Monday, December 8, 2014

Beloved followers of the missionary life of Elder Cameron Imlay......... haha jk

Whats up guys?? Life here in the Big J is really quite swell. So to start off this letter lets talk cambios or transfers i guess. SO  transfers were totally crazy. So the good news is that i will be staying in La cuesta and will get to see D be baptized in 2 or 3 weeks which i am so so excited for. Pero Elder Vilchis got transfered to a different area and hes pretty bummed because now he doesnt get to sing in the choir and i feel terrible for him because he really was super looking forward to it. My new comp will be Elder Aguilar or something likie that and i have absolutely no idea who he is but idk im still super pumped to meet him.

Also this week M that kid i took the picture with a while back or its the one that is the Mexican brad wade anyways yeah not important but we have started to teach him because he told his bro that he wanted to serve a mission and holy cow its just super cool because like before he didnt want anything to do with the church but i really think that he is going to get baptized and is going to join the church which is amazing. There is a lot of good stuff happening here in La cuesta and im super pumped for the future but yeah i don't have the time to write everything that is happening sorry not sorry haha.

Anyways story time so like yesterday we were riding a bus back from choir practice and the bus driver almost got in a crash with a car and so the driver of the car was like super ticked off so he like drove in front of the bus and would not let him pass and the bus driver was like super pissed and had major road rage and was swerving all over the road to try and pass him and yeah my companion and i were standing up because there were not that many seats but yeah luckily we are still alive but now i am terrified of all buses hahah jk.

ANyways to answer your question about the choir its that we are all singing in a choir or at least all the missionaries here in juarez so 142 missionaries not the missionaries in the other to areas here in the mission. But its super cool and is happening on friday the 12th and is gonna happen at this like super nice theater here so im super pumped. I also received all of your packages like all 5 of them thank you family, grandma, and Aunt lynne they are awesome. But dont worry mom i havent opened the 12 days yet even though my comp like begged me to haha. Anyways it looks like your all doing amazing and i hope your lives are wonderful. Keep it classy.
The first is of me with the new sweater yeah its pretty cool. The other is of the heater and it works like seriously y'all don't understand that thing saved our lives haha jk but yeah


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