Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello People of America!

Well this week was an average week and kind of freaking confusing with our investigators. So with Demetria, she is still excited for her baptism but the problem is, is that her nieces may not return from El Pasto until December for christmas break. So to fix this we have been working with the mom or Hna. Rubio to try to see if there is a way that they could return back sooner so that both me and Elder Vilchis would be here to see it but the good thing is that i know she will be baptized, it may not be while i am here but that is not whats important, and i am ok with that. With the Gardeas, things are tough because they are somewhat improving with the cigarette issue but will not come to church for some reason. Every time we visit them they agree and say they are excited to come to church but for some reasonn they do not show up. However i do have faith that things are going to work out.

Ok so this week the cold finally arrived and the water heater in our house wigged out and didnt work for almost the whole week. So we took cold showers and i literraly at times thought i was gonna die haha jk. But i would like to thank cammy for her blanket it saved me from dying of frostbite during the nights also it was nice not to have to use the blankets that they provide in our house because im pretty sure they have diseases in them haha.

Ok So elder Vilchis is super sick aand super chill. He can speak literally no english well pretty much no english but i can say that my spanish has at least somewhat improved because we are actually able to communicate and survive, so thats nice. Something kind of cool is that him and Preston were companions right before i entered the MTC and yeah so thats cool. So with the phone i broke it the first day i got here and threw the battery in a dumpster so yeah nothing to cool.I have not been sick yet which is nice and i think that i have put on some weight which is nice. I am also eating more than i ever have in my whole life like literally yesterday i ate a whole pizza and then had a bowl of cereal afterward haha.

This week nothing to crazy happened except for at one of our investigators houses (Miguel) well they own a dog and it literally hates me and elder vilchis. So usually when we go visit them one of the members of the family has to hold him back while we run in the house haha. But this week when we were leaving the dog broke free and came chasing after me. Luckily i reached the gate in time before he killed me haha but other than that nada mas. Actually in some colonies here they do celebrate Thanksgiving haha. I think Juarez is like the most americanized mexican city ever haha so hopefully i will get to celebrate thanksgiving but Quien Sabe? To dad sadly we have not gotten to do any service projects yet but hopefully we will get too. Anyways just know that i am Doing good and love all of you.

My new companion Elder Vilchis

My district right before Elder Beltran left

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