Monday, January 26, 2015

Beloved People,

Ok holy freak where do i begin ok so good news is that i am staying in La Cuesta another transfer which i am pretty excited about. My new companion is Elder Almaraz, he is super cool. He has pretty much been in Casas Grandes his whole mission so he doesn't know like hardly anything about Juarez but a really cool guy. He is from D. F. or Mexico City and has been out on his mish 13 months. We get along super well but we need to work on getting up on time cuz 2 times this week we accidentally slept in.............. woops haha.

However this week was also kind of sad because Elder Birchett y elder Beltran my trainer went home because well yeah they finished their missions. Its so crazy because it feels like just last week that Elder Beltran and i arrived in La cuesta and now he is already headed home.

Our investigators are doing pretty good.  Demetria is still recovering so hopefullly all can be well with her.  Mary is still continuing to come to church and is excited for her baptism on Feb. 19. So yeah things are looking pretty good.

That is crazy that Andrew Flake is home like literally when you told me that i kind of freaked out haha not really. Nothing to crazy has happened to me except for some reason this week i saw an extremely large amount of dead dogs like everywhere so yeah idk what to think about that but yeah i dont know nothing to crazy has happened. I just want you all to know that i am doing great and yeah there have been a lot of hard times but i know that it is the hard times in our live that help us learn and that is when we grow the most. I love all of you and am still a little ticked that you waited until i left to jazz up the basement but ill get over it hahaha jk. Anyways keep it real.


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