Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey guys whats going on??

So we had a pretty rough week this week as far as the work goes but the good thing is we went with an investigator and he told us that he really likes the church and we plan to set a baptismal date this week!! So we are pretty pumped!! We had transfers this week and surprisingly nothing happened!! Well one of the elders from my district left and so now we are gonna be 4 americans in our ward and yeah its gonna get crazy hahah!!

That is so sick that you guys met elder ortons parents and holy cow i cant believe that the cabin is actually sold!! Also i am super jealous that y`all played golf without me!! Our 4th of july here was pretty sweet!! I was in divisions and me and elder Herd went and visited a lady that speaks english and is american and we pretty much just chilled and sang the national anthem!! Sick stuff like that!! hahah!!

So like literally i dont have anything to say this week. i am trying to remember what happened to us this week but yeah just absolutely nothing!! Seriously its super calm here and way different than juarez!! Preston and i are still banking on us being comps next cycle...well more like we are just praying and hoping that pres will let us cuz he leaves next cycle and yeah its just crazy!! Oh actually something did happen sort there are going to be 8 of us in my district instead of 4!! Now the ZL`s and other Hnas. are going to be in with us which is cool but also means i will literally have no time at night hahah but its whatevs i guess!!

Anyways sorry that the letter is super short this week but the words just arent coming hahah!! I am really liking it out here even though it is freaking hard but i know this is where i should be and i know the gospel is true!! Thank you all for your support and also remember to wish the big ELDER TAYSOM a happy 20th!! Hes a total viejo now but i still love him hhah!! Also another big shout out to my Little Bro that isnt so little Koby...hes turning the BIG 17 tomorrow!! I love you bro and you better not crash the new car if you get one hahah!!

Anyways thats all for this week!! Love yall tons and stay classy!!
Love Elder Imlay

PS  The picture is a selfie I took this morning so my mom can see a picture of me haha!

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