Monday, November 30, 2015

Dear Fam and Friends

So we had yet another amazing week here in Parajes and I am really liking it! I mean it is a lot different than Laguna but i love it because there is a lot more work and we have just been able to find some really good people!

So to start, we had the baptism of Manuel Lazo this week which was super awesome!! This guy is just super prepared and has been from the first time we talked to him!! I know that he is gonna be an amazing member of the church!! We were also able to find a family last week!! Im not sure if i told you about them but they are the Carvallo Family and are super awesome!! They have gone to church both weeks that we have invited them and have a huge desire to get baptized!! However they might have to return to Veracruz this next week so we are just hoping and praying that they can stay cuz well yeah they're awesome!!

However holy shasta it sounds like Kob had quite the weekend and got beat up a little haha!! Hope that you are doing good big guy and that all works out well!! To answer some of your questions about traveling...yes we travel a lot on a bus and its really weird but super awesome cuz there are just a bunch of people all jammed into this tiny bus and the bus drivers are freaking crazy so it is quite the experience haha!! Oh and sorry i almost forgot HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Sorry its just they really don't celebrate it here in this part of Juarez so sadly i have officially gone 2 years without celebrating Thanksgiving:(

Anyways im glad to hear that you all had a good Thanksgiving and holy crap its almost Christmas so thats awesome!! But hey there is a new initiative that the church is starting this Christmas called A Savior Is Born.  Its super awesome so look it up and share it with the world!! You are all amazing and thanks for all of the support!! I love you tons and Happy Holidays!!

Con Amor Elder Imlay

Monday, November 23, 2015

#Solidweek People

Ok so this week was really amazing!! Well it was really long too but yeah in the end it turned out really good!! Since last monday i have pretty much been in divisions all week or meetings so yeah this is how it went! On monday we had to do divisions with Granjero, which is an area in our zone but it was solid cuz i was with Elder Cox who is one of my best friends here in the mish and it was really cool to see how hes been!! Anyways the next day i had to head to another area and did other divisions with other elders.  On thursday we had a meeting with the assistants and then friday we had to plan a meeting that we did with the District Leaders on Saturday and then finally Stake Conference on sunday to top it all of haha!! It was really busy but really awesome cuz on Wednesday my comp and i were able to contact this dude who was fixing his car and then he presented us to his fam.  We just started talking to them and on sunday all six of them went to church and it was just awesome to see how God blesses us when we work hard!!

Our other investigator Manuel will be getting baptized this saturday that is coming up so we are excited because this guy is awesome!! He just has a huge desire to serve God and just wants to help all of those around him!! Its been pretty crazy getting used to the new area and all these new things but i am absolutely loving it and wouldnt want to be anywhere else!!

Thats freaking awesome that kob got to go on visits with Pres Anderson and the 70s and the 2nd counselor in the General YM Presidency!! Whats his name again??.......... I should probs know that but yeah!! Sounds like Preston did a really good job on sunday and i hope all is going well with him and his family!! As far as my comp goes, it is true he doesnt eat a lot but its chill.  Im trying to help him out cuz yeah we are both in need of a couple kilos haha!! Anyways not much to report today!! It was an awesome week and we are looking forward to the future!! Thanks for all of the support!!
Love Elder Imlay

Here is a pic of my comp Elder Mellado and me and then another one of me after my comp knocked my teeth out hahaha jk but i thought you'd like it!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey guys,

So it has been a pretty crazy and a little bit of a tough week adjusting to the new area but i am really liking it and Elder Mellado is super dope!! He's from Puebla Mexico and ends the Mission in February but is a totally super chido bro!! I live in the same apartment as Preston did and yes pretty much everyone this week was like "Imlay, en serio, como el otro? and i was like yes he is my cousin and yeah it was just a super cool experience and im really liking this ward!!

That sucks that Utah lost but like for reals in double over time? Thats crazy!! Well as far as news goes in the Area we have one investigator who is really awesome and is getting baptized on the 28th but other than that we have got well not much and have quite a bit of work to do! Saying goodbye to Laguna and the people there was actually a lot harder than i thought it was gonna be but i guess its ok and the good thing is i can stay in contact with them hahah!! Juarez is pretty cool i guess but it feels weird to be back with all of the freaking dead dogs and crazy drunk people (well actually there is that in CG as well) but stilll its super different hahah!!

