Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey People,
#dopeweek-Ok sorry for the "drug" reference but this was a totally awesome but super crazy week!! So we have actually been able to find a ton of new investigators that have a desire to come closer to christ and go to church and the whole 9 yards, but for one reason or another they cant go to church and its been super frusturating!! But on tuesday night this week, one of the coolest things happened to me!! We had just finished up a kind of difficult lesson and i was kind of down in the dumps when we got a call from our Mission Leader saying that he had just gone with an investigator of ours that has cancer and has been gone for the last 2 months for therapy.  Anyways thats a different story but the crazy thing is said she wanted to get baptized!! So we went with her and she confirmed that yes it was true....she totally wants to get baptized!! She had been drinking coffee but since the day we had gone with her she has dropped it and said that she will never drink it again!! She loves the church and has a baptismal date for the 7 of November. So yes if you could pray for her that would be amazing.  Her name is Maria de los Angeles and yeah shes just super awesome!!

Anyways the rest of the week wasnt too interesting.  We just contacted and visited and did normal missionary stuff!! We have interviews this week with pres so i guess that will be pretty cool!! Sounds like things are going really good there.  That is super weird to think that me and kason are gonna be the next ones coming home in the Ward but hey i still got a lot of time so its whatevs!!

I love all of you guys and thanks for all of the support you give me!! Ill Until next week!!
Love Cam

Monday, October 19, 2015

Friends and Fam!!

Ok people this was a pretty awesome week, mainly because Pili was finally able to get confirmed!! She should have been confirmed last week but didnt go!! So we were a little worried and went to her house to figure out what the heck happened!! Turns out that somebody (i will not name who cuz i dont think that would be a good thing to do) told her that the confirmation was super scary and that she was gonna faint and like have convulsions and the whole nine yards.  The only thing we could do was just laugh and then tell her that well that doesnt happen and yeah all was swell!! I realize that i use the word yeah a lot and yeah i dont care haha!!

Anyways another funny story that happened the other night!! So as many of yall know, i talk in my sleep!! And lets just say the other night i totally freaked the crap out of my comp! So i had gone to bed early and apparently at around 10:45 my comp was just laying in bed when all of the sudden i just start talking half yelling in my sleep that THE DOOR IS OPEN!! LOCK IT! LOCK IT!! I did this like 3 times in a row and apparently after that i started yelling HACE FRIO!! HACE FRIO!! which means its cold and then i just fell back to sleep like nothing had happened.  When i woke up in the morning i had no idea what had happened until my comp kindly told me that i had "freaked the crap out of him" haha!! Totally awesome moment!!

But anyways on a spiritual note, we had a few people come to church and a sister missionary returned home this week to the ward which is totally awesome.  She wants to help us in everything so just a sweet week!! We also found this one lady yesterday named Anita who has had quite the rough life but is totally awesome and loved talking to us and learning more about the gospel!!

It is starting to get a little colder here but only in spurts!! One day it is cold and then the next day it is scolding hot so we too are praying for the cold to come cuz well yeah the heat #sucks haha!! Anyways Brianhead looked super cool and im glad to know that everyone is doing great!!

Hope yall have a wonderful week!!

These are a few pictures I took that bring back memories from home!! Haha

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dang so yeah looks like things back home were pretty good this week!! First things first!! Happy anniversary mom and dad.  Thats crazy that you have been able to last so long together but dont worry you only have like an eternitity left to deal with each other hhahahah jk!! I love you guys a ton and congrats on the big day!! Also a huge shout out to my bro Elder Taysom!! Its crazy to think that he is home!! I still remember the day we dropped him off at the mtc, feels like it was a couple weeks ago but yeah just super awesome that he is home!! (Ladys get at him) haha!!

Anyways we had a pretty decent week. We had only one person go to church on sunday which kind of sucked but we have a few refs from the members that we are gonna contact this week and things look like there gonna be pretty solid so wish us luck!!  Sounds like you guys are gonna have a pretty awesome week,  Seriously im super jealous.   Thats freaking awesome and I am kind of mad that you guys are doing a bunch of sick stuff without me hahah jk!!

Now to answer some of your Q's.  Elder Isbell is from Utah just like pretty much every american elder here. The weather is getting a little colder but not too much!! Oh and no there are 4 other elders in my district! We are all Americans but one so it is quite the party haha!! This week i learned that it is important to work as one. In a companionship, ward, stake, team or anything that you do!! Because if you try to do everything by yourself and are not humble enough to ask for help, you will never accomplish all that you want to!!

Anyways thats all i got for today!! I love you guys tons and I am just living the life here in NCG!! Keep it real!
Love Elder Imlay

Me and Elder Isbell (because my mom likes pictures of me haha!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello People!!

So this was a rough but awesome week!! First of all General Conf. was totally legit! I was super surprised on who they called but yes if you were wondering i did take dads advice and did win the bet!! Hahah

So i got to drink some mexican coke which if you were wondering is 170000 better than american coke hahah just saying!! It was a rough week for the investigators and sadly no one was able to go to church but something awesome that lifted my spirits happened today, like literally a bunch of my converts wrote me an email today saying how good they are doing and how much they love the gospel and yeah it was just awesome to know and see that they doing well!

As far as conference goes i watched it all in spanish besides the last half of the priesthood session and let me just tell you President Uchtdorf is a legend.  For reals that was probably the best talk i have ever heard!! There is nothing cool in rebelling against the church...its way cooler to believe and to follow!! There will always be doubts but as the man himself said Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!! Really it was just a super inspiring talk and i truly have a testimony that the church is being led by chosen men of god!!

Im glad to hear that Preston got home safe and sound!! Oh and sorry i forgot to tell you that i saw him but now you know so thats cool right hahah!! As far as Elder Isbell goes we are doing great.  We actually have been together in the area for 3 months, he was just in the other area before they made it into 1 so its super nice and we get along super well..

Anyways as far as PMG goes, i would just start it from the first but dont think of it as a missionary guide!! Because in reality there shouldnt be missionaries in the church. It is the job of each member to find and teach and help people come closer to christ!! Sorry to preach so much but yeah just read it from the beginning but insert your names where it says missionaries!! Anyways thats all ive got for today!! I love you all and am loving the time out here!! Keep it Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

Me & Elder Shepherd who came out with me on the mission.  The other is of me and Elder Orton with some investigators before he left the mission.