Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey Guys!!

So this week was kind of a really slow week!! We did a lot of walking and not a lot of finding!! Like lots of people said they were interested but when we came back to teach them well yeah they weren't so interested then!! hahaha!! But its ok we have just got to work harder and i know that we will see success!! We also had Divisions this week so i got to go to a different area for a day which was super weird cuz like yeah ive never been anywhere else but my area and i totally felt like a fish out of water if you know what im saying!! But it was cool cuz i went with an American and it was nice to practice my english cuz yeah i realized this week that it needs a little bit of work!! Haha!! But really other than that not a whole ton happened this week!! Miguel got confirmed on Sunday and yeah hes just gonna be a straight up legend!! So that was super cool!!

But good ghandi how many people have gotten there mission calls it feels like every week theres 3 or 4 new people with a mission call!!! Thats so sick and i know they are gonna be amazing and seriously there is nothing else that the lord wants the youth doing than serving missions!! There is a scripture in Mark 10:29-30 that i would challenge all the future missionaries to read cuz yeah its just really cool and i love it so much!!

Well i still dont know like anything about mothers day but when i do you will be the first to know MOM hahah!!! Also a big Shout out to Cammy for her Birthday!! Thanks for being my second mom!!! You da best!!! Anyways thats all for this week!! The work is going well here and hopefully we can se some progress soon!! Love you all!!

Elder Cam

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey Chicos!!!!!!!!

So first things first happy Marijuana Day hahahahah jk i was just sitting here typing and they said it over the radio so yeah hahah!!! No but in all seriousness a Big Shout Out to MOM turning the big .................. actually i probs shouldnt say how old she is turning so Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day you deserve it!! I am so grateful for you and all the support you give me and for caring so much!! Seriously it makes the mission so much easier!!

Now this week was hands down the coolest week in my mission and easily the strongest testimony builder as well!! So last monday after we had finished up teaching for the day and were just chilling when we got a text that told us that Miguel one of our investigators had decided to be baptized and wanted to do it this Saturday!! So we actually had another baptism this week but this one was super special!!! So Miguel was somebody that i met when i first got here all of his family are catholics besides his brother who is a Recent Convert!! It has been quite the rollercoaster with him but wow what an amazing experience it was to talk to him after we had figured out that he wanted to be baptized!! He told us about a dream that he had in the which he saw his brother baptizing him and he proceeded to tell us that even though he doesnt know everything, he know that god lives and that the BOM is true and yeah lots of things but it was just amazing to see how happy he was yesterday in church and im just so excited for him because on sunday before his baptism he asked me when he could serve a mission and yeah he has a huge desire to serve a mission and im just so happy for him!!! And can't wait for what the future has in store for him!! It was just so cool because seriously we have been praying so much for him and just to see those prayers answered is such a huge testimony builder!!

Thank you all for all of the prayers you send my way i can truly feel them and love you all!! I know this church is true and that the gospel blesses lives!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and just always be happy!!

Love Elder Imlay

Monday, April 13, 2015

Familia y Amigos what is up???????

So another super solid week with another investigator getting baptized!!! Her name is Arely and she is a friend of the girl that got baptized last week!! They both are just straight up legendary cuz like their families dont support them with their decision to get baptized but they know that what they are doing is right and yeah they got baptized!! So yeah as far as the work goes im just loving life here and hope we can continue to have success!!

Anyways lets talk transfers!! So as you all know i have literally been here in La Cuesta my entire mission and so this week i was totally banking on a transfer happening!! Like seriously i took pictures with all the members and our investigators and yeah con todos because like the logic says that i should probs have a transfer but yeahhhhh no!! So yesterday they call us and are like yeahhh nobody has transfers in your district and im like you gotta be kidding me!! hahahahah!!! But yeah im staying in La Cuesta yet another transfer but ehh its chill cuz now i will get to hopefully help a few more super prepared people enter the baptismal waters!!

But holy cow i had no idea that P-Dawgs bday was today!! The big 20 thats crazy but yeah i will for sure email him!! Anyways so story time: So like Juarez is a somewhat dangerous place but the people here are like super chill for the most part and never do anything to us or swear at us or nada its actually super nice!! But this week my comp and i were leaving our house and just walking down the street when all of the sudden this car passed us and this one guy just straight up flips me the bird for no reason and then proceeds to try to say something to me in English but i literally understood nothing and then i look at my comp like what the heck just happened and hes like uhhhhh no se!!! But yeah i was actually kinda ticked off cuz like literally i didnt do anything to this vato and he just flips me off!! But later i just started laughing cuz well yeah its just funny!! But yeah so that was pretty much all that happened in my week!!

Another talk that i would recommend for you guys to watch would be the talk by Neil L Anderson!! Cuz like yeah i loved it!! But anyways just know that i love you guys a ton and am doing great!!

Love Cam

The Baptism and also the ridiculous amount of food that i ate the other day!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey Chicos!!

So first of all Happy Easter!! And also to Big K a happy Birthday!! The big 15! Thats freaking crazy hahah!! Just do me a favor and dont kill anybody when you start driving!! So another super solid week with another baptism!! This week Alejandra got baptized and oh my gosh it was so cool!! So we met her like almost 2 months ago and holy cow she was just totally prepared!! She lives in a different area but she would always come here because her Boyfriend lives here and also her family doesn't want anything to do with the church and wouldn't allow the missionaries to come to their house but she didn't care she started to read the BOM and when we invited her to be baptized she accepted sin hesitation!! And yeah it was just really cool to see how much faith she has and how strong her testimony really is!! Also it was super cool cuz her Boyfriend (Alonso) A member of the ward was able to baptize her!! Plus because she is from a different ward we got to go to a different area for her baptism and yeah that was sick cuz now i know more of Juarez than just here in La Cuesta!! Cuz well yeah still in my first area hahah!!

As for Easter we didn;t have plans to eat with anybody but when we arrived at a house for an appointment they just gave us food and not just any food, a giant cooked fish and for those who know me i really dont like fish,  Thankfully after a couple prayers i was able to put it down hahah!!! Anyways as for conference i watched it all in spanish and yeah it was super good but i think my favorite part had to be in the Priesthood session when M Russell Ballard or Russell M Nelson i cant remember which said "Returned Missionary doesn't mean Ex- Mormon" hahaha!! I thought it was so funny because it is so true! Just because we serve a mission doesnt mean we are good to go and that life is gonna be easy!! We need to work hard everyday and try everyday to become better followers of Christ and members of the church!!

As for writing letters its still not to bad but there are many times when i want to just write some words in spanish cuz i forgot the word in English but still not to terrible like big Car hahah!! Still havent received the package but life is great here and im loving the work!! I love you all and hope that your Pascua was amazing!!! hahah!!

Love Elder Imlay