Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Fam!!
So yeah i guess i should have been more specific about the message i sent during the mid week!! Sorry about that!! No need to fear all is well haha!!

Anyways Ampliacion is pretty solid! Its a lot harder than Parajes cuz there arent that many people on the streets but its still solid!! Its a richer area so the people are more stuck up and hard hearted but we were able to find a family of 3 that went to church with us on Sunday so that was awesome. Plus we put a tentative Bap date with a lady for the 14th of May and we will verify it tomorrow so that will be good.

Elder Syphus is super cool too!! He is from Ogden Utah and has 6 months in the mish and we get along super well so that is good!! He is a hard worker and plus its always fun to speak english jaja!! Another cool thing about the area is that we live on Anis street, which i thought was pretty funny haha!! We also were eating with a Family this week and we saw the most legendary thing ever, which is the new Dora the Explorer Cereal!! She was like you guys can have it if you want it so we obviously said yes and oh my gosh it is my new favorite cereal haha!! Some other awesome news that i got this week is that the Hermana Demetria and Miguel are both taking the classes to enter the temple in La Cuesta so it looks like me and elder Syphus are gonna get to go to the temp here in a few weeds so that was some amazing news!!

Its crazy to think that the pig show is already over!! Im excited to be able to get to go next year haha!! That is super awesome about everybody that got mission calls and the pic of the cedar temple was super sick!! Good luck with soccer this week and also with the end of school!! Dont hate me but i still dont have any details on the mothers day call!! Its either gonna be on sunday or on tuesday!! so just a heads up i will probably email you guys on sunday if its gonna be on sunday so just be ready if i email you then!! But more than likely it will be on tuesday because mothers day here is on tuesday!!

Anyways im doing really good and not dying so fear not!!I love you guys a ton!!
Love Elder Imlay

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