Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello Family and Friends and Neighbors and others!!

This week was easily one of the best weeks if not the best week in my entire mission!! So first off i had the opportunity to go to the temple with Demetria and it was amazing to go in and feel the peace that was there!! I havent gone to the temple in over a year and a half so it was kind of nice to have a refresher course right before i go home! haha!! Also it was amazing because we were able to put a baptismal date with one of our investigators for next week and she asked me to baptize her and she went to church yesterday and yeah im super pumped!! And then finally on Sunday Miguel came to our ward to see me and told me that his papers are in and that the stake president told him his calling is gonna arrive this week.  He is then going to fly to Mexico City to take out his endowments with his older brother and the date he put for his availability was the 4th of July so he will probably be headed out here really soon!!

The mission has truly been amazing.  It has had its ups and downs but it has truly changed my life and im so grateful i made the decision to come!! Im really excited for my last week and cant wait to see all of you guys!! Thanks for all of the support these last 2 years and Happy birthday to Koby and Carter last week!! You guys are freaking old!! Peace and Love!!
Elder Imlay

Pictures with Demetria at the temple and all the ladies from La Cuesta who came to support her. Also me and Miguel.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello Family!!!

So this week was a much better week than last week like a tons better!! To start we had 4 people in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and 2 of them we plan to put bap dates with this week or next so that will be cool!! We were able to work a lot more efficiently this week because idk we had less meetings and it just seemed like we had a lot more time!! Also pres derbez left this week and it kinda sucked because we didnt even get to say goodbye!! He didnt go to the meeting we had on Wed. and then left on Friday!! Its ok though!! We had the welcoming meeting with President Owen on Friday and it was cool he seems really chill and i have an interview with him on tuesday to renew my temple recomend so that will be cool!!

I talked to Demetria this week and the bishop of La Cuesta and it looks like Demetria will more than likely enter the temple on Thursday or Friday of this week so my fingers are crossed haha!!

Im doing really good here in Amp!! I feel normal and am so grateful for all that i have learned. I wouldnt trade this experience for the world!! The mission has changed my whole outlook on everything and im so glad that i came!! It was definitely worth it!! Keep it real everyone and ill see
y´all soon!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello People!!
So to be honest it was a really trying week!! We didnt have a lot of time to be in the area for Interviews, Divisions, and Baptismal Interviews and that cost us a lot!! We were able to visit quite a few people and a few committed to go to church but sadly on Sunday not one went to church!! It was really rough and im not gonna lie i was raging on the inside but i mean oh well we cant force people to go and i guess we will just have to work harder this week!!

This is Pres. Derbez's last week and he ends on Friday and its really weird!! Our last interview on Tuesday was good and i can honestly say that i am so grateful for that man!! He has helped me in so many ways and i will miss him a ton!! This week i am guessing that we are gonna have meetings with the new pres and yeah like im guessing a lot of things are gonna change.  But im excited to see how the new guy is even though i will only be with him for like 2 will still be cool to have a guero as the head honcho!!

On sunday we showed up to church and there was a broom placed perfectly in the middle of a parking space and we thought that one of the witches from the Sierra of Chihuahua had come to visit the church but yeah we were sadly disappointed haha!!

Anyways thats all that i have for today!! I love you all and hope that you have a good week!!
Elder Imlay

Me and President Derbez

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fam and Friends!!
So it has been a really solid week and we are pretty excited because we found a lady or well yeah i guess she is a lady cuz she is 28 years old.  Anyways she is super awesome and went to church on sunday and she said that she liked it so we are pretty excited for her!! Other than that it was a pretty slow week....well besides the fact that i ate a super nasty swedish fish the other day (It smelled absolutely horrible)) and literally almost threw up.  I was gagging but dont worry it wasnt food that the members gave us for lunch it was just a dare and well yeah i took the dare and paid the price hahaha!!

Sounds like things in St. geezy are super good and thats crazy that everybody is getting home now haha like literally thats super insane!! Its cool that you guys got my flight plans haha and yeah im pretty excited to see you guys too!!

To be honest i dont have a lot to say but just know that everything is going great here in good ole cd. Juarez!! I found a paper sign in the street that said Spiritual Cleanings Gratis!! or Free so yeah i picked it up and will definitely be taking that one home as a souvenir hahaha!! Wow sounds like all yall are really busy.....thats good!! Anyways just know that i love you all a ton and thanks for all of the support!!

Cya Later!!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey People!!

So this week was a lot better as far as results go!! We had two investigators go to church and also some of their family members so that was really awesome and yeah it was just much better than last week!! We were able to find this guy who just showed up to church last week with his wife and we started teaching him this week and he seems really good!! He told us yesterday after church that he was gonna go every week and says that he likes it and so yeah that was really good!! The guy who we were gonna set the bap date with wasnt able to come back from El Paso but im pretty sure he went there so when he gets back this week we are gonna try to set one!!

It was kind of a slow week cuz my comp got sick and so for like 4 days we were in the house doing nothing which nearly drove me insane but all is well now and we are excited for this next week!!

Pops it looks like the hike was super dope and mom dont worry i like the long letters haha!! Also we found this guy in the street who invited us into his house and gave us water and then all of the sudden he turned wacko on us!! Like he started saying that he was buried in Area 51 and that he was Megatron and then he proceeded to show us his pipe that he uses to smoke weed!! After which we kindly said that we had to leave and then got the heck out of there!! All in all it was a decent week and im loving life!!

Keep it real!!
Love Elder Imlay

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey guys!!

So it was another tough week!! A lot of people didnt go to church and im not gonna lie i got pretty ticked off!! But the good news is that we had one person go to church on sunday!! It is the husband of a Member here in the ward and we are planning to put a bap date with him on Saturday so hopefully everything turns out good!!

So anyways things are getting real now cuz elder cox leaves on Wednesday!! I will be finishing my mission here and also Elder Medeiros got changed too so i wont get to see him until El Paso!! Like i said changes didnt affect me so i will finish here in Ampliacion with my half son haha!! I went on divisions this last week to Parajes and it was super awesome to see the converts and all of the members from the old ward!! I miss them a lot but it was really cool to catch up!! It was another week of mixed feelings and yeah its just surreal to think about so i just try not to because well yeah you know why!!

Thats cool that more people got mission calls but im sad to hear that nobody is getting called to Juarez!! Like its super dope here hahaha!! Anyways pops good luck on your camp out this week and to all Keep it Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hello People!!

So not gonna lie this was a really humbling week!! We had 0 people go to the Sac. Meeting yesterday and yeah it was really sad!! But it was probably because yesterday was Stake Conference and it was clear in Parajes which is on the other side of the world so it wasnt so bad i guess!!

The reality is starting to hit in and also the freaking vatos from my district remind me daily that im about to go home but yeah like holy freak its so crazy how soon it is!! But im not gonna focus on that!! The area is doing decent but we had to drop a few investigators this week which was kind of rough!!!

Here in mexico they might celebrate memorial day but i dont think so!! Im doing good and dont worry im not dying physically or mission-wise haha!! I got to see a couple converts at Stake Conference and also Demetria and Miguel finish the temple classes in 1 or 2 weeks and yeah all is well!! I love you guys and hope that you have a great week!!

Love Elder Imlay