Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey People,
#dopeweek-Ok sorry for the "drug" reference but this was a totally awesome but super crazy week!! So we have actually been able to find a ton of new investigators that have a desire to come closer to christ and go to church and the whole 9 yards, but for one reason or another they cant go to church and its been super frusturating!! But on tuesday night this week, one of the coolest things happened to me!! We had just finished up a kind of difficult lesson and i was kind of down in the dumps when we got a call from our Mission Leader saying that he had just gone with an investigator of ours that has cancer and has been gone for the last 2 months for therapy.  Anyways thats a different story but the crazy thing is said she wanted to get baptized!! So we went with her and she confirmed that yes it was true....she totally wants to get baptized!! She had been drinking coffee but since the day we had gone with her she has dropped it and said that she will never drink it again!! She loves the church and has a baptismal date for the 7 of November. So yes if you could pray for her that would be amazing.  Her name is Maria de los Angeles and yeah shes just super awesome!!

Anyways the rest of the week wasnt too interesting.  We just contacted and visited and did normal missionary stuff!! We have interviews this week with pres so i guess that will be pretty cool!! Sounds like things are going really good there.  That is super weird to think that me and kason are gonna be the next ones coming home in the Ward but hey i still got a lot of time so its whatevs!!

I love all of you guys and thanks for all of the support you give me!! Ill Until next week!!
Love Cam

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