Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey Fam and Friends

Ok so this week was really busy. We have been traveling a lot cuz we had MLC with the pres this week which was really awesome!! We are going to be doing a ton of stuff this year during Christmas time to get the work going here in Ciudad Juarez!! Including Facebook!! I invite all who are reading this to follow me on Facebook and to watch the two new videos that the church has made...Why We Need A Savior and A Savior is Born!! They are awesome videos and its a really easy way to teach the gospel to the world haha!!

This week was really awesome and we are planning for baptismal dates with the Carvallo Family the 20th of Diciembre so we are really pumped for the future!! We ran out of gas again this week, which was a doozy but its all good and even though i get out of the shower with icicles on my eyes, i still live haha JK!! But yeah we are really excited for Christmas and Cambios are next week so things might get crazy up in here!! It wasnt too crazy of a week but it was really cool because the Legend himself, Elder Jackson, returned and came to our ward on sunday and we went to lunch today.  Oh and i also almost flooded the bathroom of one of our investigators which was super funny! But yeah other than that i am just loving the mission and pushing along!! I love all of you and Happy Holidays!!

Love Elder Imlay

Me and Elder Jackson who came back to visit the mission!

Cleaning up the bathroom that I flooded

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