Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey guys so this week was a super cool week!! We had a couple investigators in the sacrament meeting on sunday and even better we received a golden reference from one of the is this one lady that has the desire to be baptized we really just have to teach her and make sure that her and her husband get married but yeah it was super dope!! Anyways we had a zone meeting today and that is why i am writing so late but it was really good and literally it was just a great week.

We didnt have to many changes in the district but it was sad to see Fonseca go!! He was a great elder and we will miss him a ton but also not gonna lie it is freaking sick with pure americans in the ward!! Its totally crazy because before i was the only american elder in my whole zone and now we are a full blown american zone haha!!! But yeah pretty much just trying to say that its sick!! We also went to a wedding this week and it was super weird and cool!! Because well it was just different than what we normally do in the mission and it was just weird to see how weddings are because im pretty sure that i have never been to one before!! I have been to a million receptions but to a real full on wedding im pretty sure this was my first and yeah just thought id let y'all know!!

Now about the Hawaii vacation i am totally down for that!! And i am freaking pumped hahah!! But yeah so thats pretty much all i got for this week!! Im not sure when i will head back to juarez but when they tell me i will for sure tell you guys!! Anyways i love you all and hope that your lives are amazing!! Keep trying in all that you do and never give up!! Keep it Real!!

Love Cam

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