Monday, October 12, 2015

Dang so yeah looks like things back home were pretty good this week!! First things first!! Happy anniversary mom and dad.  Thats crazy that you have been able to last so long together but dont worry you only have like an eternitity left to deal with each other hhahahah jk!! I love you guys a ton and congrats on the big day!! Also a huge shout out to my bro Elder Taysom!! Its crazy to think that he is home!! I still remember the day we dropped him off at the mtc, feels like it was a couple weeks ago but yeah just super awesome that he is home!! (Ladys get at him) haha!!

Anyways we had a pretty decent week. We had only one person go to church on sunday which kind of sucked but we have a few refs from the members that we are gonna contact this week and things look like there gonna be pretty solid so wish us luck!!  Sounds like you guys are gonna have a pretty awesome week,  Seriously im super jealous.   Thats freaking awesome and I am kind of mad that you guys are doing a bunch of sick stuff without me hahah jk!!

Now to answer some of your Q's.  Elder Isbell is from Utah just like pretty much every american elder here. The weather is getting a little colder but not too much!! Oh and no there are 4 other elders in my district! We are all Americans but one so it is quite the party haha!! This week i learned that it is important to work as one. In a companionship, ward, stake, team or anything that you do!! Because if you try to do everything by yourself and are not humble enough to ask for help, you will never accomplish all that you want to!!

Anyways thats all i got for today!! I love you guys tons and I am just living the life here in NCG!! Keep it real!
Love Elder Imlay

Me and Elder Isbell (because my mom likes pictures of me haha!)

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