Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Que honda???

Hey guys so it was yet another scorching week here in the C.G. And it actually felt really long!! Its been a little bit of a rough week with lots of investigators cancelling appointments and jazz like that but the cool thing was is that on Sunday one of our investigators came to church and he seems to be doing really good so we are hoping to see some progress there!! But another thing that was super cool that happened today was that when i got on to my email i saw that Miguel one of my converts had written me!! He told me that he was doing really good and also that his brother Gualberto had received his Mission Call to Mexico Cityand leaves on August 4. So yeah i am super pumped and just love seeing how the gospel influences peoples lives!!

Its so crazy to me that gavin and brock are home but super cool!! Oh i also want to know what is the new car that kennedy bought and also if you are going to be buying a new car you better not give it to koby!! You at least should save it until i get home cuz well yeah like you said i totally suffered 3 years and kob can do the same hahahah Jk!! But if you do buy a car you better send me some pics!!!

So pretty much nothing crazy happened this week, its way different here in Casas Grandes like way more tranquilo (calm) for you chido americans hahaha jk!! But like for reals absolutely nothing crazy happens here besides all of the crazy drunk people but i got used to that like 2 weeks into the mish hahah!!!

What the heck are you serious did they seriously sell the cabin?? I had no idea so like who bought it or what is going down?? And when did they sell it?? Anyways as far as my favorite scripture goes it is D&C 10: 5 it talks about prayer and i don`t know if you need another one but if you do just tell me and i will send another one!! Anyways thats pretty much all i have got for this week!! Its pretty crazy how fast the transfer has gone!! Next week are transfers so things are getting pretty crazy up here in Laguna hahah!!! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Love Elder Imlay

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