Monday, October 6, 2014

Thats the first thing people here say when they answer there phones its kind of funny haha. So I went from watching about 4 hours of conference back home and sleeping through half of it to watching all 10 hrs here. haha But holy cow this conference was amazing.Especially the saturday sessions, if you havent watched them i would challenge you to. Its big time. We got to watch all 3 saturday sessions at the Offices in english which was super nice. On sunday we only had 1 investigator show up to the Capilla to watch conference and some others flaked on us which was really sad. We are not doing to great right now but i'm not to worried about it. I think that things are about to take a turn for the better. I can feel it. haha or at least i hope. On sunday i watched like an hour in spanish and the other 3 hours in english which was nice but i feel bad because my companion didnt understand much haha. Im kinda super jealous of the missionary choir like what the heck. Why does all of the cool stuff happen like 3 weeks after i leave haha. No it was cool and i actually knew some of the kids who were in the choir. 
Thats freakin hilarious that kob and ka got in trouble with glen, tell the boss i say hi. As far as money goes im not really to worried. I havent tried to draw money out of the card yet but if i ever need to i will. The language is coming along very slowly but i can actually understand quite a lot of what happens, i just can't really speak it well. But its not bad i am able to participate in the lessons actually quite a bit and the people understand what i say its just not correct grammar but that will come with time. Im not gonna lie i am so grateful for conference, it really boosted my spirits and i am feeling actually really good about all of this. It is hard at times and yes it is hard living with the same person all of the time and having to be with them all of the time but its ok because i have an amazing companion and know that this is where i should be. 
Umm as far as what we eat..... we eat a lot of tortillas at members houses and obviously beans an tons of mexican food. Its actually really amazing. At our house we have lots of cereal, smoothies, yogurt, Quesidillas, fruit, and grilled cheese sandwiches, oh and Hot cakes. Oh my gosh hot cakes are amazing. hot cakes are pancakes btw if you didnt know hahah. We actually have gotten to eat at Wendys 3 times since i got here and 2 times were with members haha. Oh and we ordered pizza one day which was amazing. I have not had mac and cheese yet and Peanut butter is wayyy to expensive so sadly no PB & J's haha. I havent been sick again but i will never eat Menudo again. It did unspeakable things to my body. ahaha. 
Sadly no i cannot see El Paso. I don't know what El Peso is mom. hahah jk! But yeah i heard that preston is right on the border i am more inland which is cool i guess.Thats so awesome that we have a movie now. I hope that its good you will have to tell me about it in your next letter haha. Anyways I am doing great and am loving it here. Oh one more thing, tomorrow i get to be Senior Comp. for a day because my companion is the DL and one of the Areas in our district isnt doing very good so he has to go check it out so me and Elder Salcido will be here in La Cuesta for a day and i will get to be Sr. Companion which is gonna be freaking dope. haha idk if i should say that but whatevs haha. anyways i love all of you and good luck with your lives.
Love Elder Imlay #2
My version of a selfie!

Me and my companion right before General Conference

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