Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello people of America!!

Well this week was easily one of the craziest weeks in my mission as far as the work goes. So the guardea family is still struggling with smoking but have overcome coffee which is a miracle. But the big story is that Demetria is going to be baptized either this saturday or the next. We are not sure because she has comitted to baptism when her neices come back from el paso which will either be this weekend or the next. Its so amazing, we have been working with her for so long and things have been really up and down with her. But we had a lesson with her this week and talked about 3 nephi 27 and how baptism is a commandment of god and how it can bless our lives personally. After the lesson we prayed with her to know if baptism was what she should do and the lord answered her prayer. When she finished she had tears in her eyes and comitted to baptism and she is super excited.

Sadly for all you thrill seekers nothing too crazy happened to me this week. The only weird thing is seeing the police trucks driving around with border patrol in the back with there guns looking for people to hunt down. hahah jk but its kinda freaky. Transfers will happen tomorrow and sadly my boi Elder Beltran is getting transfered out of the area. He is being transferred to Del Valle and is going to be a Zone Leader there. He is kinda bummed because he will miss the baptism of Demetria but he knows that god knows whats best for him. As far as me i will be staying here in La Cuesta which is super amazing and im so stoked. My new comps name is Elder Aviche or algo asi. Who knows? But im excited to meet him tomorrow and get to work.

I haven't been sick yet but i did eat the skin of a pig this week which my comp told was just pork but it was super rubbery and chewy and yeah it was a rough time but i perservered. Anyways thats crazy that you get to go on a cruise this week or whenever you are going and that kob is gonna hold the fort down haha. Anyways just know that I am doing good here and love you all.


P.S. We both cook the same amount we switch off making bfast every morning and then at night we just do our own thing anyways peace out.

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