Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello People!

So actually a pretty sad week. We didn't have like any success. A big 0 investigators came to church on Sunday which was really sad but we were actually able to find some new ones this week and so yeah not a total loss. Mary is also still progressing really well for her baptism on February 19 so im pretty excited for that.

But holy cow what a sad and crazy week back home. I feel terrible about Scott he was a really great guy and i hope the best for him and his family. Juarez life is pretty cool but i swear like 80% of the population are borrachos or drunk people and its super funny because whenever we pass them they always try to speak english with me and yeah there english is horrible haha.

That's sick that kobs basketball team is wrecking some day oh and im so sorry that Kaler had to meet Glenn........ hahah jk (still want my job when i get back). Anyways so not a ton actually happened this week we've been trying to work hard but we just aren't having a lot of success. But i read a scripture in the BOM that im pretty sure all of you know. Its in Ether 12:27 and it talks about how god gives us weaknesses and trials and why and how we can overcome them and idk i just really liked it.

Anyways sorry that i don't have any cool Stories this week but check out this sweet pic of me in my Mexico Jersey and America sunglasses oh and the river from all of the rain that formed in front of our house!! Classic haha! Love you all and hope you have a wonderous week.
Love Cam

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