Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello All!

This week was a crazy week yet again. So to begin my new companion is Elder Vilchis. He is from De Jefe or Mexico City for you Americans haha. He has been out 7 months and is 19 years old. He's super chill but knows literally 12 words in english haha. So its time i start picking up my language game. This week we visited Demetria and she is still excited for her baptism. But the problem is, is that her neices live in El paso and wont be here until december but we are going to work with there mom and i think everything should be alright all i know is that she will be baptized one way or the other and thats whats important. The Guardea family is doing good, we met with them a couple times this week and last night we went and visited them with our bishop and it was amazing. So our bishop has only been a member of the church for 4 years and before he was a member he had problems with smoking and when we visited them last night, he bore a powerful testimony and helped them in a way that we couldn't. They commited to not buy cigars this week and if they can accomplish this they can be baptized in 2 weeks. So hopefully all goes well but all i know is that things are looking up here in La Cuesta and im really excited for the future.

Anyways on a different note a bunch of crazy things happened to me this week. So to begin we met another drug dealer guy and this one was insane. He tried to get us to come to his house and smoke marijuana with him and other stuff and yeah it was really scary haha. Also like 3 dogs almost killed us this week but i have officially learned how to defend myself against them so thats a nice thought i guess haha. Also we saw like 3 dead dogs on the side of the road and then we also saw a dead lamb on the sidewalk which was super weird because yeah there aren't lambs here haha so yeah. Halloween was kind of different here i mean yeah there are kids out trick or treating but also there are a bunch of cholos or gangsters who roam the streets and it was kind of freaky but fear not i am ok.

Mom and dad if you see Danny that would be so sick and if so tell him i say hi. haha. Oh i also saw the big man this week (Preston). We had like this meeting for all of the missionaries in Juarez on friday. It was super long but i got to talk to him for like 20 or 30 min and he seems to be doing pretty good. He is a little sad but he knows that this is where he should be and yeah it was just really nice to see a familiar face. Anyways just know that i love you all and love America. Hope y'all have a wonderful week.
Elder Imlay 2.0

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