Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello Fam and Friends!!

So lets just say this was the craziest week of my mission!! First of all it was amazing to talk to you guys on Thursday. You all look so good!! The prank that you played was not that funny haha jk it was actually pretty solid haha!! Like literally from Monday until Thursday i was freaking out cuz i wanted to know but props you got me haha!!

So the big surprise of the week is that it snowed here on the 26th and it wasnt just snow. It came down hard haha!! I will send you pics but like for reals it was so hard core that we werent allowed to leave our house on sunday and the services even got cancelled so yesterday we pretty much just chilled in our house all day.  We did make some snowmen and did some races in the snow and i even tried doing a cannonball into the snow off of one of the fences we have which didnt turn out to well haha!! Some sad news is that the Hno. Carvallo went to be with his fam in Veracruz but the good news is that he will be returning like the 6th of January so we will still have his baptism soon!!

But oh my gosh thats freaking awesome that Fez is going to SUU i thought he was going to the U but yes thats gonna be so sick!! Ok on a different note i am totally digging the pajamas you guys bought and really hope that you bought me a pair for when i get home because they look freaking sick!! haha!! Anyways the snow was so bad here that when we woke up this morning our pipes were frozen and we couldnt even take a shower because the water didnt come out!! So finally after like 3 hours the ice thawed and we were able to take a shower but it has been quite the crazy weekend haha!!

I hope that you guys had a wonderful christmas and have an even better new year! Im loving life here and love you all a ton!! Keep It Real!!

Love Cam (Elder Imlay)

The pictures are of me eating the giant Snickers you sent me and of the ice age we had here in Juarez!!

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