Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Que honda???

Hey guys so it was yet another scorching week here in the C.G. And it actually felt really long!! Its been a little bit of a rough week with lots of investigators cancelling appointments and jazz like that but the cool thing was is that on Sunday one of our investigators came to church and he seems to be doing really good so we are hoping to see some progress there!! But another thing that was super cool that happened today was that when i got on to my email i saw that Miguel one of my converts had written me!! He told me that he was doing really good and also that his brother Gualberto had received his Mission Call to Mexico Cityand leaves on August 4. So yeah i am super pumped and just love seeing how the gospel influences peoples lives!!

Its so crazy to me that gavin and brock are home but super cool!! Oh i also want to know what is the new car that kennedy bought and also if you are going to be buying a new car you better not give it to koby!! You at least should save it until i get home cuz well yeah like you said i totally suffered 3 years and kob can do the same hahahah Jk!! But if you do buy a car you better send me some pics!!!

So pretty much nothing crazy happened this week, its way different here in Casas Grandes like way more tranquilo (calm) for you chido americans hahaha jk!! But like for reals absolutely nothing crazy happens here besides all of the crazy drunk people but i got used to that like 2 weeks into the mish hahah!!!

What the heck are you serious did they seriously sell the cabin?? I had no idea so like who bought it or what is going down?? And when did they sell it?? Anyways as far as my favorite scripture goes it is D&C 10: 5 it talks about prayer and i don`t know if you need another one but if you do just tell me and i will send another one!! Anyways thats pretty much all i have got for this week!! Its pretty crazy how fast the transfer has gone!! Next week are transfers so things are getting pretty crazy up here in Laguna hahah!!! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, June 22, 2015

Que Honda fam and friends???

I hope you are all doing great.  This has been a super fast week because well i havent really been here that much!! On wednesday we had the DL meeting in Juarez but because im in Casas Grandes we headed out on tuesday afternoon in the Omnibus and let me just tell you the Omnibus is the greatest bus of all time for three reasons 1. because theres air conditioning 2. because theres air conditioning and 3. because theres air conditioning hahahah like yeah if you couldn't tell its freaking hot here!! But the coolest part about the trip to Juarez was that we got to stay in the Real Inn which is like the nicest hotel here in Juarez and the beds oh gosh the beds were to die for like literally the comfiest thing i have slept on in the last 10 months hahah!! And so yeah we didnt end up getting home until like 5 on wednesday and then had another mtg with pres on saturday here in Casas so it was quite the week as far as mtgs go!!

Oh and also i got both mom and grandmas packages and i would just like to thank you guys for giving me diabetes hahaha jk but yeah thanks a ton for the sugar it was definitely needed!! As far as the work goes we continue to find new people but its just hard cuz everyone here says yes when we start asking them if we can pass by there house but then we show up and yeah quien sabe que paso hahah!!  But its all good we had a couple people in Sac mtg this week and im pretty excited about the work here it has taken some time but we are getting there!!

Oh and just one thing do not get a dog hahah!!! Its so crazy to me how fast the time is going out here i just realized yesterday but like im going home in like 13 months and even though its still a lot of time it really has gone by so fast and then like just talking to my comp him and Preston leave in like 3 1/2 months so yeah things are just insane here!! Anyways life is good here in juarez...o casas grandes and just lovin it!! Hope you are all doing well and i love ya tons!!

Love Cam

Monday, June 15, 2015

Buenas Tardes Hermanos y gente!!!

So we had a good and bad week all at the same time!! It was kind of rough cuz no one came to church today but the good news is that we were able to find like 14 new investigators this week and like 5 or 6 seem really solid so Elder Orton and I are pretty pumped!! I am doing fine with hydration and drinking water and things are getting better here every week!!

It amazes me that Brandon is already back but thats awesome oh and also i am sorry to hear about Dameon the hamster!! Big shout out to Kaler for winning the gold and for Koby being able to find his wallet in the Police Station hahah!! I have no idea what a cooling towel is but sounds pretty cool i guess!! As far as the retainer goes i pretty much wear it every other night but i was nervous about what you guys said about teeth moving so i have started to wear it more frequently hahah!!

I dont really have a whole bunch to say this week because we are still just trying to find new people because its a new area but im liking it even though i have never stressed out so much in the mission befor hahah!! Anyways i love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Love CAM

So elder orton and i got bored with the sunblock and we are officially on campout every night because our room is as hot as satan himself hahah!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola Familia y todos!!!

So we had yet another rough week here in Laguna!! Well not super rough but just another week of pretty much pure finding people to teach!! It has been really hard opening up a new area also because for those who know me im not to good navigating my way around places but alli vamos and things are starting to look up!! Its so much different being with an american companion and at times i just feel weird speaking english but it is kind of cool hahah!!

So the heat has finally hit here in Casas Grandes and it hit hard!! Like literally i thought i was gonna be good cuz i used to golf in like 120 degree weather but for some reason i just became a wimp here hahaha jk its not too bad but well yeah we are adjusting!! We still do not have a sink in the house and who knows when we are going to get one but we are surviving oh and also Elder Orton and i made the executive decision to sleep on the floor and it was easily the best decision we have made since we got here!! So like our room where we would sleep was like the furnace of H E double hockey sticks and so after a week we decided to pull our matresses out into our living room and sleep there and wow it is so amazing like we have a fan that we turn on and then like open up all of our windows and yeah our sleeping situation has mejorado un buen!! Also well yeah thats pretty much it!!

But there was a scripture i wanted to share with yáll.  Its from D&C section 6 i think it says "no dudeis, y no temeis" or Dont doubt and dont fear!! It talks about how the lord is always on our side and no matter what we go through and the problems we have it is going to all be ok if we just put our trust in him and follow him and keep his commandments!! I know that this promise is true and that it is a blessing for each one of us!! I love you all and am loving my time here in the mish!! It is freaking hard but i know that it is the best thing anyone can do!! Espero que tengan una semana super chida!! Love yàll tons!!

Love Cam

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello Humans!!!

So this was the absolute hardest week of my mission but i kind of liked it hahah!! As you all know i got transferred last week to Casas Grandes and my new comp is elder orton!! He's a total legend by the way!! But anyways we show up and they proceed to tell us that we will be reopening an area so like we are brand new here and there have not been elders here since like the beginning of the year so we have been pretty much just contacting and trying to find new investigators all week hahah!! It has been freaking hard plus our house was like empty when we got here so we have been trying to fix it and we are doing well but still do not have a sink in the kitchen so thats a big doozy hahah!! But other than that it is really cool here!!

But the sad thing is is that summer has finally hit and its come on dang strong like for reals im pretty sure i saw smoke coming off of elder orton yesterday cuz it was so hot hahah!!

Thats so cool about the trek and everything like im kind of jealous of where you guys got to go but not that jealous cuz i still was able to shower the past 3 days yhahaha!! But holy cow Casas Grandes is way different than Juarez.   All of the streets are dirt and there's hardly any places to shop besides in the centro but we are learning poco a poco and things are real swell!!

Tell Grace and Spencer good luck from me and that they will be great!! I dont have any crazy stories this week but im doing great and hope that you guys are too!! I love ya tons!!

Love Cam

The streets of Casas Grandes, Me and Preston right before I left Salvacar as well as other missionaries, an owl we walked by one day