Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey Everybody!

I cant believe ive been here 11 days!! Everyday is super long and it feels like a blur but i am learning tons. I am actually getting pretty good at Spanish, it's crazy what is possible when you have the Spirit with you. On Sunday we had church which was different than home but still amazing as ever. Mon-Wed were just normal days, we have class 10 hrs a day which is tedious but my teachers are amazing so its OK! Thursday was a little different, me and elder cox (another elder in my district) had to go to Salt Lake to get our visas or something official like that at the Mexican Consulate. I'm not gonna lie it was kind of weird seeing normal people and being out in the real world and not being with all of the missionaries at the CCM. Haha. But i had no idea that Kevin Love got traded or that Robin Williams died, thats crazy. Its weird how sheltered we are from all the worldly things here but i am grateful for it because it truly helps me be the best missionary I can be.

To answer some of your questions,my companions name is Elder Corwin Beck. He is from Centerville Utah. He is serving in the same mission as me along with 6 others in our district.I would love for you to send me a package with some treats in it especially a 54 pack of Rice Krispies. I love hearing from all of you so keep writing me letters. I wold like to thank you for all of your support and love. I know this church is true and that if we have faith and live worthily to have the Spirit with us anything is possible. Me and elder beck got our first baptism this week with one of the investigators here. Its not a real baptism but its still cool because we were able to have 4-5 lessons with an "investigator" here and she accepted our invitation when she asked. It was amazing. I truly am learning so much here and love it so much. Please if you can try to send me everyone's email addresses so that i can email them. But just know that i love you guys and think of you everyday. Cya Later!

Love Elder Imlay



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