Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello All!!

So this was one of the longest weeks ever in the mission. So to start off, we had transfers on tuesday and i recieved elder Aguilar. He is a super cool guy from Puebla Mexico and has like 4 1/2 months here in the mission. he has like 2 more weeks than me in total and like 1 more transfer here in Juarez if you can understand that. haha. We dont have a ton in common but he is super chill and a really hard worker so im thinking all will work out just fine.

So something kind of scary happened this week. Hermana demetria had a heart attack and is doing better right now i think but we are gong to visit her today to double check but her baptism will be or should be happening here in 1 or 2 weeks. Im pretty excited and yeah. As far as other investigators go we have Miguel who is the brother of a member but the rest of the family are catholics anyways he has the desire to serve a mission but first he needs to be baptized and become a member haha. So we are teaching him right now and i will let you know how that all works out. We have a quite a few others as well but i just dont really want to exlain all of there stories haha sorry but yeah life is good here as far as the teaching goes but still 0 baptisms.

The choir thing happened on friday and it was super cool.  i got to see preston and also all of my buddies from the MTC which was really cool. The place we performed at was super like nice and totally reminded me ot the good ol USA haha. But sadly i totally forgot to bring my camera so i dont have any pics sorry. So like christmas here should be pretty cool. We get to skype you guys on the 24th so that will be awesome and then on the 25th or Christmas day im not totally sure whats going down haha.

Anyways so story time i think i told koby this last week but i forgot to say it in the general email. So like 10 days ago i was washing dishes and for some reason i thought that our sink could like move like the one we have at home so i tried to like move it and it wouldn't move and i thought it was stuck so i yanked on it and yeah it broke off haha. I am sending pics but yeah it was pretty funny. Anyways yes i have tried out the blanket and it works and is cool and also the people here do celebrate christmas just like the states but there aren't as many people with lights but yeah they aren't totally primitive. haha idk if that even makes sense. Anyways im doing good and hope you all have a great week. Stay Classy!
So here are a couple pics one of them is of me and the comp and how we are gonna celebrate navidad y el otro es de mi and the broken sink haha.


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