Monday, May 18, 2015

Buenas Tardes People!!!

A huge shout out to the greatest old man on the planet my dad!! Today he turns like 64........i mean 46 hahahah!! JK dad!!! But seriously i hope you have an amazing B day! You really are my hero and the greatest pops in the world and am so grateful to be your son!!

We had a really solid week here in Salvarcar!!! With 5 people coming to church and we also posted the baptisms for Genesis and Arturo in June!! So yeah a really great week!! It has been a little hard to get adjusted to the new area because i was so accustomed to being in La Cuesta but i am starting to get used to it and absolutely love being here in the Este because there is so much work!! Also something really cool happened on Friday!! We were walking down one of the streets here and then all of the sudden Somebody yells ELDER and so i turn around and guess who it was?................Demetria and Maggie!!! I was so psyched like seriously it was so great to see them!! They say that all is going well back in la cuesta and that they miss me a ton hahahah!!! JK!!! But yeah it was really neat to get to talk to them!! Also other crazy thing happened this week well actually this morning!! So we now have a washing machine in our house HALELUJAH!!! When i was washing my clothes this morning i literally almost flooded the house hahah!! So the washing machine has a tube connected to it where the water exits and the hose leads to our sink so that it will drain!! But today i didnt realize that like a fork was blocking the drain so when the water started to exit all heck broke loose and our house nearly flooded hahah!! But after a mini panic attack i was able to fix it all and the house is now somewhat back to normal hahahah!!! So yeah i had a super legendary morning hahah!!

But anyways thats super crazy that school is out and i hope and pray that you all survive the trek hahah!! I will try and send pictures next week cuz we werent allowed to take any this week!! Sorry mom!! But so cool about all the mission calls tell chase and stacy to be careful!! hahah!! They will be great!! The mission is amazing and i know that it changes lives! Not only the lives of the people you serve but also the life of the missionary!! I am so grateful to be out here in the mission and just want you all to know that i am doing great and love you all!! Take care and Keep it real!!

Love Cam

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