Monday, December 1, 2014

Wazzup Family, Friends and yeah everybody else haha jk!

So this week was pretty solid. Demetria is super stoked for her baptism and will be baptized in december which is super exciting. We also have others that are making some really good progress and i really hope that i can stay here for the next transfer because i know that we will have at least 2 baptisms in the next one and i would really like to see them. But transfers are next week so we will just have to see what goes down haha its all good i know that whatever happens is what is supposed to happen.

As far as Thanksgiving goes yeah we didn't celebrate it at all but we did eat hot dogs for lunch that day which was pretty cool i guess haha. Actually something super cool and kind of weird happened this week. So we were walking down this one street and this guy calls to us to come over to his house so we do and he hands me a Book of Mormon...... yeah a Book of mormon like not a Libro de Mormon like English and begins to tell us that the letters are to small for him to read oh and this whole time he is talking in english which is super weird and never happens here anyways he tells us that he has a bigger one now and for that reason he returned this one to us. Anyways after i talked to him for a little bit he invited us back to his house and we will begin teaching him on Wednesday in English haha. So looks like the comp has got some studying to do haha. No but seriously it is going to be so weird to teach in english but i am super excited.

Also i was able to see the Big Man (Preston) if you dont know who the Big man is. Anyways it was great to talk to him and his strength and the way he is handling all of this is amazing. He is such an amazing example to me and i am so grateful for the opportunity to get to serve in the same mish as him. Also i think i will get to see him again because we are practicing for this choir thing that we will be doing on the 12th which should be pretty sick. Oh also thank you Aunt Sam for the tie i love it and just know that i am thinking about you and am so grateful for you. Anyways yes i did receive G-ma Pats package and yes also the meat thingy haha it was really nice so thanks grandma. As far as the sweaters go they are great and i love them de hecho i am wearing one right now haha. Also the contacts are holding up good and do not have an eye infection so yeah thats great haha. Anyways just know that all is well and im doing good and love you all.

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