Monday, April 25, 2016

Ok brethren and sisters so this week we had changes and for the 3rd time in my entire mission i had changes haha!! However they were kind of really awesome changes because, to be honest, we kind of knew that i was gonna get changed because Big President had told us 2 weeks ago that he was gonna change a lot of ZL's so that when the new Pres gets here in July all of the ZL's arent gone because pretty much all of us that are ZLs leave in either July or August.  So this cycle a ton of peeps got changed!! But the good news is that i am going to be staying here in the same zone in Las Torres!! I will be in Ampliacion as a District Leader which is awesome cuz i will still get to talk to my boy Elder Medeiros every night and I will get to come back to the area on Divisions so that will be Dope!!

We had a pretty sweet experience with a couple that we found in the street.  Well actually they contacted us and were like hey do you guys go to the big church thats at the entrance of the colony and we were like yes!! And then they told us that they were looking to join a church and that they were really interested in learning more!! So we put a cita to go with them the next day and we went and taught them.  Then on Sunday they showed up to church and have 3 Kids that werent here this weekend but are gonna bring them along next week!! So yeah it was a super solid week again!!

Im not gonna lie i am pretty sad to leave the area but i know that i am going where the lord wants me so its ok.  Plus im gonna be with Elder Syphus who is an American here in the zone and hes a solid bro and it looks like he is gonna kill me off cuz more than likely im going to finish my mission there in Ampliacion haha!! #12weeks!! Thats so freaking crazy like seriously me and Big Medi (Elder Medeiros) were talking the other day about the first day we got to the MTC and when we saw each other on the bus from Main Campus to West and now almost 21 months later we are chilling here as comps about to finish the mish!! Its been awesome and im excited for these next 12 weeks to give it all i got!!

Thats so dope that Park got his call and that its to the same mish where dad was at like seriously really chido!! Anyways thats all i got this week!! Love you all!! And Keep It Real!!
Elder Imlay

Here is a pic of us with Nancy (my convert) yesterday and also with her family!! It was cool to see them one last time before i left!

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