Good luck with soccer this week and also with the end of school!! Dont hate me but i still dont have any details on the mothers day call!! Its either gonna be on sunday or on tuesday!! so just a heads up i will probably email you guys on sunday if its gonna be on sunday so just be ready if i email you then!! But more than likely it will be on tuesday because mothers day here is on tuesday!!

Anyways im doing really good and not dying so fear not!!I love you guys a ton!!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ok brethren and sisters so this week we had changes and for the 3rd time in my entire mission i had changes haha!! However they were kind of really awesome changes because, to be honest, we kind of knew that i was gonna get changed because Big President had told us 2 weeks ago that he was gonna change a lot of ZL's so that when the new Pres gets here in July all of the ZL's arent gone because pretty much all of us that are ZLs leave in either July or August.  So this cycle a ton of peeps got changed!! But the good news is that i am going to be staying here in the same zone in Las Torres!! I will be in Ampliacion as a District Leader which is awesome cuz i will still get to talk to my boy Elder Medeiros every night and I will get to come back to the area on Divisions so that will be Dope!!

We had a pretty sweet experience with a couple that we found in the street.  Well actually they contacted us and were like hey do you guys go to the big church thats at the entrance of the colony and we were like yes!! And then they told us that they were looking to join a church and that they were really interested in learning more!! So we put a cita to go with them the next day and we went and taught them.  Then on Sunday they showed up to church and have 3 Kids that werent here this weekend but are gonna bring them along next week!! So yeah it was a super solid week again!!

Im not gonna lie i am pretty sad to leave the area but i know that i am going where the lord wants me so its ok.  Plus im gonna be with Elder Syphus who is an American here in the zone and hes a solid bro and it looks like he is gonna kill me off cuz more than likely im going to finish my mission there in Ampliacion haha!! #12weeks!! Thats so freaking crazy like seriously me and Big Medi (Elder Medeiros) were talking the other day about the first day we got to the MTC and when we saw each other on the bus from Main Campus to West and now almost 21 months later we are chilling here as comps about to finish the mish!! Its been awesome and im excited for these next 12 weeks to give it all i got!!

Thats so dope that Park got his call and that its to the same mish where dad was at like seriously really chido!! Anyways thats all i got this week!! Love you all!! And Keep It Real!!
Elder Imlay

Here is a pic of us with Nancy (my convert) yesterday and also with her family!! It was cool to see them one last time before i left!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hey Peeps!!
So it was a pretty solid week!! We only had 3 investigators in church on Sunday but they are all really good and want to get baptized so thats good!! We also had the baptism of Viridiana this week which was awesome. She has gone through a lot with her pregnancy and her ex husband and a whole bunch of stuff!! But it was awesome to see her enter the waters of baptism on saturday!! She told us at first she was really nervous but that after she felt really peaceful and then on Sunday she got confirmed and is now one of the newest members of the church!!

I also was talking to Miguel or well i actually just got an email from him saying that he just got his Patriarchal Blessing this week and is filling out his paper and next week he is gonna start taking the classes to enter the temple so that was some really awesome news!!  Really there is not a better feeling in the world than what i am feeling right for reals the mission is absolutely amazing.  Parajes is so awesome and i really hope that i can stay here because we are just working so hard and there are amazing people here and yeah its just sweet!! We have changes next week and i cant believe how fast the time is going but i guess its ok!! All it means is that we have to keep working cuz the time is short and plus my mom reminds me every week so thats awesome hahaha jk mom I love you tons!!

We were able to find a couple good investigators this week and are planning to put a couple bap dates with a couple that we found two weeks ago so we are excited and are just really hoping that Elder Medeiros and I can stay here one more cycle cuz yeah that would be dope!! Anyways just know that i am doing amazing and i love you all so much and am so grateful for the support!!

Keep It Real!!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, April 11, 2016

Buenos Dias Family and Friends!!

This week was absolutely amazing!! We had 8 people in church this week and then we officially are gonna have a baptism this week for Viridiana!! She is amazing and has gone through so much and i have had so many amazing experiences with her and am just so excited for her baptism this week!!

This week with Elder Medeiros was awesome and we were able to work really hard despite the fact that we didnt really have time to work on Thursday and Friday with the Leadership Council!! But holy cow yesterday was awesome cuz we were teaching Nancy (convert) and all of her family after church.  Somebody was there that had never listened to us before and it was cool because not only Nancy but all of our investigators were testifying to this person that the Book of Mormon is true and that he needed to read it because it would change his life.  It almost brought tears to my eyes but luckily my manliness took over and i could hold it together!! I am so excited for that family and just hope that they can get Married as soon as possible because they are amazing.  They go to church every week and do everything they need to.

