Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello everybody!!

So we had another solid week with 4 people that went to sacrament meeting!! It was however a pretty quiet week!! We didnt do a whole lot but it was solid!! We were able to find a lot of new investigators and even put a baptismal date with one of our investigators for the 16th of April!! So we are pretty stoked!! This week we had to do quite a few Baptismal interviews which is always good cuz that means more souls saved!! We also had divisions this week and Elder Arlington an Elder from California came here to the area with me!! And it was awesome we were able to contact a lot of people.

We even met this drunk guy named Carlos who speaks english.  He told us that he had lived in Salt Lake and had heard about our church and liked it a lot but he said his problem was that he adores the Virgin Mary.  He says that even though he knows its not the right thing to do, he like is obssessed or something but after talking with him for a little he was like yeah ill come to church.  We told him if he wanted to come to church he had to be sober and so he said ok ill stop!! So we were like cool and then left!! Well we passed by like an hour later and Carlos was still sitting there drinking his keg of beer so sadly he didnt go to church on sunday, but it was still fun talking in english with a borracho (drunk) haha!!

Anyways on a different note, i think i told a lot of you a couple weeks ago that i didnt get the chance to meet the Pope when he came!! Well that all changed this week cuz we actually found his number in the street and called him and he came to our area and we took a pic with him!! Here is the pic i hope you enjoy hahaha!! Hes quite short!!!

I also heard about the bombing and thats crazy!!I hope that they are doing ok!! To be honest i dont remember the person that you guys are telling me about but i hope that he is ok as well as the others!! Im digging the easter egg hunt that you guys had and also the pic of dad and the bros sitting on the rock.....thats pretty funny!! Mom here is the scan i hope it is what you needed!! I hope that you guys had an amazing Easter to be honest we didnt really do anything well besides destroy a bunch of empty beer bottles which were scattered in the desert!! It was awesome!!

Anyways i love you guys a ton and am super pumped for GC this week!! Keep It Real!!
Love Elder Imlay

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