Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey Guys!!

So this week was kind of a really slow week!! We did a lot of walking and not a lot of finding!! Like lots of people said they were interested but when we came back to teach them well yeah they weren't so interested then!! hahaha!! But its ok we have just got to work harder and i know that we will see success!! We also had Divisions this week so i got to go to a different area for a day which was super weird cuz like yeah ive never been anywhere else but my area and i totally felt like a fish out of water if you know what im saying!! But it was cool cuz i went with an American and it was nice to practice my english cuz yeah i realized this week that it needs a little bit of work!! Haha!! But really other than that not a whole ton happened this week!! Miguel got confirmed on Sunday and yeah hes just gonna be a straight up legend!! So that was super cool!!

But good ghandi how many people have gotten there mission calls it feels like every week theres 3 or 4 new people with a mission call!!! Thats so sick and i know they are gonna be amazing and seriously there is nothing else that the lord wants the youth doing than serving missions!! There is a scripture in Mark 10:29-30 that i would challenge all the future missionaries to read cuz yeah its just really cool and i love it so much!!

Well i still dont know like anything about mothers day but when i do you will be the first to know MOM hahah!!! Also a big Shout out to Cammy for her Birthday!! Thanks for being my second mom!!! You da best!!! Anyways thats all for this week!! The work is going well here and hopefully we can se some progress soon!! Love you all!!

Elder Cam

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