To be honest i absolutely love it here in Parajes because we have been working so hard and have been able to see a ton of blessings lately!! We had a powerful meeting with Pres Derbez this week and learned that we have to be examples in our lives if we want to have any influence or impact on the lives of others!! It ignited another spark in us to continue giving it all we got!! Even though we have almost 21 months in the mission, we are not gonna ''die'' . I absolutely love the missionary work and know that this gospel is true with all my heart and know that it can change the life of any person that wants it to!!

I love all of you and just know that i am doing amazing and am so excited to work hard again this week!! Keep it Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!!

We had an amazing week!! Well actually it was a pretty crazy week as well!! So first of all conference was awesome!  We had a like 6 investigators who came and watched conference with us and for one of them it assured her that she wants to be baptized on the 16th of April cuz like before she was still like a little iffy about it but after watching conference she said that she is 100 percent sure that she wants to get baptized and yeah that was an awesome experience!!

My favorite talk was probably on Saturday when Elder Stevenson talked about the Priesthood Keys and the analogy he made when he said that a car without keys is just a bunch of plastic!! Its the same with the church!! The church without keys is just a pretty building where people meet but when a car has keys it changes into something great as well as the church when it has keys!! And it just made me feel so grateful for the church and the priesthood in our lives and the power that we have as members of this church!!

Other crazy news from the week is that we had changes!! Yep Elder Lenis got changed this morning and is now in Independencia another area!! And you are never gonna guess who is the New Zone Leader here with me in Parajes!! So i will tell you.....I am now with Elder Medeiros from my generation!! Its so crazy because we actually stayed in the hotel the first night together in Juarez and it looks like we are now gonna finish the Mish together haha!! Im so pumped because Medeiros is a total bro and i know that we are just gonna kill it here in the area for our last 3 and a half months!!!

Also i was super pumped to hear that my scholarship got bumped up....that is freaking sweet!! Im doing really good here in Parajes.   I also got both packages this week with contacts and chocolate and all and my diabetes is way up but i am doing good and loving life!! Keep It Real!!
Love Cam

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello everybody!!

So we had another solid week with 4 people that went to sacrament meeting!! It was however a pretty quiet week!! We didnt do a whole lot but it was solid!! We were able to find a lot of new investigators and even put a baptismal date with one of our investigators for the 16th of April!! So we are pretty stoked!! This week we had to do quite a few Baptismal interviews which is always good cuz that means more souls saved!! We also had divisions this week and Elder Arlington an Elder from California came here to the area with me!! And it was awesome we were able to contact a lot of people.

We even met this drunk guy named Carlos who speaks english.  He told us that he had lived in Salt Lake and had heard about our church and liked it a lot but he said his problem was that he adores the Virgin Mary.  He says that even though he knows its not the right thing to do, he like is obssessed or something but after talking with him for a little he was like yeah ill come to church.  We told him if he wanted to come to church he had to be sober and so he said ok ill stop!! So we were like cool and then left!! Well we passed by like an hour later and Carlos was still sitting there drinking his keg of beer so sadly he didnt go to church on sunday, but it was still fun talking in english with a borracho (drunk) haha!!

Anyways on a different note, i think i told a lot of you a couple weeks ago that i didnt get the chance to meet the Pope when he came!! Well that all changed this week cuz we actually found his number in the street and called him and he came to our area and we took a pic with him!! Here is the pic i hope you enjoy hahaha!! Hes quite short!!!

I also heard about the bombing and thats crazy!!I hope that they are doing ok!! To be honest i dont remember the person that you guys are telling me about but i hope that he is ok as well as the others!! Im digging the easter egg hunt that you guys had and also the pic of dad and the bros sitting on the rock.....thats pretty funny!! Mom here is the scan i hope it is what you needed!! I hope that you guys had an amazing Easter to be honest we didnt really do anything well besides destroy a bunch of empty beer bottles which were scattered in the desert!! It was awesome!!

Anyways i love you guys a ton and am super pumped for GC this week!! Keep It Real!!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello Everybody!!

