Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!!

We had an amazing week!! Well actually it was a pretty crazy week as well!! So first of all conference was awesome!  We had a like 6 investigators who came and watched conference with us and for one of them it assured her that she wants to be baptized on the 16th of April cuz like before she was still like a little iffy about it but after watching conference she said that she is 100 percent sure that she wants to get baptized and yeah that was an awesome experience!!

My favorite talk was probably on Saturday when Elder Stevenson talked about the Priesthood Keys and the analogy he made when he said that a car without keys is just a bunch of plastic!! Its the same with the church!! The church without keys is just a pretty building where people meet but when a car has keys it changes into something great as well as the church when it has keys!! And it just made me feel so grateful for the church and the priesthood in our lives and the power that we have as members of this church!!

Other crazy news from the week is that we had changes!! Yep Elder Lenis got changed this morning and is now in Independencia another area!! And you are never gonna guess who is the New Zone Leader here with me in Parajes!! So i will tell you.....I am now with Elder Medeiros from my generation!! Its so crazy because we actually stayed in the hotel the first night together in Juarez and it looks like we are now gonna finish the Mish together haha!! Im so pumped because Medeiros is a total bro and i know that we are just gonna kill it here in the area for our last 3 and a half months!!!

Also i was super pumped to hear that my scholarship got bumped up....that is freaking sweet!! Im doing really good here in Parajes.   I also got both packages this week with contacts and chocolate and all and my diabetes is way up but i am doing good and loving life!! Keep It Real!!
Love Cam

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