Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey guys!

So this was another amazing week for us here in Laguna!! We had 5 investigators come to the Stake Conference on Sunday and things are going amazing!! All of our investigators are doing really good and we are looking to have a really good September!! So as you all know we had meetings with pres this week and its official they told me as well as this other kid in my district that  we are underweight and that even though our metabolic ages are super good we need to get fatter to become normal!! So they have put us on a diet and are making sure that we eat more than a certain amount of calories each day and just a bunch of stuff so yeah twas a pretty crazy week!!

Oh also super awesome kind of funny story time.... so this week one of the new ZLs Elder Chapman came with us during the week and it was chill but anyways while we were walking down one of the sidewalks i all of the sudden fell in this hole that was just in the middle of the sidewalk! hahahah! Well actually it was kind of a smaller hole that was like surrounded by grass and really hard to see but yeah i was just walking and all of the sudden im like halfway underground hahah!!!

Anyways i actually did not get your packages family sorry!! But maybe next week when we have the zone meeting!! Sounds like things are going really well back home and dang koby is getting freaking tall hahahah!! Oh yeah im also freaking pumped for today because we are going to go to the Colonia Juarez and see the temple and the Academia and a bunch of stuff that is super cool so yeah #pumped hahah!!

I have heard of Parsons and am guessing that he probs lives in Col. Juarez so i will look today when we go!! But yeah everything is going well here and the work is looking good!! We need to find new investigators but all is well!! I love you all a ton and thank you for all the support!!
Love Cam

PS im super sorry i left my camera at the house and know that i have sucked with that but next week i will send You all tons of pics!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Buenas Tardes Familia y todos!!

Ok people so we had another super solid week with 3 peeps in church and we also set 2 other baptismal dates for the 16th of September so looks like the Mexican Independence day is gonna be super sick here in Laguna for us and the ward!! The 2 others that will be getting baptized are a mom and her son!! They are super awesome and really have the desire to learn more!! I could tell you the whole story of her but i just dont want to cuz it would take years hahah!! But i will tell you the necesssary stuff...their names are Pili and Edelberto quiroz.  We found them just walking in the park one day and they are just super solid chido people!!

Anyways it was sad to hear that DHills got wrecked in Football but also pretty sick that kob and his friends are like the leaders of the Student Section!! Pretty tight! Anyways i have sad news I actually dont get to go to juarez anymore cuz now the pres and the other peeps are gonna come here and we will get the capacitacion here so yeah im kinda sad!! But its whatevs i guess!!

Anyways again it is super cool to hear of all the Missionaries heading out.  It truly is the best thing you can do!! Its freaking hard and kinda sucks sometimes but in the end its totally worth it!  Ok to answer some questions: as far as the youth go, here in casas grandes there are quite a lot but in my first area in La cuesta there were hardly any!! And as far as the help goes they do help us every now and then and its pretty cool, we got some pretty solid chavos here in the ward! But yeah i am really liking it here we are starting to have some success and baptism dates so life is good and we just having the time of our life in Elder Ortons last cycle hahah!!

Anyways love you all and as always Keep it Real!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, August 17, 2015

Buenas Tardes!!

Hey guys so this was a pretty decent week!! We only had 1 person in the Sacrament meeting but it turned out to be awesome cuz we went with him after church and started talking about baptism and the importance of following christ in this life!! He said that he has the desire to be baptized and that the church has truly changed his life!! So we set a baptismal date with him for the 16 of September and he seems pretty excited so we are pumped! Also we had a pretty boring transfers and by that i mean its awesome cuz no one changed . We are all staying well besides Jackson but now the District is just gonna be us 4 from Laguna which means we are a District of pure Americans haha!! Its gonna get real!!

Sucks for the bros that school started last week good luck dudes!! Thats crazy that spencer and taylor got home this week!! Tell them i say hi and all that!! Things are looking really good here in the area and Elder Orton and i are excited for this upcoming transfer,  It seems like we could be having a couple baptisms in the next month or so but more than anything we are just weirded out that all 4 americans are still here in Laguna hahah!!

But anyways now i must tell yall a story.  So we went with one of our investigators this week and she is super awesome but anyways her job is or what she does is sells tamales de puerco in her puesto.  Anyways i never realized that the meat she used was the head of the pig so when we got to her house a couple of nights ago there was just a huge pig head sitting on her table and it was kind of weird cuz it still had like hair on it and looked a lot like one of the pigs i had a couple years back in the Livestock show hahah!! But yeah just a really weird but awesome moment!!

Anyways as far as the bad news goes, it is official that me and Preston will never get to be comps in the mission so thats a little bit of a bummer but we know that god has a plan for us and we need to obey his will and not ours so it will be ok!! I am doing great but sadly left my camera at home today so i will send pics next week!! I love you all and hope ya have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, August 10, 2015


So whats good everybody?? We had a super solid week this week!! We had 6 people in church yesterday and were able to find 6 new investigators!! It has been a slow process here in Laguna to find people that are truly interested in the gospel but it is amazing to see that as we have continued to work hard here, God has blessed us and we have been able to find more and more people!!

I will say that i am sorry for not writing a lot every week but to be honest i just get bored hahah jk!!! Anyways to answer some of your questions life is good here we aren´t having any probs!! The members are pretty solid and the work continues!! So this last week I completed officially one year in the mission (on Thursday to be exact) and as you will be able to see in the pictures there was fire and american flag tee shirts and burnt offerings, the whole 9 yards hahah jk!! However it is gonna be a kind of weird week this week cuz after this one big Elder Jackson heads home and then 6 weeks later Preston and Elder Orton and pretty much like half of the Americans in the mission are headed home hahah!! Its gonna be sad because theyre awesome so its whatevs!!

Haha that totally sucks that school is starting back up again and even more crazy that kob is done after this year!! Sounds like all is going super well back home and life is super well here!! The coke bottle story was legendary and also just a reminder make sure no one crashes my new Car!! Ok love you all and hope everyone has a swell week!!

Love Cam

Monday, August 3, 2015

Buenas Tardes people!! Que hay????

So this week was another pretty decent week!! We only had one person in the church which was kind of sad but it was Jesus so that is nice!! He is doing really well! He always goes to church and is a really good kid!! He still doesnt feel ready but we know that with time god will help him to feel ready and that he will be able to find the happiness he is looking for!

So this week well in 3 days i will officially hit my year mark out here in the field and yes there will be fire!! We had interviews this week with president which were super cool we learned a lot.  They are like going super hard core and like weighing us and doing tests like about the percentage of muscle and fat we have and our metabolic age which shows like how healthy we are on the inside!! However fear not everything turned out good i am actually at a decent weight. I also had a metabolic age of 18 years old which is super good so i am super pumped because they pretty much told me i can eat whatever i want and just do all that i can to gain weight hahah jk!! But it was super good!! I also got my packages from both grandma and mom and they were amazing!! We were all digging the "Camel Hump Day" box totally legendary!!

As far as Elder Jackson goes he is a total stud.  He is my zone leader and we get along super well and hes in my district so yeah you could say we are pretty close hahah!! All is going well with Elder Orton!! Here in 2 weeks he will be starting his last cycle and yes he goes home with preston!! To finish i would just like to say that the new car you bought is an absolute beauty!! Y te juro si Koby o Kaler lo chocan, los voy a matar!! Hahahah jk but for reals it better still be in one piece when i get home hahah!! Anyways i love you all and am loving the mission its hard but worth it!! Keep it real!!

Elder Imlay