So we had a solid week this week!! We had 6 investigators in church and they are doing really good. Actually we are planning to put baptismal dates with 2 of them this week for april and then more in May and we are excited!! We were able to find a lot of good people this week and we had a super spiritual and cool experience with an investigator who is pregnant!! We went and visited her with a member from the ward and after we explained about the BOM and how she was going to receive an answer, the hermana or member who was with us told her that she would receive her answer from her baby and that her baby would move a little!! In that instant the investigator started to tear up and said that that is what she had felt the first time she prayed about it!! This investigator has gone thru so much in the last little while and it is amazing to see how the church and the gospel have helped her to have more peace in her life!!

On a funnier note we also met a guy in the street who is the owner of 2 houses and the houses are like pretty nice!! Probably 2 of the nicest in the area but the funny part is that him and his wife live in one of the houses and then he has the other house where his 2 dogs live and just to be clear this is not a dog house where they live, it is like a full on house and like pretty nice and i just though it was funny that 2 dogs were living solos in a house haha!! Only in Mexico!!

The Pics of Kob in the Newspaper are pretty sick haha!  Actually his hair is the coolest part but it sounds like the soccer team is super solid this year and im glad to hear that kob and k are doing good!! I havent gotten the package yet and i cant believe that its already Easter again like holy cow time is flying!! Anyways it sounds like everyone is doing good and im doing fine!! I love the work and am excited to keep working here in Parajes!! Keep It Real!!


Oh also it was a little bit of a sad week cuz on Monday elder cox got changed but i did have the chance to say goodbye to him and also im going see him in 4 months anyways so its all good!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello Family And Friends!!

So we had a really good week and lots of joy and hapiness for the newest members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was quite a crazy week and we almost didnt have a baptism but then after a super awesome lesson and a super powerful testimony by our investigator herself her mom allowed her to be baptized!! We also had the baptism of Nancy and Alejandro which was really cool!! We have been teaching her for the last 4 months and she has been really awesome but for one reason or another was not able to be baptized. But after lots of work and Sacrifice on her part she was able to be baptized this last Friday!! And the best of all was seeing her on sunday giving her tithing to the bishop after sacrament meeting and also seeing our other convert Citlali participate in the Young Womens Program here in the ward!! I can honestly say that they were two prepared souls by the lord and am so excited for them and for their future in this gospel!!

We have had lots of meetings this week and there is also a new initiative that the Church came out with called #Hallelujah.  Its pretty sick and i invite all you guys to watch the video and share it with everyone!!

Sounds like things are going good with soccer and im pumped that the Utes are headed to the big tourney!! For the big news on transfers well there is no big news haha...i am staying here and more than likely am gonna finish my mission here in Parajes haha jk!!!

The Bahamas Trip sounds absolutely amazing and yes it would probably be better to do the homecoming until August!! Things are good here in Juarez.  This week we didnt find any crazy people but last night i was contacting on a bus and when we got off we invited the guy to take a tour of the church with us and he accepted and it was just a cool experience because lets just say that normally the people on the bus are not the most friendly haha!!

Anyways thats all ive got for this week!! Here are some pics from the baps and just know that i love all of you and Keep it Real!!

PS  Oh also dont worry about the wound i have on my head!! We were walking down the street this last week during the night and it was really dark and i ran into an electricity cable but fear not all is well now haha!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hey guys!

So I didnt receive moms letter this week but im 100% sure she sent one it just probably didnt get to me!! Anyways we had another miraculous week and wow it truly was a huge testimony builder!! So i think i told you guys last monday but one of our investigators (Nancy) who decided not going to get baptized this week because of something that had happened in her family and she was super depressed and it seemed like she didnt want anything at least for a little while well that all changed this week!! So last Saturday or 2 saturdays ago we decided to do a special fast just for her and literally this last tuesday we got a call from her in the which she asked us if she could get baptized this saturday which is the 11th of March and then we went and visited her and she is actually doing really good and shes really excited for Friday and yeah it was just a huge testimony to me that Fasting works!!

Before the mish i didnt really fast that much but i have learned so much out here and have had so many faith building experiences and even though there are times when i ask myself why i am here and there are times when i get depressed i am so grateful that i made this decision because it really has changed who i am and what i want to be!! I would recommend it to anybody who is deciding to go on a mission and can promise them that you will not regret it!!

I still havent been able to hear the voice message that you guys sent me but am gonna try again!! We continue to work hard here in Parajes and its weird to say but this is the last week of the cycle and next sunday we are gonna get the call about changes so we will have to see what goes down! We also had hot water this week so that was a bonus as well!!  But anyways we had a few meetings with Pres this week and so it was pretty awesome!! I always love going to meetings with that man because i learn so much!!

