Monday, May 30, 2016

Hello People!!

So not gonna lie this was a really humbling week!! We had 0 people go to the Sac. Meeting yesterday and yeah it was really sad!! But it was probably because yesterday was Stake Conference and it was clear in Parajes which is on the other side of the world so it wasnt so bad i guess!!

The reality is starting to hit in and also the freaking vatos from my district remind me daily that im about to go home but yeah like holy freak its so crazy how soon it is!! But im not gonna focus on that!! The area is doing decent but we had to drop a few investigators this week which was kind of rough!!!

Here in mexico they might celebrate memorial day but i dont think so!! Im doing good and dont worry im not dying physically or mission-wise haha!! I got to see a couple converts at Stake Conference and also Demetria and Miguel finish the temple classes in 1 or 2 weeks and yeah all is well!! I love you guys and hope that you have a great week!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello Fam!!

So it was kind of a humbling week!! We only had 1 person go to church yesterday and a lot of appts fell thru!! However we are not getting down because we were actually able to find a lot of new people this week and the future looks promising!!

It seems so crazy to me that kob is graduating this week and im not gonna lie im kinda sad that i wont be able to see it but its all good!! Congrats to all who are graduating!! Its crazy to think that you guys are now in summer and that the school year is over!! I was talking to elder cox the other day and we just think its so crazy how fast it has all gone but we are excited to enjoy this last little bit that we have!! Well actually elder cox goes home in 2 weeks but yeah its just insane!! Miguel and Demetria are doing good and are still in classes for the temp and are planning to enter in June when the temple opens again cuz its closed until then!!

I liked the pics of mine and kobs graduation haha!! Its crazy to think that that happened 2 years ago!! You guys are getting old hahaha jk!! Anyways i love you guys and im doing really good here in Juaritos!! Here is a pic of me and Elder St.John going hard at the Zone Meeting a couple days ago!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello Peeps!!

So the week was really solid!  We had the bap of Gloria and lets just say she is super awesome. Her Husband got baptized like a month ago and at that time, she wasnt really to big on the idea of getting baptized.   But then after talking to her and a lot of support from her husband she decided she wanted to get baptized and they are both really excited to be able to go to the temple together in a year!! We also had a solid week with investigators in church!! Both ladies that i was telling you guys about last sunday went to church and they really liked it so we are gonna probably put a fech with them this week.  So yeah to be honest the work is going really good but im not gonna lie my body is starting to feel it after these last 22 months and yeah to make a long story short my body is just super tired all of the time but todo bien!!

I am laughing really hard as i hear that Kob got honors in a sewing class haha...shout out to him!! Also thats freaking awesome that Tan is headed to Washington and that you saw Old Red!! This week we didnt have any crazy experiences but like 3 weeks ago we found a cat that only has one eye so i will send you guys a pic of that!!!

Im loving the mish and cant believe its almost done!! Good luck with graduation Kob and Happy B-day Pops in 3 days!! Turning like...... chin i forgot haha jk!! Love you guys!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hey guys

So it was really awesome seeing you guys all yesterday and Happy Mothers day again!! We had a really good week to be honest with you!! We were able to find two people that are really awesome and were also able to put a baptismal date with Gloria for this weekend so we are pretty excited!!! And dont worry about the elder Jackson comment, I just didnt want the bishops family hearing and then asking questions and yeah but you are totally good!!Fear not mom i only have like 3 or 4 girls here in the ward that i really like and will probably only bring one home or maybe two but you have nothing to worry about haha jk!!

As far as the new comp thing goes it was really weird cuz me and Elder Syphus were doing really good and then one night when we got home we got a call and just like that he was changed!! They said it was for some problem that happened in another zone but its all good!! My new comp Elder Cristalinas is really chido!! He is from Mexico City and as i said yesterday he has like 2 months in the mish so we are finishing his training this cycle and im pretty sure that he will be the one to kill me off in the next cycle!!

Its also official that Elder Cox is going home for his surgery at the end of this cycle so that will be pretty sad just cuz it would have been awesome to get to go home with him!! But after talking to Big P and the Doctor and his parents it would be better that he go in June so its ok!! Yesterday the call was really cool and its amazing to see how much you have all changed in these last 5 months and im really excited to get to be with yáll again! I love you!! I didnt really have any pics this week so here is one of mine and Elder Medeiros's last day in Parajes!!

Keep it Real!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Fam!!
So yeah i guess i should have been more specific about the message i sent during the mid week!! Sorry about that!! No need to fear all is well haha!!

Anyways Ampliacion is pretty solid! Its a lot harder than Parajes cuz there arent that many people on the streets but its still solid!! Its a richer area so the people are more stuck up and hard hearted but we were able to find a family of 3 that went to church with us on Sunday so that was awesome. Plus we put a tentative Bap date with a lady for the 14th of May and we will verify it tomorrow so that will be good.

Elder Syphus is super cool too!! He is from Ogden Utah and has 6 months in the mish and we get along super well so that is good!! He is a hard worker and plus its always fun to speak english jaja!! Another cool thing about the area is that we live on Anis street, which i thought was pretty funny haha!! We also were eating with a Family this week and we saw the most legendary thing ever, which is the new Dora the Explorer Cereal!! She was like you guys can have it if you want it so we obviously said yes and oh my gosh it is my new favorite cereal haha!! Some other awesome news that i got this week is that the Hermana Demetria and Miguel are both taking the classes to enter the temple in La Cuesta so it looks like me and elder Syphus are gonna get to go to the temp here in a few weeds so that was some amazing news!!

Its crazy to think that the pig show is already over!! Im excited to be able to get to go next year haha!! That is super awesome about everybody that got mission calls and the pic of the cedar temple was super sick!! Good luck with soccer this week and also with the end of school!! Dont hate me but i still dont have any details on the mothers day call!! Its either gonna be on sunday or on tuesday!! so just a heads up i will probably email you guys on sunday if its gonna be on sunday so just be ready if i email you then!! But more than likely it will be on tuesday because mothers day here is on tuesday!!

Anyways im doing really good and not dying so fear not!!I love you guys a ton!!
Love Elder Imlay