Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Brethren and Sisters,

It has been quite a rough week and i feel as if it was just a big waste of time haha jk!! But it was rather tough!! Because for the first time in a super long time we didnt have anybody in Sacrament Meeting!! However the good news is that the Hno. Carvallo has returned from Veracruz so we are gonna go see him tonight and set an appt and just hope that things go good!!

I have yet to receive your packages but was still able to celebrate this week haha!! A family here from the ward bought a spongebob cake to celebrate my late birthday and also some members from my old ward in La Cuesta called me and we went out to eat with them and they gave me some pretty awesome presents!! I will send pics!!

Sounds like life back home is going pretty solid!! Oh but we are going to have a meeting this week so i will probably get your packages which will be cool!! Im really sorry this week was a rather boring one and there is not a whole lot to talk about!! Well our convert that we had here in Parajes got called to be the Secretary of the Young Mens Quourum so that was pretty awesome!! We are continuing to work and just trying to do our best but holy Shnaz it is really hard lately and im getting a little lazy, i need to step it up haha!! Hopefully all is going well back home and just know that i love you all!! Have a wonderful week and as usual Keep it Real!!

Elder Imlay

Here are a couple pics!! One is of the t-shirt a family gave me and the other is the bag they gave it to me in!! They are trying to convert me to catholicism haha!!

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