Also here is a foto of the Pope on one of the billboards here and let me just tell you the whole street was just filled with pope stuff!! And a picture of me and Elder Cox on divisions.  Anyways i love you guys and hope that you have a wonderful week!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello People!!!

So we had yet another amazing week and like seriously everything is going super well here!! We had the baptism of Karina or Alma and it was awesome. She has gone thru a lot and it has been amazing to see the changes that she has made in her life!! Im not gonna lie she has had a lot of trials and i can honestly say that satan is working really hard on those who choose to be baptized but it was awesome to see that after all of this time she was able to do it and the confirmed a member on sunday!!

We also had a ward activity this week that we played Minute to Win It and i was thinking about all of the times that we used to do that back home but it was awesome and we had a really good turn out!! However there is some bad news this week!! Nancy one of our prime investigators that was going to get baptized this week....well shes not going to now because her husband cheated on her this week and she got really depressed and smoked and drank coffee and yeah she is just really depressed right now and so we are just gonna give her some time to shake it off and also continue to visit her!!

Some good news is that we also put two new baptismal dates for the 11th of march and they seem really excited and also Citlali an investigator we have asked me to baptize her on the 12th of March so things are going really good and life is great here in Parajes!!

Anyways I hope that all goes well this week with soccer tryouts and that everyone is doing good!! Mom i also thought of something you could send in my package and that would be sunblock cuz like yeah im starting to look like a lobster again haha jk!! I love you all and Juarez is cool!! THis week we ran out of gas and ive been showering with cold water for the last 3 days and like half screaming whenever the water hits me but all is well and im loving the mish!!

Have a great week and Keep It Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello All
Well to be honest this has probably been one of the greatest weeks in the mission!! We saw so many miracles and are going to be able to see lots of baptisms before the end of the cycle. So to start off we had 9 investigators in the Sacrament Meeting yesterday, 4 of which have baptismal dates!! Karina is staying strong and is excited for her baptism that is gonna happen this week on Saturday!! We were also able to put a Baptismal Date with an investigator and her grandson for the 5th of March and then we were also able to put another date for the 12th of march with a joven (youth) that we have!! But it was just awesome because the baptism that we have for March 5th is somebody that we have been teaching for a long time well like 3 months and she is super awesome like since the day we met her she has wanted to get baptized but because she was living with somebody in unión libre which is like living with somebody without being married to them she couldnt be bapitzed!! However this last week she made the decision that she was going to move out and after lots of prayers she is finally going to move out tomorrow and be able to be baptized!! Her husband also wants to be baptized and her daughter and the daughters husband too!! Actually like this whole family wants to get baptized and it will require a little bit of work but literally i love this family and i know that they are going to be amazing!!

It was so awesome to see like all 10 of them this week at church and just see how much they have changed in so little time!! I can honestly say that the gospel changes lives!! Before the mish i honestly didnt know that because well growing up in the church my whole life i didnt really see how it changed my life because it was always a part of me!! However being out here and seeing it change the lives of others has really helped me to appreciate it more and understand how lucky we all are to have the gospel in our lives!!

It sounds like all of you are doing really good and yes The Papa (Pope) did come to Juarez and you would have had to been living under a rock to not know that he came haha!! It was super funny because all of the billboards were all pictures of him and yeah it was just hilarious!! Sadly i did not get to meet him but nonetheless it was pretty awesome!! All is well here In Juarez and I am loving life!!
Elder Imlay

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello World,

How is everyone today?? This week was amazing...we had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting yesterday and holy shannigan they are all awesome!! Our investigator Karina is staying strong and is excited for her baptism on the 27th. She has gone through a lot but truly loves the church and also invited her sister to come with her on sunday and yeah it was just awesome to see all of our investigators at church yesterday!!

It was crazy this week cuz we literally had like no time to work in our area. We were in the offices like all week in meetings because the dynamic of the mission is now gonna change and the assistants now wont be in the offices as much and we will receive all of the announcements directly from Pres derbez from here on out!! The mission is flying by and it somewhat scares me to think that i am going home in a little more than 5 months!! I am loving the mish and it is really starting to be awesome here in Parajes like seriously i love being in this area!!

I had a rather scary moment this week one  morning when i was turning on the boiler (water heater). I went outside to light it with the lighter that we have but for some reason some gas had leaked out so when i turned it on it like exploded a little bit and like burnt some of my arm hair off.  However I also think it was a tender mercy because usually when i light the boiler i have my face down their to make sure its lit but that time for some reason i didnt and thank goodness i didnt because it would have burnt my face off haha!!

