Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello All! How are y'all doing?

Life here in the good old murder capital is going pretty slow. haha jk its really good. So this week went really good we were able to have a lot of lessons and we have 3 new investigators so hopefully all goes well there. The big story of this week is that we finally got some investigators to come to church. Halelujah! haha. No but seriously it is amazing. Their names are Patricio and Clara Guardea. They are really amazing, they accepted the baptism invitation or are preparing to be baptized on October 25. When we invited them they felt like it was to soon but we told them that it was a goal and if they weren't ready at that date it was ok but that we knew how much it would bless their lives. So they accepted. Im really excited because on the day that i was "Senior Comp" these were the investigators that we came and taught. Well me and Elder Salcido and its just cool to me because i just feel so close to these two and really love them so much. They struggle with Coffee and smoking and are trying to conquer it but it is hard. We fasted with them on sunday and we are meeting with them again tomorrow so ill keep you updated. We also have another investigator Demetria whose whole family is a member and she has a testimony that this church is true but i think she is just scared because she is catholic and has been her whole life. Hopefully all goes well there. The language sadly isn't getting much easier, i understand quite a bit of what is happening but my speaking as far as conjugation goes rather sucks. haha idk if i should say that but whatevs. No its ok and is getting better everyday.

To answer some of your questions and sorry that i haven't answered this one yet dad but yes, i do keep a journal and have ever since my first day in the mtc. Its pretty cool to go through it and see everything that has happened. As far as the voice recorder goes, you could send one that actually sounds pretty cool. I did see the Elder from Colombia haha. The first day we were here, we stayed in this hotel and i saw him there. We talked a little but couldnt really communicate that well haha. But he seems like a pretty chill guy haha. Not as crazy in real life as he is on Insta haha. Zone Mtg. is today from 4-7. 3 hrs of pure boring. haha jk it will be ok i hope. I havent received su packages yet but i am guessing they are here or in El Paso our person just hasnt gone to pick them up yet. But Quien Sabe? haha. As far as sundays go, its pretty chill. We go to the Same ward every week. The La Cuesta ward. They are super cool and i love the members. We don;t have callings in the ward but just help with whatever. I havent had to speak yet but i did bear my testimony in testimony mtg. yesterday. I hope they understood me. haha.

So this week while we were just walking in the street i heard this dog barking but couldn't see where it was. Yeah it was on the roof of a house and that wasn't just a coincidence like i have seen like 12 dogs on roofs since getting here. Its super funny. Also this week Elder beltran and i nearly got eaten by a devil dog. haha. We were just walking down this street and all of the sudden this demon black dog just comes running at us and so i just by instinct start to run but elder beltran just turns and trys to scare the dog which didn't work but right before the dog killed us its owner finally caught up and stopped it. It was one of the scariest things of my life but apparently when a dog is coming to attack you, you are not supposed to run because that just makes the dog angrier but Quien Sabe? All i know is that im glad to be alive. haha. Anyways that was pretty much my week. I hope that uncle rob is doing better. I will keep him in my prayers and will fast on thursday. I love you all and am so grateful for your support.

Love, Elder Imlay

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