Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey guys!

So this was another amazing week for us here in Laguna!! We had 5 investigators come to the Stake Conference on Sunday and things are going amazing!! All of our investigators are doing really good and we are looking to have a really good September!! So as you all know we had meetings with pres this week and its official they told me as well as this other kid in my district that  we are underweight and that even though our metabolic ages are super good we need to get fatter to become normal!! So they have put us on a diet and are making sure that we eat more than a certain amount of calories each day and just a bunch of stuff so yeah twas a pretty crazy week!!

Oh also super awesome kind of funny story time.... so this week one of the new ZLs Elder Chapman came with us during the week and it was chill but anyways while we were walking down one of the sidewalks i all of the sudden fell in this hole that was just in the middle of the sidewalk! hahahah! Well actually it was kind of a smaller hole that was like surrounded by grass and really hard to see but yeah i was just walking and all of the sudden im like halfway underground hahah!!!

Anyways i actually did not get your packages family sorry!! But maybe next week when we have the zone meeting!! Sounds like things are going really well back home and dang koby is getting freaking tall hahahah!! Oh yeah im also freaking pumped for today because we are going to go to the Colonia Juarez and see the temple and the Academia and a bunch of stuff that is super cool so yeah #pumped hahah!!

I have heard of Parsons and am guessing that he probs lives in Col. Juarez so i will look today when we go!! But yeah everything is going well here and the work is looking good!! We need to find new investigators but all is well!! I love you all a ton and thank you for all the support!!
Love Cam

PS im super sorry i left my camera at the house and know that i have sucked with that but next week i will send You all tons of pics!!

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