Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello People

Sso this was quite an awesome week!! Well and also super eventful. The awesome news is that Pili and her Son were baptized yesterday and it was awesome!! Everything went super well!! A ton of people showed up for the bap and it was just a really nice Spiritual experience and also super cool cuz Elder Orton is headed out today and gets to leave on a bang hahah!!

But yes that leads to the next matter of business i guess!! So as for transfers i will be staying here in Laguna and yes with another American well actually Elder Isbell is just coming from Laguna 1 over here to Laguna 2 because they are shutting down the Area for this cycle cuz we just lost a bunch of Elders and Sisters  and will be reopening the area next cycle.  Its gonna be freaking rough though because our area just went from huge to grandísimo! Like literally our area is probs the biggest area in the whole mission and we are two of the skinniest people in the whole mission so yeah pray that our legs dont fall off or that we dont die from losing to much weight haha! Jk Its totally good and im really excited for the future!! However i did realize that pres never likes to change me like seriously after this transfer i will be 15 months in 2 areas but ehhh its awesome.  I kind of like it cuz i really get to know the people and truly find how to help them in there life!!

But anyways on a worldly note can someone please tell me if Utah won this week or not!! I might be on a mish but i can still be a fan hahah!! Anyways to wrap up i learned this week that perserverance is key to everything in life!! Nothing comes cheap in this life but when you give it all you got, holding nothing back the rewards are amazing!! I love you all and thank you for your much support!! Shout out to Elder Taysom for his last week in the Mish!! Dont Die Bro!!

Love you all again!!  Stay Fly!
Love Elder Imlay

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