Monday, February 23, 2015

Gente what is up???

SO a super good and crazy week! First of all santa baca (that means holy cow) i cant believe how much snow new harmony and st george got like wow thats freaking crazy!!!

But anyways as far as investigators go it was sweet! We had 5 in the Sacrament mtg and yeah just a good week as far as that goes!! Mary met with the bish this week and he told us that she is good to go for this saturday and we are going with her later today to plan the whole thing and yeah im pretty pumped!! Demetria por fin has her date for the 14 of March and oh also another investigator we have named Leyver has a date in march as well so yeah just a super sick week!!

Ok now to answer some of your questions.... So first of all yes!! my comp is a district leader and hes pretty chill but yeah!! And as far as talks go yes i have only had to give 2 since i got here but i actually gave one yesterday on Familly History and let me tell it was dang hard for one reason and that is because before my mission I didnt do like anything of family history but it actually turned out pretty well, i talked like 20 mins and yeah it was solid!! As far as sundays go, our church starts at 11 so we pretty much don't do anything in the mornings besides study and then from 11-2 we have the services and from like 2-330 ward council and then we eat at like 4 and start our day at like 5 hahah!!

But yeah its pretty sweet anyways I dont really have any crazy story to tell you this week but life is good here and im loving it!!! Hope all is well back in St geezy!!
Love you all!!

Ok so two fotos this week the first one is of a note that my comp tried to write in english...... we are still working on his english but yeah i just thought it was super funny!! Oh and the other is of a graffiti that is here in our area it say I LOVE JOSELIN super big but the thing that is funny is what it says below YA NO means NOW NO hahah so yeah just a super legendary Juarez classic!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ok people

This was a good and bad week well actually more of a good week minus one thing that happened. So the only bad thing that happened this week was that the baptism of Mary got moved to the 28th of February cuz she wanted to clear some things up but she still is coming to church every week and literally knows more about the gospel or well the bible than me hahah jk!!! She like reads all of the time and is super interested and yeah just a golden investigator!! Also Demetria comitted to a baptism the saturday of Spring Break which is the Semana Santa here hahahah i thought it was pretty funny cuz it means the Holy Week!! Also we had a record 6 investigators come to church this week. Leyver one of our new investigators has come to church 2 times and is super prepared and has the desire to be baptized!! We also have this investigator  from a different ward here who is a girlfriend of one of the members but they dont like their ward so they are moving to ours and when they move here she will be baptize well after she gets married next month. She's only 16 years old but hey i guess if you love somebody.....hahah. But yeah a super good week as far as the work goes.

The mission life is good and i am learning so much about the gospel and literally is the hardest but best thing i have ever done. I am so glad that i made the choice to come out here. At first it was super hard and i literally wanted to come home but after some time it began to be easier and literally has been the greatest experience.

Now as far as the food goes, pretty much we eat cereal and quesadillas and breakfast burritos de sausage eggs ham and cheese and yeah just a lot of stuff like that. As far as clothes go i am still doing super good but to be straight up honest with you mom i have not washed my suit since the MTC....... sorry not sorry hahah jk. No its just becuase really we dont use our suits that much and it hardly gets dirty but i will wash it before i get transferred from La Cuesta.... if i ever get transferred hahaha jk i love it here!!!

Anyways sounds pretty crazy at home and literally cant believe all of the peeps that are getting married but thats cool i guess haha!! Anyways just know that i am doing wonderfully and am loving my time here in Murder Capital USA!!! (JK literally idk what everyone was talking about Juarez being dangerous!! The most dangerous thing here are the freaking borrachos and killer dogs) hahah love you alll!!

Love Cam

So two super legendary pics!! The first is of me under the barbacoa Guerro and it is super hilarious cuz Guerro is like a slang word here for white boy haha. And the other is of a mop that somebody hung on the telephone because yeah its mexico!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey guys!
So we had a pretty cool week! To begin Elder Piper a member of the Seventies and like the 1st counselor in the church presidency of mexico or something like that came and spoke to us for 2 days which was super cool. He had some great advice and obviously nos planchó which means he threw down on us and told us we need to be better!! But seriously it was super inspiring and good experience. Also me and the comp went to the temple last week. We didnt get to go in cuz its against the rules here in the mish but it was still super cool to be there. Dont worry im sending pics. Also Mary came to church in this week and is  ready for her baptism next week which is super exciting. Demetria is recovering very well and can walk now a little bit and told us that she still has the desire to be baptized but probably not until March. Which at first i was a little sad about because i really wanted her to be baptized in this month. But i learned that really it doesnt matter if i am here or not to see her get baptized the most important thing is that she will be baptized and desires to follow christ and will be able to receive his blessings in her life.

Anyways so this week i ate something kind of weird. Here in mexico there are 2 types of pigskin. Chicharrón which is like pigskin which is cooked and really doesnt look that disgusting but this week we ate with our bishop and he gave me this other type of pigskin which is literally just the skin of the pig raw and yeah when he gave it to me i was like EN SERIO???? but actually it wasnt that bad and i think my stomach is getting stronger cuz yeah no diarreah haha!!!. But ya all in all super good week we are looking pretty good with investigators but hopefully we can start having people come to church hahah.

Anyways love you all and hope that you have a great week y tome lo fácil.
Love Cam

At the Juarez Temple with my comp!

Sick tats that i got haha jk they are just like arm warmers haha!!

Also we got to eat at Peter Pipers pizza last monday and it was literally the greatest pizza ever haha!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello People!

So actually a pretty sad week. We didn't have like any success. A big 0 investigators came to church on Sunday which was really sad but we were actually able to find some new ones this week and so yeah not a total loss. Mary is also still progressing really well for her baptism on February 19 so im pretty excited for that.

But holy cow what a sad and crazy week back home. I feel terrible about Scott he was a really great guy and i hope the best for him and his family. Juarez life is pretty cool but i swear like 80% of the population are borrachos or drunk people and its super funny because whenever we pass them they always try to speak english with me and yeah there english is horrible haha.

That's sick that kobs basketball team is wrecking some day oh and im so sorry that Kaler had to meet Glenn........ hahah jk (still want my job when i get back). Anyways so not a ton actually happened this week we've been trying to work hard but we just aren't having a lot of success. But i read a scripture in the BOM that im pretty sure all of you know. Its in Ether 12:27 and it talks about how god gives us weaknesses and trials and why and how we can overcome them and idk i just really liked it.

Anyways sorry that i don't have any cool Stories this week but check out this sweet pic of me in my Mexico Jersey and America sunglasses oh and the river from all of the rain that formed in front of our house!! Classic haha! Love you all and hope you have a wonderous week.
Love Cam