Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello All!

Well this week was good. We found some new investigators and demetria is still excited for her baptism but geez i hope her nieces return soon so i can be here to see it. haha. We also have another BD for dec 6 for another one of our investigators Napoleon. Sadly the guardeas are struggling and we are trying to work with them but who knows. I have faith in them and hope that they can overcome there challenges. We also have a new investigator mary whos father died recently and she is super interested in the church so hopefully things will workout there. But reallly things are looking good for the future here in La cuesta and im not to worried haha.

Well nothing to crazy happened this week, more dogs but no more drug dealers at least for this week so thats nice i guess haha. I sadly have not received the packages and really want them too because this week i literally froze. Ok actually something crazy did happen this week. So our heater in our house doesn't work and literally every morning and night we put on our jackets and our blankets to study and yeah so we can live. It is literally like the ice age in there. Like seriously i have no idea how but our house is colder than the outside and no its not air conditioning. I checked haha. Oh we also ran out of gas in our boiler so we didn't have hot showers for the last like 3 days so yeah other than that i am doing amazing but might have hypothermia haha. I did buy something at the Sorianna here. It was a scarf and yeah it was pretty easy to buy with the card. No different than back home pero be careful to check it because it was $99 pesos but who knows if that will transfer into dollars in USA so yeah just a heads up.

Thats crazy about rob and yeah i had no idea that preston returned home for a couple days. I hope they are doing well and if they read this just know that i am praying for you and love you so much. Oh today i also get to go on divisions again and will be heading to a different area with the zone leader Elder Birchett from Utah. I cant tell you how excited i am to get to speak english for the first time in like a month haha. Jk i love Elder vilchis even if he can't speak english hahah. Anyways just know that im doing good and love all of you.
Love your guy
Elder Imlay

So this was my get up for the week also what i wore in the house so i didnt freeze to death haha.

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