Saturday, August 30, 2014

 Hey Everybody! Holy cow, I cant believe that this Wednesday will be the one month mark. Time is flying, it feels like yesterday i was getting dropped off and now in 2 weeks i will be headed on a plane to Juarez and then the real stuff begins. Thank you for the packages, seriously tho receiving mail here is like Christmas every time you get something. So keep sending letters. I love hearing from you. Also thank you for the mexico shirt that was sick as well as the Rice Krispies and Brownies they were amazing. Tell Fez good luck from and and that he will be an amazing missionary.

Thats crazy that our house got infested with scorpions. Why the freak does all the cool and crazy stuff happen after i leave. Also how the heck can Koby dunk it. Ive only been gone for a month and he's already got bigger hops than me. Anyways to answer some of your questions, Im not really sure if im gaining weight because there are no scales here, also like i've said before the food here does weird stuff to your body so its kind of hard to gain weight. if you know what im saying. I havent been sick yet which is really nice, my whole room pretty much got sick so tho so im feeling super blessed that i didn't. haha. I haven't seen austin yet but I have seen Jake Anderson, Taylor Houston, Gabe Suttner, Bridger Thurston, J-Allen, and Braxen Adams. I dont know if you know him but he's a friend from high school. So thats pretty cool. I really dont need anything right now but i would like getting more treats and food from you in packages. The food here is weird so outside food tastes amazing. Tell kaler that im super jealous that he gets to go to powell and also good luck this year with school Koby and Kaler.

I'm learning a ton here, my spanish is getting pretty good, I am actually able to teach lessons mostly in spanish and its truly amazing what you can accomplish with the power of the spirit on your side. Nothing to crazy happened this week except for BYU had a party the other night on our field that we play sport on and we could here the music from our room and im not gonna lie Justin Bieber never sounded so good. hahaha. Oh so our district is now the oldest in the zone and me and elder beck got called to be the zone Online Coordinators. Which is cool i guess. Anyways just know that i love all of you and think of you daily.
Mucho Amor
Elder Imlay

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