Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello Family and Friends and Neighbors and others!!

This week was easily one of the best weeks if not the best week in my entire mission!! So first off i had the opportunity to go to the temple with Demetria and it was amazing to go in and feel the peace that was there!! I havent gone to the temple in over a year and a half so it was kind of nice to have a refresher course right before i go home! haha!! Also it was amazing because we were able to put a baptismal date with one of our investigators for next week and she asked me to baptize her and she went to church yesterday and yeah im super pumped!! And then finally on Sunday Miguel came to our ward to see me and told me that his papers are in and that the stake president told him his calling is gonna arrive this week.  He is then going to fly to Mexico City to take out his endowments with his older brother and the date he put for his availability was the 4th of July so he will probably be headed out here really soon!!

The mission has truly been amazing.  It has had its ups and downs but it has truly changed my life and im so grateful i made the decision to come!! Im really excited for my last week and cant wait to see all of you guys!! Thanks for all of the support these last 2 years and Happy birthday to Koby and Carter last week!! You guys are freaking old!! Peace and Love!!
Elder Imlay

Pictures with Demetria at the temple and all the ladies from La Cuesta who came to support her. Also me and Miguel.

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