Monday, September 7, 2015


Ok so it was a really rough week because no one went to church which was a total downer so we will have to see what happens with a couple of our investigators.  Also we are a little nervous because our super chido investigator Jesus might not be able to get baptized because his mom may not let him!! We went with him yesterday and had quite an emotional lesson but in the end we all decided that next sunday we are going to talk to his mom and we are all just praying that her heart will be softened!! We are nervous but excited all at the same time!! It has been freaking hard here in Laguna and we are just hoping that by the end of this cycle we can have just a little success!!

Other than that it was actually a pretty solid week! I didnt step in any holes (Thank goodness)) Also like i said last week, we got to go to Colonia Juarez and it was freaking sweet!! The Deep Sea fishing looks super sick like seriously thats totally something i wana do when i get back!! Ok but seriously i am not that underweight.  I have stayed the exact same size since i got here, the mission is just freaking out and wants to make sure we are all good!! But yeah so i dont have a bunch to say today i am trying to send pictures but we will see if the computer lets me!! I Love all of you guys and am so grateful for all of the support and prayers my way!! Have an amazing week!!

Love Elder Imlay

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