Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello Fam and Friends!!

So this week has been pretty solid but nothing too crazy!! We are getting way close to christmas time and thats so weird because yeah the time is flying!! We had the Temple Dedication of Tijuana this week which was really cool!! I loved hearing Dallin H Oaks and Dieter F Uchtdorf and theie amazing spanish haha!! It was super inspiring,

So this week we havent been up to a whole lot.  The Carvallo Family will more than likely be moving this Friday so thats a bummer.  But the good thing is that they said that they were for sure going to look for a church in Veracruz cuz they wanna get baptized so that still made me happy!!

Umm as far as Skype goes we will be talking with you guys on the 24th but yeah next week i will be able to tell you!! Oh and i forgot my username and password to skype so if you guys could maybe help me with that i would be very grateful. I still havent gotten your packages but probs will this week when we have our Christmas Dinner as a Mission so that will be cool!!

Oh we also had transfers this week and nothing changed so it looks like i am going to kill of my second victim here in the mission!! (If you dont understand what i just said ask a returned missionary) hahahaha!!! Anyways as far as Chrismas day im not sure what is gonna happen but everything is good here and we just keep pushing along!! Happy Honukah and Ill cya next week!!

Love Elder Imlay

The pic is with some recent Converts who are super cool!

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