I have recieved grandmas package and yes it was very good because me along with all the other missionaries from CG devoured it hahaha!! So thanks grandma jajaj!! As far as packages go i am doing really good and cant really think of anything right now besides maybe a couple more blades to my razor because i only have like 2 left but not very many cuz they last a while!! But yeah thats all i got for this week. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Keep it Real!!

Elder Imlay

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey guys!

So this was one of the most crazy and shortest weeks of my life!! Let me explain,,,so Tuesday night we get in to our house and are planning to have a great week when the Assistants call me and tell me and my comp that we have to be in Juarez the next day and we will be leaving at 9 o clock in the morning the next day!! So obviously we were a Little curious and asked them why!! They told us that my comp Elder Isbell was gonna train this next cycle and that i had to go because there was this meeting i had to go to!! My comp was there with me in Juarez until Thursday and then i didnt return until Friday night!! So we pretty much spent the whole week in Juarez and our área was left solo and we hardly got anything done!! However the good news is that Maria de Los Angeles was able to get baptized and it was amazing!! She was crying because she was so happy and it was just a great experience!!

So thats pretty much all i have to report about the week but now lets talk changes!! So we had transfers yesterday and lets just say we had a lot of em!! First of all my comp is staying here in Laguna and will be training this new guy from Ecuador.  I will be heading to Juarez to a ward called Parajes as a Zone Leader there with Elder Mellado!! Its super crazy not sure if you guys know but this is the area and companion that Preston had right before he left like 6 weeks ago so pretty cool if i do say so myself!! Im kind of sad to be leaving Laguna and all the friends ive made here but im excited for the new experience and cant wait to start working in my new área!!

To answer some of your questions!! Jesús is pretty cool he just works a ton but we are gonna start up with him again!! Everything is great with my comp and yes if you were wondering my finger is infected and i will have to chop it off hahaha jk!  Its totally good now and i can barely see the cut! Glad to see that my boy kob is finally finishing up his Eagle Project after more than 2 years, what a legend hahah!! Anyways thats all i got for this week!! Love you all and thanks for the Support!!

Love Cam

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello people!!

So this was quite the week!! We had the ward activity, interviews, i almost fainted and also it was Halloween!! Which in CG they do celebrate..... well kind of but it was still cooler than last year!!

Anyways lets start with the ward activity which was pretty much our activity cuz we planned everything but it was still super awesome!! We had most all of our recent converts there and also quite a few of the members!! We had like a spiritual fireside type thing and then played minute to win it games and last but not least, we ate corn and yes it was amazing!! Also interviews went really well!! Pres was in a good mood and was really nice to us but also really helped us to understand that we shouldnt feel comfortable just cuz we are doing good right now but that we need to even push it harder and be even better!! It was awesome!! Then Halloween came and we were totally just thinking that nothing was gonna happen cuz like yeah,, nothing happened last year. But sure enough around like 7 oclock we see like a bunch of kids just going around to the stores here trick or treating!! Not gonna lie i was totally tempted to do it too and my comp was all in to do it with me but we had some appts so sadly we were unable to steal some free mexican candy!! Pero bueno.

Last but not least my almost fainting moment!! (Mom fear not i am perfectly fine now) Ok so what happened was that we were at the house of a recent convert and we were helping her peel wires to get copper out of them because apparently its worth money here!! So to peel the wire you have to use a blade to cut it and while i was cutting the wire it slipped and i cut my finger pretty good!! So in the Halloween spirit i decided to drink my blood (cuz there was nothing to wipe it off with).  Anyways like 2 mins later i started feeling like really woozy and my vision went hazy for a second so i had to kneel down and then my comp proceeded to tell me that i was as white as a ghost and so i went and sat on the bed of the convert.  They started giving me cookies cuz they thought it was like my blood sugar or something but i wasnt looking any better so she took us to our house and i just cleaned the cut and took like a 5 min nap and i was chill.  It was a super crazy moment and i learned to probs not cut wires for copper anymore!!

Anyways as far as the work goes everything is really good and Maria seems to be really good for her bap this sat. Keep praying for her!  Thats all for me today!! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Thanks for all the support!! Keep it real!!

Love Elder Imlay and Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!

Our ward activity, my attempt at a Halloween costume, and me and another Elder from my zone