Monday, October 20, 2014

Beunos Dias Muchachos,

Well we had a pretty average week as far as the work goes. We had 1 investigator show up to church which was nice but a lot of our investigatorsare really struggling right now as far as progressing goes. But one thing that did happen this week was with our prime investigators the Guardea Family. They have problems with coffee and smoking but we visited them yesterday and have been going without coffee for the last 3 days. They now eat yogurt in the mornings instead of coffee and apparantly it is helping a ton. As far as the smoking goes, the wife doesn't really have a problem with it but the husband is struggling a little bit. But i have faith that they can quit and i know that as we keep working hard and do what the lord desires of us, we will see miracles. 
Ok now i have kind of a funny story that happened this week. So i met my first drug dealer this week and needless to say it was a little freaky. So my companion and i are walking down this street and all of the sudden this random guy starts talking to me in like half english half spanish and yeah it was crazy. Anyways he tells me that he has been a drug dealer for the past 10 years and feels terrible about his life and wants to change his life and then he started saying a bunch of other stuff. So i wanted to help him but my companion said it was a bad idea. Apparently stuff like that happens a lot here and the people don't really want to change they just want to rob you or stuff like that in private so that they don't get arrested. Hahah so i learned a very valuable lesson to say the least. 
My spanish is getting better but is still freaking hard. I understand majority of what people say but yeah its tough. But ehh i aint worried, i know with time it will come. The only problem i am having is that i think i might be getting transferred next week and i really don't want to because i really want to be here for the baptism of the Guardea's. But i know that whatever happens is God's will. Anyways i got your packages and oh my gosh thank you so much the treats are amazing and it was great to eat peanutbutter for the first time in 2 months. But i gotta be careful cuz people will rob me if they here i got that crap. Haha jk. But seriously it is so expensive here. As far as sickness goes, no ive been doing really good except for lately el cambio de clima has affected me a little but i am alright. We had a barbeque last night with a bunch of the members and of my gosh carne asada is the greatest thing in the world. Oh and i now am starting to hate tortillas because we litterally have them with every meal haha. 
Anyways just know that i am doing good and am thinking about all of you. Pray for preston and for uncle rob. I know that as we act on our faith and have trust in god that he will help us and we will see miracles. I love you all.
Love you tons
Elder Cam Imlay

The pic is me with one of our investigators, his name is miguel and he literally is the Mexiacan Brad Wade. haha.

Our barbeque the other night. the man in the pic is our mission leader in the ward. He is super sick and super cholo. Look it up haha.

Me with the stinker ball....thanks a lot bros (The boys have this game where the last one to touch the stinker ball is it so they thought it would be cool to mail it to Cameron....We guess he is it for a while!)        

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