Anyways it sounds like im gonna have to start learning how to snowboard cuz apparently thats all you guys do haha!! I love you guys and thanks for the update on everything!! Happy Valentines day and Presidents day!! Oh and the ring i sent kennedy i found on a website but dont tell her that haha!! You guys rock and hope you have a great week!! Nos Vemos!!

Elder Imlay

PS The picture is of me trying to look fat!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello Fam!!

First things first....a big shoutout to my Broncos for being the best team in the league!!

This week was awesome and we just worked so freaking hard and saw some awesome miracles happen here in the area!! So to start we were just able to find a bunch more people this week and we had like 4 investigators in church yesterday.  The biggest news of the week is that we were able to put a Baptismal date with one of our investigators named Karina and wow it was just awesome cuz Karina has quite the story but her circumstances have finally changed and she is amazing and is super excited for her baptism on the 27 of February!! We had some meetings this week with Pres Derbez and with the Stake Presidency and it was just really awesome i feel super animated for these last 5 and a half months that i have to work here!! Its been super hard and my face has turned from white to red to pink to orange to a pinkish white now but its been awesome haha!!

Thats a super crazy story about Stu!! Im in Juarez and to the date nothing that crazy has happened to me so im gonna go knock on wood right now so that doesnt happen to me!! We have a lot of promise here in Parajes and are just excited for the future!! Elder Lenis is super cool and we are just working our butts off!! We got here to the mission together and just wanna give it our all!!

I love it here and its flying by!! I love you all and Stay Fly!!

Elder Imlay

Cameron and Elder Lenis.....Micajah M. found him on InstaGram before Cameron left on his mission and now they are companions!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello Team!!

So its been a week of thrills and sadness and happiness and a new comp and yeah its been pretty crazy here in Parajes!! Big news of the week!! Elder Mellado had changes to Puebla (his house)!! And you are not going to believe who my new comp is (especially if your name is Micajah Milne) because my new comp is Elder Lenis (the colombian) haha!! Hes coming in as the other Zone Leader with me and its gonna be crazy haha!! The assistants called us last night and when they told us i honestly couldnt believe it but hahah its gonna be sick!!

As far as the work goes we were able to find a few new investigators but the new hour to enter church here has been a doosy cuz we go at 9 and people are freaking lazy haha but its good we just gonna keep working and see what happens!!

However i did get a pretty awesome call the other day from one of my converts in my old area telling me that she is doing good and going to institute and is the Young Womens Pres in her ward at the age of 21 so that was a super emotional booster and yeah just really helped me!! Like literally there is nothing like helping somebody come closer to christ and see the progress of people when they truly have the desire like seriously i can literally say there is nothing that makes me happier than to see investigators in church and know that my converts are strong in the church!!

Also its been pretty awesome this week because we have been just eating a ton because my comp is going home and everyone just wanted to give us food hahah!! We went to a restaurant buffet this morning with some of our investigators and yeah it was freaking awesome like a total Denny's but Mexican Style!! Also here is a foto that i took because this one family said that i looked like the child from Sixth Sense!! I dont see it but what do you guys think?? Anyways i love you guys and it sounds like you are doing great!! Besos!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello guys so it was another average week. Not as bad as last week but i have had it up to here with our investigators!! Haha J/K.  We were able to have 2 people come to Sacrament Meeting yesterday and it was good but we were hoping to have many more!! I guess that will just be motive for us to work harder this week!!

We had a super cool experience this week. We went to the house of one of the investigators in the morning on Friday but she wasnt home so later that day or evening  we tried again and she still wasnt there.  As we were leaving her house i had to go pee really bad and so we went inside an abandoned house and as we were walking out we saw the sister and she told us to come to her house!! We began talking to her and she told us that she had been doubting the church and had been praying for an answer to know if it was true.  She had received a call from somebody and had felt that the church was true and then when we passed or when she saw us she felt that that was her confirmation of the answer she had received.  Her along with her two kids went to church yesterday for the first time in like 3 months so yeah it was just really cool!!

I also heard that my broncs are headed to the super bowl again so yeah im pumped and you better believe that im praying for them haha jk!!! I also wanna give a shout out to big Kob for the alley oop that i missed which apparently was like super legendary haha!! That sucks that you guys have been sick for the last couple days and i hope that you are feeling better!! This next week is gonna be crazy cuz its Mellados last week and then we have changes and i will get a new comp and yeah just a lot of stuff!!

