Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello my people

Feliz Navidad. So yeah im not gonna lie it was super great to see you guys and you all look great. Im a little bit ticked that you waited until i left to remodel the basement and put a new tv and todo but ill get over it. Haha jk thats super awesome and i cant wait to see the pic. So this week was super awesome besides the fact that we had like no time to teach anybody because yeah we were in the offices but thats ok. No but the big news of the week is that yeah i had my first baptism. It was so awesome and i actually got the opportunity to baptize her. Her name is Fabiola and wow so we had been teaching her husband napoleon a while back and he was like a chosen golden investigator but then suddenly something with his health happened and he passed away. But now that she has been baptized in like a year she wants to have her husband baptized in the temple and yeah it was just really a cool expierience. Sadly the hna. Demetria is still in the hospital but hopefully all can work out there and we can visit her again. Also with Miguel we are going to set a baptismal date tomorrow so yeah things are looking good and we are pretty excited.

So on christmas we didn't do like anything but it was still a pretty chill but super weird day. So story time, actually christmas was super bizarre first thing is my companion and i were just walking down this street and all of the sudden this cat just comes darting towards one of the cars that was driving down the road and yeah we saw it get run over which was super gross and then the worst thing is that we were riding on this bus and on the floor of the bus was a coke bottle filled with this yellow stuff which i thought at first was just soda but no my comp notified me that it in fact was pee so yeah kind of a super weird week but all in all super great.

I love you all and hope that you all had a merry christmas and a happy new year.

So here are two fotos from the baptism. the two little kids or one of them is going to be baptized here pretty soon and the other will be when he turns 8 years old. It was awesome

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