Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello People!!

So this was a rough but awesome week!! First of all General Conf. was totally legit! I was super surprised on who they called but yes if you were wondering i did take dads advice and did win the bet!! Hahah

So i got to drink some mexican coke which if you were wondering is 170000 better than american coke hahah just saying!! It was a rough week for the investigators and sadly no one was able to go to church but something awesome that lifted my spirits happened today, like literally a bunch of my converts wrote me an email today saying how good they are doing and how much they love the gospel and yeah it was just awesome to know and see that they doing well!

As far as conference goes i watched it all in spanish besides the last half of the priesthood session and let me just tell you President Uchtdorf is a legend.  For reals that was probably the best talk i have ever heard!! There is nothing cool in rebelling against the church...its way cooler to believe and to follow!! There will always be doubts but as the man himself said Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!! Really it was just a super inspiring talk and i truly have a testimony that the church is being led by chosen men of god!!

Im glad to hear that Preston got home safe and sound!! Oh and sorry i forgot to tell you that i saw him but now you know so thats cool right hahah!! As far as Elder Isbell goes we are doing great.  We actually have been together in the area for 3 months, he was just in the other area before they made it into 1 so its super nice and we get along super well..

Anyways as far as PMG goes, i would just start it from the first but dont think of it as a missionary guide!! Because in reality there shouldnt be missionaries in the church. It is the job of each member to find and teach and help people come closer to christ!! Sorry to preach so much but yeah just read it from the beginning but insert your names where it says missionaries!! Anyways thats all ive got for today!! I love you all and am loving the time out here!! Keep it Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

Me & Elder Shepherd who came out with me on the mission.  The other is of me and Elder Orton with some investigators before he left the mission.  

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