Thank you for helping me with all of the college stuff cuz literally i would be done for with out you guys!! All is well here in Juaritos and here are a few pics!! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!! Deuces!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Brethren and Sisters,

It has been quite a rough week and i feel as if it was just a big waste of time haha jk!! But it was rather tough!! Because for the first time in a super long time we didnt have anybody in Sacrament Meeting!! However the good news is that the Hno. Carvallo has returned from Veracruz so we are gonna go see him tonight and set an appt and just hope that things go good!!

I have yet to receive your packages but was still able to celebrate this week haha!! A family here from the ward bought a spongebob cake to celebrate my late birthday and also some members from my old ward in La Cuesta called me and we went out to eat with them and they gave me some pretty awesome presents!! I will send pics!!

Sounds like life back home is going pretty solid!! Oh but we are going to have a meeting this week so i will probably get your packages which will be cool!! Im really sorry this week was a rather boring one and there is not a whole lot to talk about!! Well our convert that we had here in Parajes got called to be the Secretary of the Young Mens Quourum so that was pretty awesome!! We are continuing to work and just trying to do our best but holy Shnaz it is really hard lately and im getting a little lazy, i need to step it up haha!! Hopefully all is going well back home and just know that i love you all!! Have a wonderful week and as usual Keep it Real!!

Elder Imlay

Here are a couple pics!! One is of the t-shirt a family gave me and the other is the bag they gave it to me in!! They are trying to convert me to catholicism haha!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hey guys!!

So it was a decent week!! I turned 20 so that was prettty cool!! Oh and also bought well actually my companion bought me the coolest sweater of all time!! So we did some modeling pics haha!! Also yesterday after church we went with some of our investigators who made me a cake and gave me a new watch which is super awesome and super huge and super cholo haha!!

The work is all right.  We still have a baptismal date pending with a lady and her son and then another lady.  They both struggle with the Word of Wisdom but they are making a ton of progress so we are happy!! I still have yet to receive any packages but will probs get them the 20th of Jan because we have a Mission meeting that day and will give us the packages then!! We had a really cool lesson with an investigator this week where we gave her a blessing to be able to stop smoking and afterwards she said she had felt a warm feeling and she hasnt smoked since then and it was really awesome!! I also gave a talk yesterday in church and idk but i actually think i like giving talks in church...........hahaha jk!! Do not use that against me when i get back to give talks in church Bishop Taysom!!

We cant get on Facebook anymore so i couldnt see your bday wish but thank you for the wish and thanks to all for the bday wishes!! Its so weird being 20 haha...not really i feel the same but just the thought of being 20 makes me feel old and wrinkly but its whatevs haha!! Sounds like things are going well back home!! I love you guys and things are all right aqui!! Have a wonderful week and always look for the good in people!! Every day is a new beginning and there is no need to focus on the past because you cant change it!! Focus on the present and the future and being better. Besos!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey Guys!!

So this was another solid week and to start off Happy New Years!! Holy Helen Keller it is 2016 and i cant believe it!! Thankfully this week we had no snow but it has been melting and the temperatures have been freezing!! We spent new years just chilling and working but we did go to a cool restaurant called The Malas Companias and it was really good!! We also lit off some fireworks with a family and these fireworks are freaking awesome like Gunshot awesome!! Because when you light them you throw them and they explode and it sounds like a gunshot and its awesome!! We have a Zone Leader Meeting this week so i will more than likely get to pick up the packages this upcoming Thursday and Friday if you send them!!

As far as the work goes we are doing really good and plan to put 2 fechas this week!! The Hno. Carvallo should be returning this week from Veracruz and we have another lady named Graciela who we plan to put a fecha with this week so we are pretty pumped!! Im really liking the area and i cant believe how fast the time is going!!

Im super pumped to go to SUU and just really happy with everything that is going on right now!! Interviews with Pres Derbez went really good this week and im excited for these last 6 months!! Thanks for the B day wishes. I cant believe that im gonna be 20 years old like holy crap what happened??? haha!! I hope everything back home is well and i know that Jesus is the Christ our Savior and our Redeemer. I know that God loves us and that the promise in D$C 82:10 is true!! I hope that you have all been able to put New Years goals and hope that you can complete them!! Especially those who started going to the gym..dont give up after 2 weeks cuz that was me hahah!! Never Give up and always be happy!! Sea Mormon! Sea Feliz!!

Love Elder Imlay

P.S. Here is a pic of Elder Cox benching my companion it was legendary haha!!